Perception of the afterlife

Does the afterlife and true home appear the same for everyone who is in it, who will return to it, or view it another way? Do the beliefs a being has while in a physical body shape what will appear to them when their physical body dies? Does this view or perception ever change in their mind or is it ever changed for them by others in the non-physical plane?

Channeled response from my spirit guides:

There is a great deal of knowledge concerning this area. As with many things there are aspects that are extremely and invariable unique to the individual. What one person perceives and what they are shown is not what another person will perceive or will be shown. For it to be said that you will be welcomed with open arms by your family or loved ones, this is not always true. For many this is not what they wish to have happen, they do not want to experience it for various reasons. You will be shown what gives you the greatest peace and what will allow you to transition from a physical existence in the human form to that of your true self.

It should be known that not all will let go of beliefs that were held in the physical plane. There is much education on the physical plane that becomes difficult to break free of once you are within it for so long. Some of this is good, some knowledge acquired is good. Some knowledge and clinging to it will charge your spirit body unnecessarily and make it more difficult for experiences to be had and education to be had. The unwillingness to realize that your true body is not the physical body is difficult for some. It is important to say that not every physical being will day in the same way and because of this they are not received in the same way. Many may be eased into this transition months or years prior to their departure. The ending time within the physical and the returning time and what is experienced shall merge and appear seamless. There is not tragedy.

It is necessary to say that all beings will perceive, initially, what they wish to perceive and what brings them the greatest comfort. You shall not need to acquire the beliefs of another on what your experience shall be simply based on previous reports. It is, simply, necessary for you to adjust to the nature of things and as many abilities need reawakened in the physical plane so do many abilities need to be reawakened and relearned once you arrive without a physical body, the lower vibration of physical matter, surrounding your true self and the need to control and move it.

Necessary for those who are coming to use from trauma that they be shown the outcome of their actions, the necessity of their actions, and the impact on humanity that they created. No matter the outcome or perception by anyone in any form or on any side of a decision, the impact is cause and affect, not simply negative and positive.

Perception of where you will visit or call your home once you complete your learning and transition to the non-physical is entirely based on your desires and ambitions. There are many specialty areas in which one can fulfill learning or simply entertain themselves. There are many areas similar to that of the physical in terms of learning, entertainment, personal growth, outlets for many beings to gather and focus energy, to pass the time, to join with others in accomplishing tasks. It is also possible for you to be isolated, you are only a thought from any particular person or action, but if you choose to dwell alone in particular area this is also true. You may visit other beings, both physical and non-physical, but this should not be interpreted as you will spend your time clinging to and visiting loved ones on the physical plane simply because it is possible. While they will miss you in your absence it is also possible that your absence causes growth and your departure was necessary. Your visiting them or interfering could be sabotaging the reason the situation would completed in the manner that took place.

You will see that there are many areas which may appear off limits to you, but nothing is restricted. There are certain areas where certain vibrations or certain learning gathers and takes place. It is not that you are forbidden, but you must take the necessary steps to enter here. You do not simply jump in a pool in order to shock your physical body and jump start the process of learning to swim. While some learning aspects can be acquired in this way it is not true for all areas.

You are a being who has the infinite possibility of the universe contained within you, you are able to experience it and learn and grow, or simply watch the breeze blow through a meadow. There are other areas that you shall have access to you which are not available in the physical plane.

Much learning, even those who do not feel that learning and completing goals and ambitions are within their being, for many, they will find themselves more at home in the spirit body once they arrive. As in the physical, there will be many who find fulfillment filling their bodies with other behaviors or one repetitive action. Each being shall choose their own path. Each being may or may not choose a learning path or the ability to grow. What you choose to do is within your own being and if you choose to have guidance or go the road alone, this is your ability to choose. It is not to have faith in order to cross successfully. Your faith has nothing to do with the natural process of any universe. It will simply be. There is no challenge for you to exist, the challenge will be in growth.

Completing tables of the foreign mind may help you understand that there is no being lost, there is not a lack of salvation, and there is no need to worry. If you learn and accomplish one task, fifty tasks, or none at all, know that this was an opportunity to do just that, to be as you saw fit. It is entirely within your will to be as you desire without oppression or judgment.

These tables are intended to refer to the being of others, to understand the soul. There are other experiences available on the earth plane in which you can complete other learnings which are not taking place to your physical being. This is also true in the spirit dimension. You are able to learn from all lifetimes and view it as though you are within it, and experience it fully as would the physical being carrying it out. Completion of this type of experience is possible in your physical dimension but you must be open and understanding that this is taking place. It may not be for some to complete these tasks. It is important to know that many accomplish this without realizing it is being done. All experiences are recorded and you can revisit them in spirit. Because it does not make sense now does not mean that you should abandon it or that you will abandon it, you will examine the learning that took place and that which you viewed, you shall have a better understanding of many things at a later date.

