Starman Tarot for David Bowie’s Birthday – January 8, 2019

Image may contain: 1 personToday’s card comes from the Starman Tarot. To receive a specific card for you keep reading below today’s message.

A reminder about you: Finely tuned to the world of emotions. You are sensitive and creative. Yes, even YOU. Open to psychic transmissions. Holding a unique perspective. Maybe a dreamer.

When we allow the challenges of life to make us a more inspiring, loving, and beautiful human being we are walking the most miraculous path. This is the process of being authentic, adding to our story, shaping our path by our own control. To not allow ourselves to be soured by sadness or be held in regret is a constant practice – one worth taking on.

This card invites you to consider how a complaint, when looked at from a different angle, is transformed into a rich form of guidance.

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