Today’s Message 11/26/15

A message for today from my spirit guides:
This is a message fit for all who read it. There are a select few of you who have come here to do great things. The rest have decided upon great things after your arrival here. It matters not which group you belong, what doesn’t matter is the start, what matters is the end result. What matters is your journey to the destination. More importantly, the destination is something flexible, ever changing, ebbing and flowing. This does not mean you are never able to attain, what this means is that you never stop growing. 

How should you evaluate these statements? Many may realize that there is something missing after they have achieved what was supposed to be greatness or after they have achieved some great goal. Firstly, it is important to evaluate your goal, critically evaluate its worth in your mind. After taking this journey and reaching your worthy destination, a destination worthy of all your energy and focus, realize that the journey does not stop. It is important to keep moving forward. 

All beings move forward, with or without conscious thought of doing so. You are brought towards new experiences, there is new growth, energy is brought in or purged from your existence. 

This does not change free will, your decisions will always impact your life but there will always be more. It is not that beings are out of control, they are very much in control but there are always lead if opportunities made available to you. Experience them, enjoy them, explore them. Take time to go below the surface in every moment. 

This is Constantine.  

Today’s message 11/23/15

Daily message 11/23/15

The time is now acceptable to, literally, do all of the things you have ever wanted to do. It is not in this lifetime that you should avoid doing those great dreams or investing in yourself and your happiness. To ignore these things, to make time for them later, is wasting energetic freedom in this lifetime. But be clear and understand that there are no wasted opportunities. If you willingly decide or attract to you or carry out other plans you will still achieve an education from your living this part of creation, but you will continuously be visited. Do not slave for others. Do not imprison yourself in what appears to be comfort! Spread your wings! Open your mind! Allow yourself to expand endlessly in all directions! To wait is to crush the essence of being, of your being!
This is Constantine.

Feeling emotions and energy from others

What is the purpose of feeling the mood or emotions in a room or being? How can you protect yourself and use this gift at the same time?

There is no purpose of any particular sort in therms of sense. And this is how you must see these areas of yourself. You do not ask the purpose of eyes and vision, you do not ask the purpose of feeling and the sensation in your fingertips, you do not ask the purpose of smell. We do not mean to impress upon you that you should be asking those things but any sense termed extrasensory is not extra. It is not something beyond your being that you are experiencing. What you may receive with these sense may come from beyond you, but the methods by which you acquire this information are no different than using your physical eyes to look around you or the sensation of taste, smell, and so on.

It is true that there are varying degrees of ability. Many will have some sort of ability that is either acquired and inborn prior to your arrival here or you acquire it while you are here. There are many who will seem to have less ability, but be sure to not mistake lack of interest for lack of ability. All can experience these extra sense and use them, but just as eye sight may be more keen so can the ability to create a channel or receive the energy from the room.

View these things as not items that should be blocked but another means of experiencing your environment. You do not block bad taste on your tongue, you simply do not engage in that behavior. Do do not ban all burning materials or hot items from your environment, you simply do not place your hands into or on them. This is important to learn, you do not need to block your ability, you need to understand with greater zest what you are receiving and how to remove it or remove yourself from the situation. You are receiving this information for a specific reason much in the same way that you receive the sensation of hot and cold. You will stop receiving information that an item or environment is too hot or tool cold when you remedy the cause. In this way you do not seek to turn off your hands and their ability, you are simply responding to the information. You should also respond this way to information that you receive. Many teach that you should turn off various aspects of these sensations, but do you also wish to turn off the sensation of smell at various times? The sensation and information received by touch? We do not mean, of course, that by doing so you are only going to miss potentially dangerous situations, but sensations of touch, such as your hands in cool water, your fingers touching blades of grass, these are just as important.

Where you may feel uncomfortable in a room or drained, possibly you can describe these as the ability to detect a fire with your senses. You are experiencing the anger, or discomfort, or possible danger and should respond to this information. How you respond is entirely up to you and the situation. There are many who will leave and many who wish to confront this energy, or the source of the feeling or emotion head on. In this way you may also feel other, more subtle, sensations, and these too should you interpret and respond to. Also know that physical and extrasensory methods of information reception can also simply be received, it is not always necessary to react, you can simply file this information away to be stored.

There is not universal answer. If you wish to ignore this information you may do so. If you wish to turn off this information you may do so. There is no switch, but just as muscles will fade with lack of use, so will the ability to sense by other means when it is not used. These are your natural senses, it is because they have been ignored in various stages of development in this life and others than you do not easily use them now. You can grow and develop them, consider if you are being shown this ability for a greater purpose, but also know that you can ignore it completely.

It is for your benefit, for the reception of information regarding the world around you on all levels.

Paul McCartney

Did/does Paul McCartney have some special mission on earth? Why do so many feel a connection in his music or to him or to The Beatles?

There is a special purpose in all of you. Do not be confused that popularity or notoriety makes you more useful or that your purpose is somehow more important because your name is well-known. It is not possible to reasonably measure the impact of any being as there is no being less important than another. You may be sad or depressed or feel useless, but you should not feel this way. The key to life and the reason for being is within each one of you. Each being on earth is reliant on the other beings in existence. We do not mean that you are living in a house of cards or that you should become dependent on all those around you. We simply mean to emphasize the importance of your existence, the existence of a politician, a homeless person, a liar, a millionaire and all other titles which you assign to the varying existences. All beings are important. All play a crucial role in this experience. Though you may only meet a very small number of them they are no less important, you are all connected.

