May 5 & 6 I will be at the Lake Cumberland Healing and Mystical Fair in Somerset, Kentucky.

I will be offering readings through mediumship and cards, Reiki, and I will also have healing candles and several of my books available for purchase.

Readings – I communicate with my Spirit Guides and receive what Spirit sees as the highest and most important information for you. You can also ask questions for any are in which you are seeking guidance.

Reiki РReiki is and method of channeling Qi, Ki, or Chi.  This energy is available all around us and gives existence to all living things. A Reiki session flows this energy to you through light touch or hands near the body to improve your own natural healing ability. Results range from feeling at peace or relaxed, and often include reduced pain and inflammation.

Books – Several Spiritual and Metaphysical Books I have published will be available for purchase. These works include explanations of life after death, mediumship, the true nature of our existence, and so much more! To see a list of these books or to purchase Kindle editions please visit the books section.

When and where is the fair?

Ol’ Familiars,¬†84 Ben Way Dr, Somerset, KY 42501

May 5-6, 10-5 PM each day

For more information visit the Lake Cumberland Healing and Mystical Fair on Facebook: LINK