YOU are the most powerful person in YOUR LIFE!

You are a SUPERHERO!

Where can healing take place? EVERYWHERE! We are not limited by rhetoric and prior learning, we can help those around us with our vibration, with our words, and with channeled healing energy. You may have a specific method of delivering the energy for the receiver’s highest good, or you are just recently called to this work – in either case, we’ll break from tradition and construct rejuvenation bombs, uplifting electricity, battery boosts, and healing orbs.

As we move through our daily lives we work with or we are subjected to energy. Consciously and subconsciously we are always sending and receiving. We’ll discuss what we might be impacting the world around us as we work with these energy creations:

  • Are there Karmic implications of this energy work?  It is our duty!
  • How do you maintain it or strengthen it?  Development and Utilization!
  • I don’t feel it, is it working?  YES!

“You are a healer,” this phrase has often frightened and carried the entire weight of existence with it. Often reluctant in adolescence, Alex has been practicing some form of energy healing since childhood. However, the study of a variety of belief and energy systems found methods to further develop his understanding of energy. Working with Spirit Guides, a group of Light Beings, and a dear friend, Alex shares this energy as a channel for healing energy and spirit communication – producing the “Constantine and Elophyny – Extraterrestrial Communication” volumes. Alex currently travels throughout the midwest sharing his mediumship and Reiki at psychic and holistic fairs and expos.

If you attended the workshop or mini-presentation you can download the discussion materials and additional information.

Brief introduction presentations (60 minutes) will be held at Awake Expo in Springfield, Illinois on July 14 and 15.

The full workshop takes place July 7, 2018,

at Historic Camp Chesterfield, near Anderson, Indiana

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What is Camp Chesterfield?

A 44-acre campus makes Camp Chesterfield one of the largest communities of Spiritualists in the US and the largest in Indiana. Whether you are looking for a retreat center for rest, relaxation or spiritual renewal, or looking to attend classes with like-minded people, we invite you to check out our website and special events. The camp offers a comprehensive spirit-infused learning environment with classes on Spirituality, Spiritual Healing, Mediumship, and Metaphysics.

Camp Chesterfield also has a Hotel, Book & Gift Store, Trail of World Religions, Chapel, Cathedral, Garden of Prayer, and Labyrinth. Camp Chesterfield is the property of The Indiana Association of Spiritualists, and as an Association we were founded in 1886 as: