Today’s message from my spirit guides


There is less to be known about the world than what the human mind struggles to understand about itself. There is less to be known externally than the concept that many if you currently struggle in daily. You are not trapped and confined because of someone else, you are in your own path and navigating it as you choose. There is freedom and limitless bounds for all of you but many choose to place rules on themselves, on their behavior. It is not for you to ignore things that continually appear in your heart, mind, or life. Good or bad they need to be acknowledged. It is time for change. It is time to break free. It is time to accept your full potential and free yourself from shackles that you have allowed ourself and others to place on you in various forms.

To speed up any meaning process one smiley needs to live and live behind mere adequacy. Explore beyond your current comfort levels. Explore new fields.

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Views of Easter and Jesus

Constantine has stated that the spirit of Jesus, the being that is Jesus, cannot be contacted. This information comes from the true account of Jesus regarding the nature of Easter.

Easter is a time of reflection. The time of rebirth. There were many holidays that before this day, events leading up to it were shared by millions. It is a time of rebirth, a time for changing, a time for celebrating the spring as nature comes into active being, freeing itself from its apparent dormant state. The time for Jesus was not that rising from the dead, there are many accounts of this. He was not dead. There were illnesses of the time, he was not susceptible to many of these but would infrequently succumb to one. Easter is rebirth. This should be shared with you and others as though it was the new year. Many seek out the new year as their purpose for starting fresh and beginning anew, Easter, and the energy associated with it through various religions holidays is more powerful for new beginnings than any other day. It is shared with many and shared on many dates. Typically May 1, and the week leading to it, the energy is the strongest. This is energy associated with past acts and the intentions of those who focus on this time. Even in the modern Easter there are many representations of various religious traditions. It is not a time to segregate. Start new and fresh. The savior Jesus was not an immortal man. He was not an immortal man, he was a mortal man who was sent to deliver messages and show diverse populations the message of peace and love and that all that we seek externally is available internally. We, humans, are very literally, a representation of the universe. We can create, we, literally, impact the universe and are creators of the world, the actions, and the physical and non-physical that takes place within it. Jesus was not in a mysterious tomb only to be risen from the dead. He was to be moved to another location for medical treatment. It is important to say that no one was impervious to this disease, he was able to heal himself. It is also to be known that the length of one’s life, the age, this was a different measurement than used today. It is important to know that recordings in the bible, those that have not been altered, many are physical and accurate depictions of that which occurred, but there is much that has been destroyed and abolished for the sake of control. There was much added to include hate and segregation. This was not in the true spirit of Jesus. This was not in a unifying and loving tone. These are not the messages that he would have wanted shared. It was his world to spread unity through honesty and caring between people no matter their station in life, no matter their money or position or education or sickness or health. Those who attempted to show their importance wee only using money and there greed, these are not true things, these are not necessary things. These are not the willing gifts of the righteous who pursue their highest works. This Easter it is time to move beyond what is shared in a biblical text and honor the true feelings in your heart. Start yourself as a blank slate as you awaken, allow all that is near you to enter your mind and consider it a beneficial possibility before all else. Consider it carefully. Before passing judgment, determine how this idea, situation, determine how it directly impacts your life and your heart and your mission. There is much judgment on topics that do no impact but a few beings on your plane but many will use this as a weapon for disaster among people. Include in your thinking one opposing thought per day. Examine this opposing thought to your thinking. If you consider it to be valid at present, determine what bearing it has on your true being. Determine what must be done so that it cannot impact you. Determine why it does. If it does not alter your true path, release it from your being. It is not for you to pass judgment nor carry judgment in your heart that is unnecessary. This is carrying unnecessary hatred. Honor those ideas and beliefs which are truly yours, which you feel truly impact your life, that which can change it positively. Share them, live fully in them, but be forever open to change. If you change nothing, consider yourself open to change. Open to new, you are not a book, you are an open journal that is open and willing to receive information on your blank pages. After reflection if the page does not speak to you, tear out this page. If the page is for you keep it with you, turn the page and experience more. At no time is it impossible to remove or add information. You are an open and growing being. You are living through various points, periods, and time frames of education throughout life. Do not maintain rigid thinking that you may have acquired at a younger age, open yourself to the vast possibilities.

The reasons for many of these to manifest later in life is that we are typically less frightful, less worried, and have less concern for the status quo, often these may be through a series of events which have torn down the walls of what we know, and it now makes the being more accepting of new ideas. This does not mean you shall willingly take on the ideas and impressions of anyone you are with as if you are a puppet to be controlled. You are merely experiencing new possibilities that were before closed. No judgment in your heart. See beings and the world as an opportunity for learning. Learn not from the poor actions, do not judge an action as poor. View the life of another and learn. Learn their perspective. Learn their purpose. Learn and be open. Be inquisitive. The more you are open to other beings the more you will grow and confront and grow within your own being.

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Raising children without rules


Is it possible to raise a child without imposing laws and rules on them and they still achieve their path and highest good for this lifetime as well as those they interact with?

