“But I don’t know Reiki”

This is often what I hear when someone wants to help themselves or a loved one. It might not be Reiki, it could be another energy modality. What should you know? YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT IT DOESN’T MATTER! It doesn’t matter what you call it or what and Earth-based person tells you, you have the capacity to heal yourself and others right now! It may vary because of lack of study or lack of understanding and your unfamiliarity with the practice. You are a Spirit in a human existence and have the power to impact matter, and THAT MATTERS!

Right now, sitting where you are, you can heal, send energy and impact your surrounds with your thoughts. To begin you need only the clear intention and the strongest of emotions and convictions. What is the end result you desire? Be clear and specific, be positive, and hold this in your mind. Envision this outcome. You are impacting matter.

Right now sitting where you are you can send healing energy to others. Envision the highest and best healing love and light surrounding the person or situation to be healed. Hold this intention, you are now impacting matter.

A variation of a method taught to me by Reiki Master Dharmadevi is another method of visualization. In your mind see the most perfectly beautiful rose. See this rose filling filling with brilliant light. Filling and surround this rose with loving and healing energy. Continue this as long as you feel necessary to charge your flower. Next, in your mind, give this flower to the person, place, or thing that needs the energy. See the energy of the rose being transferred to the person and enveloping them, filling every part of their body with this wonderful energy – literally energizing and lifting up every part of their being.

You can direct and focus these things with your hands. It is not a miracle, it is a fact of our existence. You know what to do. Rather than want, you must do. Convert your energy of the ‘want’ or ‘need’ or the ailment to action. It is within you, it doesn’t matter what you call it. You can do it.