Two things you can do to improve your psychic or mediumship ability

#1 Ask for a name of your own Spirit Guide.

We all have them. Everyone. Even if you feel you aren’t psychic, or you only read cards as they relate to one another in the spread. We all know without knowing how we know. It could be a Spirit Guide or it could be your own intuition. Establish regular communication. Ask regular questions that you would ask anyone else you just met. Also ask what their role is with you in this lifetime or things like favorite color, hobbies, or things about a physical existence they might have had before. Ask if you’ve ever been in a physical human existence together. As important or as arbitrary as these questions might seem they are building experience with communication between the two of you.

#2 Ask for confirmation or validation from any message source.

We’ve all seen the ghost hunter shows where something happens and then an investigator asks for the same thing to happen again. This is an attempt to verify the presence of something and rule out random events. You too can do this for your Guides, Angels, or your name for the beings you communicate with. Ask for them to give you a sign or signal that will indicate your Guide is present, that the message came from them. Don’t just take the message at face value, at least not at first, as this can build energy in your doubt instead of the trust and confidence. Establish with them what it will be each time.

Bonus: Meditate with the intention of connecting or strengthening your Spirit or Spirit Guide communication. Be consistently persistent with your practice and development. And, even if you don’t know their names, call to them and ask them to be with you during your practice or ritual.


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