Paul McCartney

Did/does Paul McCartney have some special mission on earth? Why do so many feel a connection in his music or to him or to The Beatles?

There is a special purpose in all of you. Do not be confused that popularity or notoriety makes you more useful or that your purpose is somehow more important because your name is well-known. It is not possible to reasonably measure the impact of any being as there is no being less important than another. You may be sad or depressed or feel useless, but you should not feel this way. The key to life and the reason for being is within each one of you. Each being on earth is reliant on the other beings in existence. We do not mean that you are living in a house of cards or that you should become dependent on all those around you. We simply mean to emphasize the importance of your existence, the existence of a politician, a homeless person, a liar, a millionaire and all other titles which you assign to the varying existences. All beings are important. All play a crucial role in this experience. Though you may only meet a very small number of them they are no less important, you are all connected.

Paul McCartney will excel for a much longer time than what his partners did. He is expressing, simply put, a light into the universe, and a love into the universe. There are many who are drawn to his music. If you are not drawn to it this does not mean that you are not some highly evolved spiritual being, it just was not meant for you to experience. What is important is that the music Paul creates or created, and the music of the Beatles, these serve greater emotions within each being that hears them. They can be passively listened to without some deeper level of critical discernment, but there is a unifying presence in all that he does through music and it speaks to others, from a wide variety of backgrounds and types of lives, that they are not alone, they are too capable of sharing this positive and healing light.

It is not specifically the words or music that Paul McCartney sings but his motivation. His light as a person. There are many songs that may have more positive sounding lyrics than others, this is not important. Paul McCartney would be sharing his light into the world no matter what different path he might have selected. It is important here to say that this is what we mean and it is an example of how all lessons will come to you no matter what decisions you make , no matter what direction you may turn. His light was going to be shared to matter if he was a plumber, a lawyer, a doctor, or a musician. His lessons still present themselves and he impacts many people. No matter what you choose, do not worry that you are missing out on some other lesson. What needs to be brought to you will come as it is necessary, only the circumstances may change. This may be better seen as the sun always rising but your location may change. No matter where you stand the sun will always rise.

Paul is not mightier than others. He is showing many what they too can do. He has healing energy. He is not more spiritually advanced but he is aware of his being, maybe it is better to say that he is not living idly, we do not mean he travels and tours, but he seeks knowledge, he seeks himself, he seeks to help others, he seeks to share. He is actively living for the betterment of humanity and himself, not one aspect over or in spite of the other.

Daily channeled message


Message for today from my spirit guides:

There is a spirit among you who does not walk freely along the planes of existence. There are many souls or beings with this problem but it can be achieved by all. Most in your plane turn a blind eye to most true-isms of nature, to your true self, because it was written in religious texts as a method to turn away from your limitless and endless possibility as a being in existence. There are so many trikes that many willingly place on their physical and no physical bodies and minds that they are unaware that they are rules, they assume it is their natural unrestricted state of being they currently exists and they are at the pinnacle of their true form currently in this moment. There is no being that has reached the height of their potential because the true potential of a being is one that expands in all directions without limits of any kind. The mind creates the world in which you live and the method and manner in which you interact with it. Life is more than physical touch. Many will grow behind this but it will be traumatic for this who begin to experience these sensations because they are unknown and because they are against the teachings they have received this far in the world. It is important to go into life without fear. Fear is the greatest suppressor of action, knowledge, experience, lead in the true self, creating a true and unified place of existence for the self and a society in which less focus is placed on differences that are used now as causes for wars. You shall see these things, you reading this, you shall come to see these things and now the nature of these things. To create peace in your mind with yourself and with all things in creation will create a platform for others who follow you. Mountains can be moved in one day’s time with enough effort.

Today’s message

There are always plans. Plans and dreams, it is important to follow plans and dreams but not simply be vise you had them does it make the the superior plan in this plan, nor does it mean that you should not be open to change. It is a great learning experience for you to learn to grasp new things, new ideas, new ways of life. This and many other things are an experience for you, it is the process of learning and experiencing. You may say that another being is experiencing this specific thing and I am not. You may feel as though you should be experiencing it too. It is important for you to discern what is truly for you and truly what is not. Thinking clearly while on this incredible journey is very much the lesson. You may see others from your path, paths may cross, but they do not necessarily merge and become one. Only by thinking for yourself will you arrive at true and conclusive answers that are online with your highest mission. Planning for others is not what anyone can do best. Some serve as examples, other will exist with you on parts of your path, but it is the responsibility of the person walking it to accept new information, change course, go backwards, or move forward in a new direction. Often individuals become lost in the ideas of someone else and learn not how to walk the path on their own.

Today’s message

Message for today from my spirit guides:

We are all here for he the same purpose. In a sense, research and development. You are not alone on your journey and there are many who experience the same situations. There are many who feel alone, desperation, wandering, you are none of these things. Isolation in terms if events and situations is nothing. There are many experiencing the precise situation that you are in. There are many things that identify the true self and physical being as separate and unique but there are more elements that bind us all together and connect us than divide. Spirituality is not a comic of age movement or some past-time that qualifies all of life with feel-good phrases and meditation. It is what it is because others experience it and express themselves freely in this manner. More to life than all religions is the experience is the single individual. Unique as all of them are, each is connected, free yourself from your current ways of thinking, they are not wrong or untrue, but use this lifetime to see the other thought patterns available to you and emmer we yourself deeply in them.

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