Living with nature, managing your lawn

Question and answer from my spirit guides:

What can be done to replace or better manage lawns so as to be less time consuming to maintain, the area put to better use, and the area allowed to be more natural?

This is an area of great concern for many. Though there are many without lawns, many who have nothing but dirt and filth and trash to clutter the areas where the live or work. It is important, as with all nature, to learn the natural mutually beneficial relationship between all forms and that which they can control in nature. It is not necessary to grind down the earth until it can no longer be plowed, so that it is no longer a nuisance. The earth is here for you to protect it, for you to grow from it, for you to reap what you are able and give back all that you can so that it can do the same for others after your lifetime. It is necessary to know that there is much useable land for various projects that are left to the time consuming but aesthetically pleasing to the human eye for lawns and grasses. These are not the true form of this land, but it is not overly important. For the work to be useful it should make an impact on the land in a way similar in how the land impacts itself. To poison and murder is not the same as the care placed in careful and considered growing techniques and practices. It is for you to understand that not everyone is in a position to do something different but they are in a position to be educated and come to this in their own time. You are not able to completely understand their point of view but it is important to take the time to share with them the understanding and importance of reaching the understanding. So many do not concern themselves with actions and thoughts beyond the tip of their nose. This is not negativity, this is not some type of scoundrel behavior, they are not aware. They can come to the realization of the earth around them, the relationships in which they engage, and an entire existence beyond what they currently see, but again, many may not for several lifetimes. In terms of lawn care, and maintenance, and maintaining the status quo, it should be known that you can completely change the status quo. Once the new order of nature has taken place, though it is truly the same nature that would have been seen had man not ripped from the soil that which was in the way, the Jones’ will follow. You should consider for yourself the importance in which any being changes their behavior. Is it important simply that they become more aware of their impact while in a human form or is it simply better to have them embrace a new fad or trend as a simple as any other form of group think. This is where many projects within humanity hinge. The ability to make it easy to accomplish for those who will not otherwise follow a new thinking or express their own ideas regarding it, and the ability to educate and allow the change to happen of their own free will, willingly, willingly they change. Not all is possible, but the subtle impact of a few will swell to outrageous numbers once any idea is begun, all that is needed is time. Your lawn consumes your time, the method in which it is cared for, in which any grass space is cared for could simply be left to natures devices. It is possible to live within an area, your living space cut from it and surrounding area for living, and the rest left for natural habitat or food production. Many things conducted for aesthetics are purely wasted time for some, others enjoy the total production of achieving something they believe to be worthwhile. There is not some deep and connected answer for why each being conducts themselves in the manner in which they do, it is their reasoning, their own methods. They should not be judged. There are other ways to view their behavior, methods in which you can lesson their impact, but do not judge those who do not change or grow in any area of life. Grass is always greener in oblivion, learning how to share that with those in your presence is important, it emphasizes the release of control, though it may present as shear laziness in other cases. Importance is in the nature of life itself and your interaction with it. It should not be feared, the only outcome you can control is that which is left for your free will to decide.

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Today’s message

There is not much news or wisdom to impart where there is not much action taking place. We cannot share with you the true importance of making progress and growing as a being. Some grow at rates different from others. The rate at which one grows and at which one experiences and consumes life is entirely dependent on the being in the existence. There is much time wasted, though there is not lost experience, in thing yourself to a seat of luxury and mimicking behavior you observe through digital media. It is not necessary to involve electronics in every aspect of a life’s daily activities. Interaction is being had at all times and the mind is working at all times, but even more can be accomplished in each lifetime than what is currently done. You should not ignore the need for idle time and the need to serve the physical self in balance with that of other needs and desires, however, making all of your existence an idle time is not aiding in future development. However, those reading this who view these being should not focus harshly on them, for each will grow beyond their current state once they have accomplished what was necessary in that state. Know that even more can be done than what is done now. Even more of each being was fully present in every moment and actively engaged the moment. You are not at a loss when you compare yourself to others, this is not a comparison for you to make and then judge harshly for yourself unless you truly believe that these things are also for your being. It should be stated that watching and observing others is often as important for education and lessons but only if you use that opportunity for such a purpose. Realize that there is a being also living that experience. Do not judge. That is not your purpose.

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Chakras – Physical evidence, purpose, maintenance

Please explain the nature and purpose of the chakras.

The chakra is an energy center. It is the connectedness between your physical body and your true spirit, your true self, your physically immeasurable energy body. The centers connect the two beings as they relate, they disperse energy among the two beings and control and regulate energy through the bodies, between the bodies, around the bodies, and that which comes into and exits the bodies. It is important that these centers remain open for energy reception, physical maladies will manifest if any energy blockage takes place. Energy blocks can occur through emotion and other actions of the mind. This id , simply, because the mind and non-physical body and the actions and thoughts create physical impact or create physical matter. They are the heart center of the body in terms relating to the dispersion and circulation and regulation of energy as it relates to the body.


How can we maintain the chakras in a healthy state while in the physical existence?

