Change your mind

From 2/15/11 for an individual.

What information does X need at this time?

It is not his health that is his problem. His mind is ill with negative thought and focus. There is no need to draw more energy and focus on negative things and inanimate objects that do not bring your attention to the real world and that which is around you and that which you exist with or without man. You are not worrying about things that matter at this time. A job on your plane is not absolutely necessary should one become self-sufficient and focus on bringing to oneself what it needs through work and labor instead of instant results. Focus on what matters to you most now, there is a child that needs your attention and your actions have  a direct impact on this being. You are to go to her without anger and without worry should she need you. You cannot hate self or your past experiences or worry about future action over which you do not have any control. As you see it there is much beyond your control, you must focus on things that are posiive and know that your thoughts have energy. Your energy will go out and become that which it is in your mind. Focusing on what does not matter and its seemingly negative impact on you is not important. Right thought and action is imperative for your experience in this life. There are many things that have been done that are not important at this moment of time. There is much that needs to be done but these areas are loosing your attention because of what you view as important issues, they are not. There is no reason to experience nature less, go outside. There are spirits that have an impact on you and are drawn to you by your level of through and the thoughts surrounded by them. It is your job to change this way because we cannot stop it and the energy flowing from you unless you wish to bring change and accept a new direction. Change starts from within, not an external feature which can be bought and sold. Power through minimalistic approach. Empty your life of that which does not matter. Empty purchases leave an empty life only wanting to bring more physical into it’s life which you may still experience as pain. Change your life now. You can do this.

What does X need to know about his job?

This is not what he enjoys nor what he should be doing because of the people associated with this job. He is not happy though he could be. Understand that on your plane there are many jobs and one only needs a job because of your system of economy. If all went back to homestead or farming and preparing what each family needs for itself there would be no need to be employed as any type of worker for another man. Happiness come from doing what one enjoys. Your family will not be without what they truly need to survive and experience this lifetime. You should create happiness in any experience you find yourself because it is truly available to you should you wish to create it. It is only a means for you to provide the nourishment for your family, unnecessary expenditures create a foggy picture of what you need and what job you feel you need to satisfy your life’s requirements. Happiness is within and from what the creator has designed into this world, not what man oppresses other men with.

What does X need to know about his health?

There is not much about his health that he cannot change. Most problems, even pains and infections can be changed by diet, as man-made food can cause problems, natural items can stop, prevent, or ease any pains. There is no reason to rely on others for this as he can change this himself. Purchasing items from the drugstore will not help his through or mental focus at this time. Diet should be changed to avoid acidic substances.

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