The following information I obtained on 5/4/11 regarding healing. I was asking specifically about reiki but I was glad to see that what I received was something that says that all forms of healing are the same, no matter the motions or routine you go through. What you do outside your body to heal yourself or another is not nearly as important as what you do with your mind.

I was asking for information that might be useful in a reiki manual I was putting together. It will still be included, but I think everyone will find it useful.

From my guides:

There is nothing that the mind cannot accomplish and this is precisely what part of reiki is accomplishing. There is no specific reiki, it is the mind intending to do good for the person or entity in question. There is no specific healing skill that is acquired through reiki, just as there are many religions of the world there are many different modalities and terms for the same action, that action is healing, or the direction of energy; the channeling of energy with healing intent.

Your mind plays the largest role in all of healing. There is no external force that can intervene to the same degree that your mind is able, in order to generate a desired result in the physical body. We ask you to consider your desired outcome and then see it in your body.

The second greatest physical intervention that you can take part in is the physical laying on of hands. This energy differs from that of simply mind intervention because, when a different person other than you is used to deliver it, there is now the power of two. There is the combined mind power and intention to heal than before when there was only one mind focusing on the healing quality. At no time should there be reason to doubt this ability.

Reiki was not born from a mystical being or some divine imparting of wisdom. There is wisdom that has been brought to this plane by those born into it because they have had this ability each and every lifetime. There have been subtle nudges to some so that they remember this information and return to it. There is no great being that is going to tell you how to heal since all of this is merely a matter of, literally, putting your mind over your matter and controlling your matter with your mind.

There is physical energy that comes through during energy healing and the direction of this healing. It is part through the person channeling and their own energy and a large bulk is sent from the world of energy, our plane, through the physical form channeling. This energy does not differ because of an in-between or channeler. You may ask for this type of healing on your own and receive it.

Much should be done to raise a person’s vibration through right thought and right actions taken. Do not simply learn to heal and deliver energy to fix acute problems, or other problems that have manifested in a person’s life, learn to create this same peace through your own daily actions and your own words, thoughts, and ideas. To use this energy, to access it, you will simply need to work with an intention, you need to speak or mentally clarify this intention. If you do not feel it necessary to speak or state the intention to heal or create repairing energy, they shall need to remain the focus throughout your work, this should be the basis of your actions when no clear path is intended.

Even those who are not aware of it are doing this. They are not putting their hands on the body of another and doing nothing, they are doing this because they intend to bring forth the  energy, they intend to bring about a change within the energy or physical body of the person who is seeking reiki or the energy.

There is no worry for anyone who feels that they must access this information through a higher being, either on your plane in a human existence or by using divine power and by calling on it. The process in which a person can heal or heal others is simply the act of doing. Intending to heal, specifically or generally, and then creating yourself as a channel and directing the energy over areas.

It is true, with your intention and with your guide’s assistance there is the ability of energy to travel in the body or energy field to where it is needed. Because you place your hands or intention over a certain area does not mean that the energy will not flow to where it is needed if there is an area that is the true cause of the concern, or if there is an area of greater concern than where you are focused pat the present time.

Focus should be paid to the chakras and the energy system as it is known on your plane. No matter the concern or ailment these are true energy centers and will aid in the dissemination of energy throughout the body. Directing energy to them will allow and aid and assist in opening them, attuning them, and filling them with energy so that the entire energy system shall be operational and function at the highest capacity, with their greatest good and full potential being used.

Remember – do not rely simply on reiki or any other energy to fulfill your health and ailment remedies. There is a concern that reiki is not working because problems continue to reoccur. This is not the fault of the energy. This can be the fault of the diet or the action that the body is repeating which is serving the ailment or concern rather than the opposite and healthy end result. Do not blame the energy, the energy cannot make constant repairs when you are doing work to block it. The energy will always work but it will be undone should you continue to not make strides to achieve a healthy balance in your life.

Reiki is not simply waiving a magic wand. There are many steps to health. All of them should be studied to allow for the deepest and most thorough healing to take place as it concerns the human body.

A body is full of energy, energy that flows in and that flows out. To create yourself as a channel for this energy it is imperative that you clear your mind, you begin first by living daily in actions of true and highest good. This can be the smallest of actions, you do not need to be saving every human life on the planet, but be aware of your thoughts and actions and how they relate to others. Be aware that there are others who you are able to assist and provide assistance to without detriment to your own progress.

Learn the right actions and true virtues. There is no need to worry about things that do not matter. It is important to learn to heal your own body, mind, and energy before you attempt to heal others. You can use the focusing power of your mind, coupled with healing energy, or reiki, to accomplish this. It is important that you develop a program of intention and mindful development, should this be something you wish to develop and strengthen in your body beyond a parlor trick.

An athlete will not constantly ingest those things which are detrimental to their performance, should you wish to develop as a healing channel you should do those things which serve your highest good and your physical body. Developing as a channel will take time.

The attunement process for reiki is not imperative though it can serve to open many channels in your body and clear old energy to allow your work to have a greater impact. It is a, “jumpstart to success.” Though, you are already able to do this, this energy coming to you during an attunement will work to develop these skills in you. Your intention and desire and motivation are also used in the attunement process. You are working to achieve a healing function, skill, or capacity, the completion and the process of reiki class and attunement will serve your psyche and your energy commitment to the progress you are desiring to achieve.

You can enable healing energy at any time. There can be a word phrase or other cue to allow the mind to enter into a ready state. There will be guides that work with you, no matter if you call upon them or not, and a mental or verbal cue, even as simple as uttering ‘healing energy’ will serve their purpose as well as your own, and will indicate the desire to pull this energy into your body and deliver it to a specific area. Greater emphasis can be placed on speaking or mentally voicing an intention to heal or direct energy to a specific area or for a specific outcome, you can call your guides specifically if you desire.

Your intention is everything. Those who tell you that it is nothing are missing the body/mind connection. Even if they are not declaring an intention they are intending to heal simply by their actions, they hope to improve a condition, they hope to lift the spirits of the person requesting or needing the energy. The more faculties that you have focused on the task, the greater result in your healing ability.

It is important that you meditate, even for as little as thirty minutes per seven days. This will allow a strengthening and focusing of your mind. Calling for your guides at the start of this session will allow them to work with you, to balance your body and lift your skill to a new height, an elevated state beyond that of others, so that you may heal more effectively. You may see this as an athlete practicing – improvement is only seen after the necessary time is committed, practiced, and skill developed in accordance with your intention to heal.

It is quite possible though to achieve results and direct energy without taking the time to have mindful study and balancing, simply stating, ‘healing energy’ and placing your hands on and individual will aid them.

Just as prayer sends energy so does your mind, this is the intention, this is the extra unseen work being done to further aid in the process. There is no wrong way to do this, there is no negative interference that you can cause. It is important to note that many things can be overcome, many will not be because of the mind of the receiver, many may not be undone because of the physical body’s need to undergo a change. Though you may not undo some seemingly terrible experience, now know that you are channeling healing energy into a body and mind and energy body of a being. There is still work being done no matter how little is physically evident immediately following a reiki or energy session.

Your skill will be developed to the level of your input into it. The desired outcome you wish to achieve will be impacted by your energy input.

You can do this with mindful intentions or prayer, there does not have to be any specific religious context, there can be no religious context, there can be every religious context. It does not matter your affiliation or lack of one, it is the word spoken, the energy in the thought, the energy – both physical and non-visible, that achieve the desired outcome. These energies mass together to create and manifest into physical existence the desired outcome. Always working towards the highest good.

This is merely a vehicle for understanding and returning to that which you are already capable.

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