Cold sores and fever blisters

Question and channeled answer from my spirit guides:


What is the purpose of a cold sore or fever blister? To what is it calling our attention? How can we assist or speed up the healing process when one appears?

These are tiny annoyances. These cause fear and disruption for many people because of the guilt they have regarding the thoughts of others that this is always somehow earned or received because of unprotected sex. This is not true. This disruption in the skin is a manifestation of anger and the inability to manage one’s health. Simply because it is not showing on the skin does not mean that this presentation is any less present in the body. It is always present in medical terms. Your ability to watch the words you paint your day with is an important feature of the human language system. It is important that your speech be done with your and your personality and your dreams and ambitions in mind. Too much of what is said or done is at the expense of the self and is done with the purpose of “telling them what they want to hear” so that some unrighteous position or kind grace is earned. One thing that you can do is to determine what you want, what do you desire, this can be as important as acknowledging your higher self and working for a deeper understanding or as simply as granting your curiosity the opportunity to jump from an airplane with a parachute. The key in both situations is to honor the self. Do not speak to others that you wish to perform these acts when you do not. Do not speak to others that you wish to perform these acts with the intention that they will hold you in higher regard than previously simply because of their association with the specified activity.

This is not necessarily passed from parent to child because of birth. This will not manifest in beings who follow this chain of human succession if their intention, their verbal communication, and their energy are all balanced and maintained in a manner that does not ignore the self in an attempt to attain some higher good, that, in consideration of the true nature of the earth plane, is not truly serving anything or anyone but the ego. This can be related to the previous information, that when your ego is served to well, even the physical can succumb to unsightly marks on the body. External tumors and lesions can have many reasons for appearing. You are all aware that such marks may be disturbing or unsightly, but so are the masks and shields you wear that hide your true nature and your true feelings, so much so that they can cause harm to your physical body and nutrition.

The process is not a simple one to acknowledge this event and recover from it. There is no easy cure, other than to repair deficiencies in diets, to ignore that which is not with your highest good, and to complete activities, thoughts, and ideas that serve the self, the true self, not the ego mind. First, for many, it will be a matter of learning the identity of the self and the ego, learning what voice commands the most attention and identifying what serves your greatest purpose. Currently, many do not understand ego, ego can be stated as the physical mind that protects and carries on your activities. It is not the unique you, The ego will crave more if left unattended and serves to protect the self in ways that may be considered building walls. The ego can be damaged and cause it to lash out because of the possible harm to its appearance. The ego is not who you are as a being on the highest level, it will exist with you always in some form, but not in the same manner her. It is important to understand the manner in which the ego operates, while not all emotions are based in the ego, the ego, the protective self, can cause emotions and action automatically if you do not function on any level within your mind other than auto-pilot. Living carelessly, not dangerously, but living without being engaged your ego can become more powerful than your true mind, your true self. Because of this it is necessary to learn what living really is meant for in this lifetime. By that, we mean that you are not simply watching as a spectator, you are actively engaged in life, you discern emotion, action and energy from that of others and yourself, you examine causes, you are learning. While this is not always the case for all people, most will feel the sensation of release when they determine the nature o their true being when compared to being driven by ego which serves, basically, to protect you and the material possessions which it gathers as insulation – primarily in a competitive way so that it is the best ego in comparison to the others it will encounter.

It is not enough to be aware that there is a drive within you that will operate no matter if you are blind to life or not, but knowing that your body is operating without creative process, without learning, that is what should be more disconcerting to you. It is the moment you engage that others will learn from and with you, you are quite literally a lifeless zombie, as it were, when compared to others, when you are living only as the ego and not the higher self. Actively engage your world.

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