Yes this is possible. It is through teaching that this can be done. You cannot simply leave a child with no rules and no structure, but at the same time we do not mean that their time must be structured. To have no rules placed on them by others means that they are given the opportunity to learn the reason and cause and the implications of their actions. Not all children will learn this at the same time or by the same method. For those that doubt, simply understand that you awoke this morning and did not murder someone. Did you not murder someone because it is a law? Did you not murder someone because of how it would impact the person and the other people in their life and possibly even you? There are many things that can be learned and understood with teaching that are often given no further explanation other than, “it is wrong,” “it is bad,” “it is illegal.” To educate more deeply on these lessons will help those coming up through life no matter their progress and evolution.

To simply take rules off of a child who has had so many applied to them will at first cause turmoil. For those that feel this cannot be done, or who have tried and believe they have failed, you may have a difficult child, yes this is true. Why are they difficult? Are you teaching them or have you left them to their own devices? A path is chosen prior to arriving here and many obstacles and challenges, but that does not mean that it cannot be altered and therefore should not be blamed immediately for action or inaction or the behavior of a child or parent or the parent/child relationship.

Known to all is a method of understanding. With all things it requires patience. You cannot begin reading the dictionary and encyclopedia at age one because you do not comprehend complex sentences and areas and reading. You must start fundamentally and then build on to current knowledge.

Free will is often best expressed as art because so much of your free will feels hampered by rules, laws, and the impressions of others and you worry of your acceptance. These are all rules and laws because most in the human form follow them all equally. To form your own impression is much more useful and beneficial than using the form and thought that has been created by someone else. Do not force your will onto others no matter if they are in your care or you in there’s. It is important to understand, and the evidence is readily avaiable on your plane, that imposing your will or your beliefs is not accepted in all cases of growing children. They will change and follow their own path of their own accord. Some may take life times to accomplish, some may venture out and form their own opinions once they are out from the shelter in which they were originally raised.

All can be accomplished when learning is allowed to take place. It is imperative to not pass judgment. It is important to allow the fruit of their true nature to manifest. True correction of behavior or the ability to follow their own highest path is only accepted when they are ready. Give opportunities to learn and create learning, do not hinder it and do not resist permitting the child to know other beliefs or other experiences in life because you are fearful of the experience or because the belief or idea, or the science or any other thing, or any other aspect, is in conflict with your beliefs. It is important for the child, and for anyone, to arrive at conclusions on their own. They may ask for guidance, they may ask opinions, and while they factor that into their decision, it is still truly for them to make this decision on their own. They will not be happy, no decision maker is happy and benefits, until they arrive at a conclusion on their own. Though it does not mean that any decision is final and free from revision.


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Can the military be transitioned to a peaceful organization?

By what means could the military of each nation be transitioned to an organization providing medical aid or response after a disaster or when rescue is needed? Is it possible that the military of the world become more focused on peaceful actions than those of violence?

It is possible. There are many who show regret for having taken part in this actions later in life. There are many who feel them as they are taken place. Many feel regret and heartache for the actions they have taken, either on their own or by orders given to them. It is important for those who feel these emotions in the moment to be more comfortable in justifying their emotions and actions, acknowledging them, and acting upon them. No man can persecute you for following a higher path, peaceful means may not always be necessary, there was a time when Adolph Hitler could have been easily removed but there was no action. Due to this series of events, widespread impact and response was had, but these were the lessons for those involved. Grand scale events such as this serve and sign posts in the human time line but much of the reasoning and learning how to prevent is often lost. There is much focus on the military action rather than what steps could have been taken to prevent it.

Many do not acknowledge their own voice, or their true self speaking to them. This is not a voice for many people, this is simply a feeling, an emotion, or a nudge, this is not necessarily some outside force for most people who do not seek it, it is your true self, your heart, your emotions. Guides and those with you in this lifetime may amplify that which you ignore but they do not necessarily invent emotions or actions that are external to you and in no way impress upon you that which is external to you and unnecessary for your lifetime and not agreed upon as part of your experience.

Life is possible without violence on the scale that it is experienced but there is only much talk of peace, there is much reflection. These both are of sound investment of the mind and for humanity to take in terms of evolution in regards to these actions. As with all areas, the next step in evolution is to take the view of history, the historical record, and those feelings which we regret not acting upon, and use them in our NOW, in our present. There often will not be an order from a higher manager, officer, or supervisor to tell you to be your true self, to show compassion, to show kindness, to cease violence. These emotions are of those carrying out the action and must learn to acknowledge them within themselves and then to express them into physical action. Simply knowing the true way is not beneficial unless you begin the act of following that new path, making that journey in that direction.

There must be a time for some party involved, some side of the conflict, to stop. You may see this in children where the expression is often, “how old are you? Who is the more mature one? I’m not going to sink to their level.” It does not mean superiority to stop violence, it is not less superior to be the second person or party to stop violence and stop the mechanized seizure of land and people and property and profit. Know that when one party ceases such methods and activity it will take a great deal of time to have the other party and other areas of the world understand what is taking place. There has been a great deal of violence, and in many areas of the world, only violence and hate shared within it. It will take time for those who are seen as the opposing force to see the acts of non-violence, and to also see that this is not an opportunity to retaliate ten fold. You, and your neighbors, you are not different, you have the same needs. Know that is is not necessary to impose your needs on others, you can learn from others so that you may meet your needs in new ways.

