Today’s message

Today’s message from my spirit guides concerning fear and worry.

What is the purpose of worry and fear if we are simply to ignore them?

The purpose of worry and fear and just that, they are what they appear to be to you if you allow them to control your life there are other areas that can be addressed that will give more confidence in these areas, in the sense of your ability to ignore and overcome them. The reality is that everything should be experienced, including doubt, some will experience more this my choice, free will, but it is important, as with other emotions and actions, to know that when you have an over abundance of any one emotion, you are lacking others. You are lacking confidence? You are lacking confidence because you are lacking skill and ability? Certain levels of doubt and frustration permit the self to be true and eliminate negative formations and projections of the ego, providing a fair and balanced self. However you wish to say it, there is a precise reason for it and all things, it is important for you to find the precise reason for you, to know what causes it and rise above it, not in the sense or based on the motivation that you know become pompous, but with the reason of maintaining balanced emotions and world views that allow you to exist confidently and to tread lightly in all you do. It is important to tread lightly, to go gently, but not timidly. Evaluate and examine your needs, wants, and desires. Are they truly in line with your truest self? Many emotions and feelings you shall experience are warning signs of imbalance or cause to warn of certain areas and their imbalance. Frequently it is a self-test, asking you if you are truly confident, checking your progress, you can easily move past it if your ego is in balance and you release unnecessary desire and attachment and expectation. There are no rules but there are challenges that should be met. It is important for all things to be experienced. If you feel your skill is lacking you should challenge yourself to a greater degree, practice, release expectations and release the idea that you hold in your mind of how things should be. Just let it be, let the stream gently take you where it will go. Have no fear.

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