Animal Tarot for December 1, 2018

Fear and worry can infiltrate your life so much that you back yourself into a… well, like the bunting here, a cage- but my guides are showing me a brick-walled “box.” It’s open at the top. You could climb out. But you’re so afraid of what could hurt you on the outside of your walls that you won’t come out. People, events, and energy has to come to you through the opening at the top. Maybe you meet them there, maybe you let them in. But it’s crowded inside your walls and you don’t let these things stay long, nor do you venture on the other side of the walls to go to them. You’re missing out on the things that bring you joy. You get a taste of them, but then they are gone. Instead of experiencing life outside your walls, you reside inside wanting it to come to you. Nothing worth having comes easy. And you can’t experience true joy without taking a leap of faith that you deserve it in the first place. You have friends and family who are reaching for you, who are calling to you. Stop being afraid, and go outside. Put yourself out there. Open yourself to experience. Be vulnerable. One of the most beautiful statements I have ever heard is: We are all broken; that’s how the light gets in. It’s true. From any pain, you can find the most gorgeous beauty. Don’t close yourself to that experience. It’s time for you to embrace it, and soar.


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