Important is nothing that prevents destruction or construction but the intention and the motivating cause are very important to the development of the individual. It is necessary for soldiers, warriors, supporters, to evaluate critically, determine your cause and your support. Do not simply follow any method of action which is held by the group until you have determined for yourself that this too is your idea or that it is not. There is much information left out of any argument. Two individuals will grab at bystanders, giving them pieces of the information in order to gather support. Often, there will be critical information removed from the story which may show themselves as also wrong and incorrect in some point. This ego of men must be harnessed in other ways rather than constantly in need of protection by flattening those who offend it.

There is no need for fear, there is no need to follow blindly. Follow all that you follow because you have purposely and methodically established it as the path for you. Much is done based on simple ideas, simple ideas accomplish a great deal, but there is much methodology behind these ideas and they should be researched, investigated, studied, and pondered no less than grand schemes.

An army is only as strong as the people willing to operate within it. New justifications should be sought and new dependent reasoning for all actions. The reason for so much conflict is the direct conflict that each being experiences within themselves. That which beings within will be expressed outwardly, but you must not ignore any emotion or thought. Think critically, research and study, be fully present in your world in every thought, action, and energy.

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The possibility of no law enforcement organizations requires action by those seeking and capable of peace

What would happen without the organized police that cities and nations now have? What would take place if they were abolished?

There would, at first, be great chaos and disharmony. There are many who see them as oppressive, but they see them in this way in varying reasons. There would be volunteer organizations that would take place. There would be many who would rise to power in small groups because they offer protection to many, but it is important to say that it is only the illusion of protection that anyone or any system provides. It is universal to want safety and comfort and protection from all things, natural and man-made, but there are many things that external protection will not provide. The protection and safety and comfort shall come from within. From abolishing fears and doubts, small and great, within the mind, these shall afford you the greatest comfort and security. There are fears present, many who go with the fears of others as their first instinct, not the natural instinct they are born with in physical form, nor the instinct of their true self. There are many division of populations because of fear. Those labeled as different from one’s self causes fear, because as you have heard, you fear what you do not understand. It takes time to learn from our neighbors, to understand them, to experience them, to learn that because they appear different, because they sound different, because they practice different customs or live in different homes, they are living no different lives from your own. The fear created by mass hysteria, group think, and those contributing to public uprising in the sense of the mind, use these ideas and inject them into life in order to exert further control over populations and use these thoughts and ideas as justifications for political actions such as wars, giving aid, not providing aid, trade agreements, creating hidden alliances and others.

The first step after no public or private law enforcement is for those experiencing it to realize that there is not a need for external justification for their actions. To learn that there is no need for some outside enforcement, nor is there the need to roll ideas onto other populations, other people, other beings, other forms in nature, by force. Willful ignorance may describe the minds of many now, many are capable of living in harmony without a law enforcing agency, but it would take time, and there would need to be greater action and interjection by those who are for peace and for harmony or the world would descend into chaos in terms of rules and laws created by fear and hate and the method in which they were carried out.

Smaller areas, smaller groups of people could begin this process. They could, and now are quite capable, of living without a widespread established law enforcement system. In these areas there is much that is accepted as universal. The laws regarding murder, theft, deception – these things are true and the people understand them. Children are educated in them. There is much in the community that depends on the individual and much depends on the group. Each designation is able to care for itself in this manner both dependent and independent of the other.

There is not a need for a universal leader. There can be those who provide structure for establishing lists of projects that need to be completed once groups decide on group action. There is no need for supreme leadership of man over man. A structure, a simple framework can be devised, to establish a method for ideas and their acceptance. It is not necessary that wide sweeping laws be established across entire lands. Each state or providence or township can enact or follow or believe entirely different ideas. The conflict in many areas is that more and more ideas are regional but they are governed by much wider laws, laws that are enforced over a wider area, when it is not needed but for a few areas that law, specifically, be enforced by anyone.

The justification of punishment is unnecessary and unfounded. The need to make the situation whole after an act has taken place is impossible. There are many who will not feel repentant after an act. There are many who will allow ego to control their public or group image. There are many who commit acts because of various circumstances or driving emotions that are later not in these states. It is important to know that punishment, in any form, is not necessary. In their own time, those who punish will see the invalidity of their actions and those who many believe should be punished will have their own mind’s justification for or against the actions in which they conducted themselves. Punishment in one’s own mind is often more severe than that of others. It is also possible that one can perceive no punishment for themselves because of circumstances or because they have lived a life outside of some group think or group rule. None of these are incorrect. It is important for others to have exposure to new ways, not by force, simply by knowing. Allowing the information to flow to them as they seek it. It is not important to force it or indoctrinate them to prevent tragic or violent acts from taking place, they will always take place to some degree. There will be a time when they do not, when all beings have experienced this particular action, but there will be new actions and new methods. Learning and teaching is an ever changing and evolving process.


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