Paul McCartney will excel for a much longer time than what his partners did. He is expressing, simply put, a light into the universe, and a love into the universe. There are many who are drawn to his music. If you are not drawn to it this does not mean that you are not some highly evolved spiritual being, it just was not meant for you to experience. What is important is that the music Paul creates or created, and the music of the Beatles, these serve greater emotions within each being that hears them. They can be passively listened to without some deeper level of critical discernment, but there is a unifying presence in all that he does through music and it speaks to others, from a wide variety of backgrounds and types of lives, that they are not alone, they are too capable of sharing this positive and healing light.

It is not specifically the words or music that Paul McCartney sings but his motivation. His light as a person. There are many songs that may have more positive sounding lyrics than others, this is not important. Paul McCartney would be sharing his light into the world no matter what different path he might have selected. It is important here to say that this is what we mean and it is an example of how all lessons will come to you no matter what decisions you make , no matter what direction you may turn. His light was going to be shared to matter if he was a plumber, a lawyer, a doctor, or a musician. His lessons still present themselves and he impacts many people. No matter what you choose, do not worry that you are missing out on some other lesson. What needs to be brought to you will come as it is necessary, only the circumstances may change. This may be better seen as the sun always rising but your location may change. No matter where you stand the sun will always rise.

Paul is not mightier than others. He is showing many what they too can do. He has healing energy. He is not more spiritually advanced but he is aware of his being, maybe it is better to say that he is not living idly, we do not mean he travels and tours, but he seeks knowledge, he seeks himself, he seeks to help others, he seeks to share. He is actively living for the betterment of humanity and himself, not one aspect over or in spite of the other.

Polio outbreak

What is the reason for the Polio outbreak that has been reported by the news? Is the news story accurate? Is it a legitimate concern?

There is much concern in your world for disease of any kind. There is always a desire by many to help, but there is also a desire by many to use any incident such as this to amplify the fear and use it to drive other actions as a means of controlling populations and driving money from one pocket to the next. In any epidemic there is fear but most of this is brought on by outside sources, meaning that you do not personally have fear, you are told to be afraid, often indirectly, but many are just as open to any emotion. They wait to feel any specific emotion or concern until they are told to feel that emotion. This does not mean that your associates or the television are saying, “it is time for you to feel XYZ about this event.” It is the repetitive nature of that which you introduce into your mind which allows your own feelings to become these outside feelings. You are experiencing them as your own because you have allowed your mind to be concentrated in these areas and you have become filled with this view so that it is now also yours. In this way there are many emotions, worries, fears, and other aspects that are amplified because a single source shares the message and more minds are snared by it, rather than considering the impact it may or many not have on their own life and the reality that it may, in no way, bear any weight in their personal life. It is important to consider all possibilities and no matter your source it is one view point or many view points, but there is always a differing viewpoint. The important matter is not for you to take any view point and establish it as your own. Only your perception will hold value for you. Only what you see and believe for yourself as accurate will carry true meaning for you.

In regards to Polio, yes, it is spreading but not at an alarming rate and not at a rate at which can be prevented. It is important to know that those who experience this will have had prior knowledge that this event would take place. It is a matter of experience and development that many will have gruesome experiences with this outbreak. It will be shared by many that an increased need for vaccinations of any kind are required, there will be many who suggest that it become law that many vaccines be received on a specific time line. There will be outcry over this, initially due to the cost associated with it. In many areas there is no system to implement widespread medical care, nor vaccines. Many will be concerned because there are governments which have no interest in sharing the cost or covering entirely the cost of healthcare but now wish to make it law that you receive medications as a prevention at your expense, later they will attempt to cover this cost, first it will be voluntary. Many will need to fight this because it can be a problem later for many.

Most vaccines do not harm the body in the sens that it tears down your physical nature. It is the harm that there is anything entering the system at all that is not created with the intent to uplift or uphold the human being. This is very much a contrary statement, opposite to the nature of what a vaccine is and what it is given for, but understand that simply because you want to be healthy does not mean that others want you to be healthy. Simply because you are a good person does not mean that others are good people. There is much more at stake than simply the freedom to refuse. There are greater lessons at work, you should consider very carefully what it is you would like to do and for what reason you would like to refuse. Do not simply do anything in your life because others are doing it, arrive at your own conclusions.

Your fears are not going to subside until you power on your mind and use it to distinguish between the various levels of deception, not on a conspiracy everyday, but even in the manner in which you inhale the air and if it is necessary for you to continue to inhale the substances that you do. So many understand that it is not merely a matter of growing a tree, but it is necessary for them to understand that it matters very much what type of tree gets planted.

The vaccines in question, any vaccine. These are not requirements for sustaining life of any kind on this planet. There is no vaccine necessary. Many attempt to intervene in life and many will still fall ill and succumb to many diseases no matter what preventive measures are taken. It is not a matter of protecting the physical by physical means. If it is to happen it will come to pass. If you wish to protect yourself, use your nutrition to protect your physical, not quick actions which carry no weight. Use the strength of your mind to protect your body. Release that which is not for you and engage fully in that which brings to the surface your true being. Do not live in fear. We repeat these messages often because they are the root of many questions and answers and social arrangements in your world. We are after the same knowledge that you seek on a daily basis. We wish to help you grow, growing does not mean living the life of another, taking on the emotions of another. The tree may use the nutrients of previous trees in much the same way that you may consider the generations before you, but like the tree, what you create will be unique only to you.

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