The method for maintaining a healthy state in any part of the body, in any part of the existence is to be mindful of it, never neglect it, do what is correct for right action and right health. It is important to say that over active energy centers can present themselves and this is directly related to the actions of the mind as they relate to each specific energy center. Each center operates and oversees the areas directly near it as well as regulates within the chakra system. If there is pain or malady in an area the chakra can be used as the focal point for correction, while it will not directly heal or correct the problem, it will circulate the focused energy or the new idea, or the new program into the area of the body in question. Focusing on the true self and keeping all areas of life in balance. Never too much of A without an equal balance of B would be an over simplified method of explaining this. If you are pouring out your cup of energy without refilling it, without taking time for yourself, you will create a deficit that will pose, first energetic problems, and secondly, physical manifestations as the physical evidence of the imbalance. Review your actions, your thoughts, your emotions, and regulate and promote the possibility of new and different actions due the imbalance, you can create this.


Is there physical evidence of the chakras now?

There is no more physical evidence of the chakras than there is of the true existence that resides independently of the human body. Much of this information is shared in your plane now but it resides outside the scope of your medical practitioners. The evidence will stand for itself and they can be seen, they can be felt, they can be interacted upon by energy, intention, focusing of the mind. They are as evident as is the true spirit form, though there is much work to be done before more of this is open and common knowledge. Working in these areas does not require special degree, learning from those who are experienced may be helpful but you alone are able to help your body, heal your body, and learn from your body. Your physical body will speak to you, it will give you the messages, you need only to be aware of the signs and messages. This message is also true of the energetic body and that body of the true self. There are warnings, there are indications, and there are a multitude of messages. Indications are not simply expressed when there is some negative impact being had, equally important messages and indications are relayed to you, the true self, from your energy and physical body for positive and good actions in reference to health, spirit, emotion, action, and so on. Many times now a pill or medication is taken to override or to quiet these messages. It is not important to treat this signs in such a manner. Listening to these messages before they become excruciating is helpful. Even when the message becomes unbearable your listening and changing direction or redirecting energy can be immediately evident.


Will there be more widely accepted physical evidence of the chakras that modern physical medicine will acknowledge?

They are physically evident now. Those who are capable of feeling the flow of the natural energy of life with their physical body, with their spirit body, can sense these areas over and within the physical body and where they connect to the true self. Presently it is as though a person without the necessary tools is attempting to measure an amount of air though it cannot be seen by the human eye. You can demonstrate it exists and the action it takes and the movement and other impressions placed upon it, but you are not easily able to extract from evidence that air exists. Many in the medical community are in this particular dilemma now. There are no tools used to measure the non-physical self that are used that are widely accepted. Change will need to come from the humans on this plane in the focus on energy on this area before more research is conducted. It is important to be aware of these areas and use them and focus on them no matter the widespread research, the modern principles currently used in medicine are not acknowledging these areas and do more to squash the message and defeat the body’s own mechanisms than to work in alignment with it.

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Daily channeled message


Message for today from my spirit guides:

There is a spirit among you who does not walk freely along the planes of existence. There are many souls or beings with this problem but it can be achieved by all. Most in your plane turn a blind eye to most true-isms of nature, to your true self, because it was written in religious texts as a method to turn away from your limitless and endless possibility as a being in existence. There are so many trikes that many willingly place on their physical and no physical bodies and minds that they are unaware that they are rules, they assume it is their natural unrestricted state of being they currently exists and they are at the pinnacle of their true form currently in this moment. There is no being that has reached the height of their potential because the true potential of a being is one that expands in all directions without limits of any kind. The mind creates the world in which you live and the method and manner in which you interact with it. Life is more than physical touch. Many will grow behind this but it will be traumatic for this who begin to experience these sensations because they are unknown and because they are against the teachings they have received this far in the world. It is important to go into life without fear. Fear is the greatest suppressor of action, knowledge, experience, lead in the true self, creating a true and unified place of existence for the self and a society in which less focus is placed on differences that are used now as causes for wars. You shall see these things, you reading this, you shall come to see these things and now the nature of these things. To create peace in your mind with yourself and with all things in creation will create a platform for others who follow you. Mountains can be moved in one day’s time with enough effort.

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What is the basic cause of this disease?

