Time Travel (physical)

Will it ever come to be that time travel is possible while still in your physical body?

There is presently a type of time travel available to all beings in existence. It is not a huge feat that you are able to go in your true body, even as solely your mind, and experience first-hand that which has already transpired. You will come to understand this in greater depths. It is important to know that in reverse you must not deviate from your time line. There are many events taking place and many concepts of time which you do not currently study on your planet. It is must more important as you seek to know the future. You will not know the future in the sense that you may go there, alter it, and become a millionaire when you were going to be homeless. You can see the impact of things, but you will also come to know that one change in the road can change the future in extreme ways. Not negative ways, nothing is negative. But what seems trivial to you can impact the future drastically.

It is important to understand that you do not need your physical body as much as you feel you do. There are many actions that further the thought and behavior that you are a body with a mind. You are not simply operating a body. Your mind will go forever, you are never-ending. It is not news to many who have always felt this, but there is much beyond your current senses that you are capable of experiencing. There are many who have experienced these things before on your plane but for the sake of the history lesson, understand they are returning and there will be new skills and abilities that will also be wildly accepted.

Time travel, as with any endeavor, must be pondered and your motivations studied before it is undertaken. It is important to understand your personal motivation for doing so. Do you simply want to prove that it can be done? Once you have proven the ability and ease with which it can be achieved, what are your thoughts once you begin viewing previous events? What do you hope to gain? What do you hope to achieve from knowing the future events which may take place? Understand, in all of these questions there is no right or wrong answer, there is also the ability to view events objectively and subjectively. You can experience from specific perspectives, others are an overall view. It is important that you understand that it is not simply a matter of hopping in a time machine and entering dates in a computer so that you can see prehistoric earth. It is important that you realize there is much importance in your intention and motivation in regards to all actions. It is not a monopoly that some have over oil , this is not how the ability to travel shall be. You can currently do these things and therefore there is no monopoly. None can obtain and maintain power unless it is given, willingly, by those who once had it.

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