Channeled message for January 2, 2019

Occupational freedom does not come at a price. Your fears are based in a “program” of words that have been shared with you repeatedly. You believe these words and so do people around you. The fear is legitimate only in the sense that if the fears came true they could be scary to experience. However, if you’ve had the opportunity to be destitute, you see that you have survived but here too is a trick. This thinking is a trick because your mind compares present to the past experience, the second trick bring the feeling of mere survival of an incident or situation. So much is felt or experienced as comparison. 


Many of us feel this way. We feel great and we’re oblivious of how “crazy” we are until we see what the rest of society is using. The tool of comparison is extremely inconsistent, subjective, and is never based on fact, emotion, intuition, or the goals for your lifetime here. We are free to experience all there is, we are free to make “the jump” to the more liberating profession or location. Our need for security is still provided by Spirit but we focus constantly on the pay, benefits, and the known information. If we used a comparison of known factors to get us into this situation is it expected that same tool will get us out?

We are as free to do what we desire as we believe we are. We are supported and provided for. Let your intuition, your emotions, and your analytical mind come together and guide your path. When there three are in concert the path ahead will always be clearly lit. 



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