Tarot Card of the Day for January 7, 2018


 Signifies a man over 40. Controlling, overbearing, and quick to anger in interpersonal relationships and at work. Judgemental and intolerant of others’ lifestyles and opinions. Ignorant. Closed to new ideas, prefers to maintain the status quo. Prejudiced and rigid. This person creates conflict and unhappiness for you.

This could be interesting: What is your opposition for today? King of Wands from the Quick and Easy Tarot. Perhaps in a male-ego driven world, this persona tries to hold on even tighter to this world as we all work towards more balance for ourselves and for this existence.

You’ve identified the person, now what will you do with it? Choose to be irritated and angry, choose to do something different.

These cards can be helpful for quick messages or helpful for a beginner learning to read tarot, if for no other reason than you don’t have to carry a little book around with you. You can check these out here: https://amzn.to/2VDuWYK


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