Ghosts and how this is all temporary

Can all spirits who are here, who are stuck here and “haunt,” do they have the ability to move on to what we call the after-life?

Yes, though not all choose to experience it. Some are here much later than we expected them and much later than they originally anticipated. It is of utmost importance that you return, there is no gain in attachment to the physical plane. It can all be gone and lost in an instant. It is just a tool by which we all learn while in this phase of development. Many wish to increase their so-called power and the method in which they conduct themselves is through the power of fear. All things are energy, energy and actions are combined and energy is how they survive. While not all are though attachment many will fear what comes next for them. This is not fear with true cause. This is fear by what has been gained and learned on your current plane. What you experience as fear in regards to these areas are man-made. Fear should prevent you from falling off a cliff but not from experiencing the majestic view it has to offer. Proper adjustment to all things in life, though what Is proper for one is not proper for another. It is important to know that all things are temporary. Even those thoughts and ideals that you take with you to the next lifetime, they can be changed in an instant. It is possible for you to change your mind, it is possible for all to change their mind. What was once a conviction can be changed and new ideals held true for that spirit. All things are temporary. Fear is not a truly useful emotion in regards to what is unseen and what will be experienced later. Your future, what any one experiences beyond the present moment, it is an experience. It is not a frightening mystery.

Spirits or entities that are “stuck” here in this plane, how can we help them move on or stop what some consider “haunting?”

There is no time for the entity to be concerned with what type of information you have to bring to it. There is no directly offer of assistance or energy that can be afforded in all cases and result in the ability to move the spirit forward. Al in existence have the ability to change their mind but all most do so willingly of their own accord. It is important to understand that in all phases, on all levels, that which is similar seeks out similar. It is also true that if energy is produced into an area that energy, in some way or fashion, will be used. Remembering these things you can know what is there with you in a specific case. If it is similar to you it may provide some insight to know that, to know that you are of no harm. If it is dissimilar you may be feeding the entity the very life-energy it needs. While nothing you do may guarantee anything move from one dimension to the next you do not necessarily need to feed it. Any while animal will return to you if you continue to supply a food source, if you remove a food source the animal will not return. It is important to know that you are very capable of changing your vibration, you are capable, all are capable of changing their vibration, you can make yourself dissimilar. You can be of love and peace of your own accord, it does not always require the other party to change, asking another soul to change is like telling the water to freeze without a true mechanism to do so, except in the case of the soul, you can not act upon it no matter your mechanism. Whatever you enact upon it will be experienced of its own accord. You know these things, many know these things. It is not the easy-way-out to say that you should simply change yourself, but no spirit, or person, or anything every created in any space shall every change unless it chooses to do so. No matter what their state of being, rocks shall not change they shall only experience the energy enacted upon them. You specifically can use your skill to gain insight into their mysteries and each specific situation will be unique and specific to that situation. It is not important to know when exactly these situations began, possibly each entity will give you an indication why it is present or what it desires. Some harbor so much hate and anger that they wish nothing for what once held them to this place. It would take much effort, passive and peaceful effort to return their thinking to what it once was at the time of their release from their physical body. Patience and protection on your part is necessary.


Shadow people

What are the entities that we on the earth plane call “shadow people?”

Shadow people are an extension of energy on your plane. There is much that they do to extract energy to allow their existence to take place. There is much that every entity does to absorb energy and this is most easily absorbed through energy of a heightened emotional state. It is important to know that any emotional state can express energy but that energy which in some situations is most often or most easily expressed is of anger, hate, rage, and other forms of discord. It is also important to consider the types of energy you emanate and the energy of the entity that is manifesting as a dark figure. Simply because it appears as a shadow does not mean that it is negative. It only absorbs and gravitates to the energy in which it is harmony with. There are some who are only able to manifest in your plane in the matter of apparition. They are not more or less skilled in their lifetimes but they can be found in areas where the energy and discord are great. Even where energy is not evident in a physical expression of discord they can be present because of discord of thought and mind. A person may experience great discomfort or confusion of the mind and not share it with the surroundings and those around himself. There is much done to the body to alleviate these types of energy build ups but the repetitive nature or the inability to make change to allow a permanent shift is often too great and this energy is expressed into the environment because of their pattern of thought or behavior. Simply because it is dark it is not more dark in motives it is simply manifesting in the manner in which it is able. More will see them because of the mind shift that is taking place for many, many are also slowly coming to their ability and using it, the ability to see what is not readily visible in the spectrum of light and color that most humans and physical forms can see. Though there is also much that they have simply chosen to ignore or even dismiss as trivial and nonexistent. It is important to know that those that emanate a shadow-like existence cannot ultimately control anything on the physical plane. They too can emanate energy and their presence can be seen but they do cont contain the power to alter anything on the physical plane. Their purpose is often one personally set by them and many are not aware of their crossing over or that they should have. There are some areas where planes bend or energy from time is left in an area. These are also expressed in these ways because it is a form that is muted in energy and can only be expressed in this way. To remedy these energy areas, simply direct the attention of your guides to it. You may also send this entity and the energy the message that it is important to move from the area as their presence is not needed. Some will respect this information, though many will not receive it when they are only able to produce or exist in the shadowy form that is seen. It can interact with you but not in a detrimental way. Sending love to any entity or form of life has the greatest impact on the existence of the sender and the receiver. Important updates will come regarding the manifestations that can be seen. More figures of notoriety will acknowledge and examine them. There will be more information later concerning this.