There is a need for knowing on your plane, the cause of many things, but there are many who seek answers outside the root cause realm. All things that manifest as physical are not physical in nature. Only treating the physical does not cure the problem, does not improve it, does not prevent it from recurring. It is necessary to examine the whole self, the full being as it exists on many layers, levels, and even planes of existence. There is a call for many to focus on these things, examine that which currently exist to major medicinal outlets. There is more in sunshine, water, and air, than in all of the medicine bottles combined as produced by your pharmaceutical industries. Alzheimer’s is a call to self, it is necessary to focus much attention on the self, many diseases are this way, while all do not call attention to the same area in each person they occur within, it is important to state that all disease is not universal, some basic elements are universal, some attributes do manifest universally. It is important to know also, specifically in diseases of the mind, that many are present on this plane with this presentation in order to call the attention of the groups or individuals they are coming in contact with as they live their life day to day. While all are learning lessons, this soul often has subjected themselves to this particular set of protocols for the specific operation that is at hand for those they will come into contact with. This is not true for all diseases, but know, we are all connected, there are no lost moments, but many diseases of the mind are through the testing and trials of those they come into contact with, such as medical personnel, family, many others. The mind does not disappear, it is possible for these individuals to express themselves in this true nature, their true identity, out off their physical plane. You may reside in this plane without the physical, though you may not yet easily interact with it, they appear trapped when the mind becomes lost and unable to identify, it would appear as a system overload. These beings should be taught the ability to express, communicate, and exist as their true self without the attachment to their physical self. Many do this without knowing, through their dreams, they are naturally leaving their physical being and visiting various places, learning lessons, living in classrooms as you may call it. There is often nothing that can be done because this is something that is chose prior to entering into the particular lifetime. The individual is not at a loss. Even years into the process they can communicate without, it is the process of learning beyond the physical self that it important. Even in this physical existence it is necessary to learning of your true being and true self and learn to express and use it. Simply being in a physical existence does not require you to use only physical means and methods. Learning your true identity, learning your ability, please know that simply forgetting things, a lack of memory, is not cause for concern in these areas. It is not a punishment. No disease is punishment. This particular set of circumstances presents itself as a learning tool and aid, it is often not presented as a set of preventable circumstances. When used in this way it is a stepping stone to learning the true identity of all involved. There are many who view the extrasensory abilities of communication as science fiction or only of divine intervention, these situations are not the case. When you receive communication, even after years of ignoring it is taking places, you can return the sender’s call, as you might say. If you can remember back to childhood when you may have done this regularly, and a being in their 40s may now receive the same information or communicate with seemingly unseen beings, you can return their call, return their message. There is no punishment in this phase of learning. Diseases of the mind often associate with self identity, this is the area to focus. Often what is heard or discussed by the receiver as hallucinations are not hallucinations or incorrect by any means, but physical terms it may seem incorrect, but they are true experiences. Often times these experiences, even under the medication that may induce them, are used as learning and classroom sessions where education on previous, present, and future is taking places. Often times hen a person is exiting such a medically induced state, it is not easy to return to physical thought and being and perception, this is why many types of odd comments and experiences are reported from your dentist’s office. They are finally completely able to exist for moments without sense of physical self and returning to it is as if the infant has returned and requires self educating time in order to learn how to operate again in the physical body. It is not necessary to understand all things but know that those things which you do not understand are all often related and not as different as your medicine would have you believe. Each disease is not as different as the definition. Often diseases that impact a specific area, but by seemingly different means, these are all related, they are all the same, and are all caused or occurring for the same reason. It is necessary to have a belief of your self and focus less on the physical, this is true for those who have never before accepted the thought of life beyond the self in physical existence and how it exists simultaneously with the nonphysical, for many it would be as if the current life and their manifestation of heaven oare concurrently existing. Probably the simplest of existence terms in relation to the self is the tremor or deficiency of the mind. It is important to use certain areas, or like muscle they will atrophy. Complications of the mind or what appear as disorders are by this manner, they are underused they are not used correctly, or they are a call to these deficiencies. It is not a matter of use it or lose it as you might say, it is a matter of you r using it for the great destiny which you can achieve, no matter what life returns to this physical plane for lessons, all can achieve monumental accomplishments inn line with their ultimate goals, and achieve more than planned, they can change their life course, if they wished to do so. If they wished to grow beyond.


What can be done to treat this disease?

Learning the true identity of the self. Learning and using your ability and harnessing the ability that your physical and non-physical self provides you. Many use this plane simply to exist, to experience physical sensations, but they are limiting themselves by routine. Expect more of similar nature problems to exist for mankind. Many are on a learning path themselves, they are aware on various levels, and, even without conscious knowledge, achieve lessons and goals, and learning that is carried forward. Many are stuck, literally, in a rut or whirlpool that will not let them escape. Even when considered advanced by your physical measurements a person can learn new things. There is a group thing acceptance of many ideas and the acceptance that they are true. Age does not limit, indicate, prevent, achieve, allow, or deny any type of action There are many who are less than five years of age who have greater understanding than those in their 40s, even 80s, 90s, and so on. There are many who are in rest and nursing homes who are left by the side of society’s road simply because that’s what they have believed will occur at such an age or at such a juncture in their life. They are simply fulfilling what the mind has dwelt upon for so long. Even now, even after much damage may have occurred to the physical container, even after much manifestation has occurred by the limits placed on the mind through various acceptance of ideas, there is still much they can do. Speaking to them about these things, speaking and communicating in non-physical terms and methods can achieve these things. They are not lost simply because they physical is in what appears to be a downward spiral. Lost is nothing. Time will be the investment and the return is the true lifetime lesson and achievement by all parties involved.


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