What do thoughts, words, prayer, intention, and healing energy all have in common? Depending on their use, EVERYTHING!

Through my own study and from information received during channeling sessions we can say that everything is energy. Your thoughts and words create, they creat because they are energy. In their basic forms your words and your unspoken intentions are no different at bringing about a result than your physical body. You can create and build using your hands, you also create and build with your mind.

Everything has a frequency with which it resonates and that which is similar will congregate and attract the same. Your spoken word, no matter if you would classify it as positive or negative, attracts that same energy to you.

This isn’t some hokey made-up feel-good sentiment from new age philosophers. The reason why your words carry literal weight and literal creation ability is by frequency. Your frequency creates a a measurable energy field in and around your body. Your physical body always has energy and this is evidenced by the electrical energy that can be measured emanating from the heart. This is not mindless energy, science sees it as energy but each person has a unique signature and frequency unique to their being.

Do you have questions? Ask them.

More to the point, the reason the word and thought and meditation and intention all carry weight is because everything carries weight. The critical difference between thought and physical objects is that thought, prayer, and intention have a higher frequency (or they spin and move faster). Solid objects, the things you can reach out and touch have a lower frequency (they spin and move at a much slower rate).

The thought process and energy that radiates from your body in the form of intention, prayer, focusing chi, all serve as building blocks for the physical objects. Think of your words and thoughts as snow flakes, enough can make a snowball, and that ball rolling downhill can gather more and more snow flakes until you have amassed a large avalanche. The individual flakes appear to have little impact on the physical world but when many combine they can create an unstoppable force.

The directed thought and word has the same ability as snow. Each thought (each flake) has little impact but is always creating and contributing to each and every idea you speak on or each and every idea you hold true in your mind. The more energy and effort directed the more physical it will become.

Now, this is certainly no overnight process and it is certainly true that things such as prayer may not work. The difficult thing with prayer is that it can mean a number of different things depending on your beliefs. If you set out and state verbally or mentally that which you want, you are attracting that outcome to you. The difficulty in prayer lies with stating what you want taken away. When you state that you want your ailment to be taken away, what are you giving energy to? Your ailment! Instead you need to clearly state and focus on your desired outcome. Often where prayer can fail is that there is no focused desired outcome. Some prayer is a yearning for any specific or general deity to help you. Now, they may help you but often if your want or need is generic, so will the response from the universe or that deity.

A very non-scientific example: Do you notice that the people who complain the most about their health, those who focus constantly on their health, often these people have long-term health problems? I am not dismissing the impact a chronic ailment can have on the mind but it is also true that the mind leads the body. If you are dwelling only in these problems or conditions that is the only thing you are radiating out into the universe in great quantity. Depending on what you have established for yourself prior to this lifetime it might not be your energy alone that creates this environment and it may not be your energy alone that changes it, but that is a separate topic for a later time.

So, meditation, energy healing, prayer, and intention of any kind all have a common thread – they all focus and direct some type of energy. The energy they use may be all around you or it may be the energy of your words and your thoughts. What makes this successful is the concentrated effort of the practitioner or the being who generates or hears the word/energy.

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Many of the books are question and answer sessions and some of the questions may appear misleading to you. They are not intentionally misleading, but often a person asks a question and the answer involved many other aspects of our existence. Often a seemingly mundane question offers insight to events or circumstances that touch every part of our being.

I invite you to explore and critically examine this information and take from it what speaks to you. My goal is that now, or later in your journey, it will prove useful.