Hearing, sexuality, house energy

What can I do to improve my hearing?

Your ability to hear sis important to you and therefore should be protected. There is an absence of a chemical and vitamin in your body that is allowing this buildup and hearing lessening to occur. Your body needs these vitamins and natural minerals to effectively produce the energy and focus on and within the ear to create quality hearing. There is much a a spirit level that will allow you to hear if you should direct your own healing energy into these areas. A diet lacking cheesy calcium will greatly improve these areas. Thinning of the mucous is important but should be done by natural means to allow gradual improvement without shocking the body. Increasing the amount of water you consume can help this greatly. An improvement will not be noticed immediately as you will need to continue this diet for sometime fo healthy fruits and vegetables and less starch and dairy. These do not provide you with proper nutrition and are affecting your ability to hear. Damage to the ear by loud noises has occurred but not to the degree to which you are currently experiencing a hearing loss. Improvement should be made to focus on what is being said and the environment around you. Take these not for granted and apply active listening to your surroundings. Hearing what is being said but also the underlying cause or reason is important, often more important than the words themselves. Juices and fruits are not healing in the manner in which you believe they are but they are contributing to your overall health and are lightly improving this area. Experience healing by bi-location and focus. These are meant to be developed in you ad therefore your physical body must undergo change, there is a slight punishment, though not negative, only an experience and interpretation of the body of these actions, so that theses abilities can be brought about. The body will attempt to defend itself and this is the only manner in which it can understand and seemingly protect itself. Patience. Caution towards quick action.

What is causing my hearing problems?

A lack of understanding about the diet and the importance of loosing fatty foods and grease from the diet. If it is thick and creamy upon entering your body it will create more of the similar substance within the body. A certain degree of this is needed for natural processes though your body does not need as much as you are providing it. Eat less breading and starch to allow this problem to subside. There will be a relaxing needed in this area. Focus on what is being said, hear all there is to hear. Often you are away in your own world in your mind, though it is important to understand that frame of ideas, it is also important to understand the world around you and be fully engaged in that realm, focus on the people, not just your own actions and interests.

What was the alien or glowing face that X saw in the house on X Avenue?

This was a visitor attempting to allow her to understand the situation at hand. This was a checking-up on the situation and by no means an unfriendly entity. There is much done to prepare individuals for work on the physical earth plane and as long as they hold a belief true it will manifest at some point on their life through subtle direction. This experience was needed to allow her to experience and know that there are beings, above and below your current physical existence and that which is beyond the physical measurement of your current scientific methods. There was not a fear within her brought on by this creature, the dog was simply protecting her from that which he did not understand. There will be more visitations though many will not know that hey have occurred. These serve to balance and heal a body thought they do not always come for this purpose. It is not a negative experience. Protection is always around you. These are not harmful beings.

What were the other sounds and visions that were experienced by my sisters and I in the house on X Avenue?

This house was a center for activity because of the heightened emotional state within this house. There was much attracted to it and many physical changes taking place because of the energy expressed within the house. There was nothing ‘evil’ only that which was resonating with the energy being expressed within the house at the time. Like attracts like, the way to overcome this is to change the energy, even in small amounts, to begin a change. There were many situations where a learning was taking place for you so that you could glimpse the phenomena that can emanate from this realm into your s for your future development and abilities. How do you feel now? They do not currently harm you, this was a learning experience. There was no lasting harm. Had you known then what you do now there would have been less confusion. But there was still much being attracted by negativity being expressed in the home. There was a change needed and many physical changes being taken on by the building materials of the house as they too absorbed this energy. Nothing was harmful, only the majority of them sought to be recognized.

What causes homosexuality/bisexuality on a mental/spiritual level?

There is nothing specifically that causes this change to happen. Often there is an imbalance in the type of love that is given or possibly you would see it as an imbalance of the male and female attributes in a personality or raising, often there are many reasons cited for this on the physical plane when, no matter what religion or other reasons may cite, this was simply a part of that entities existence. On sexual differences and different orientations, it should be noted that there are many types and many that are in the public are simply a way for many to learn of compassion and understanding. To break their hard outer shell of thinking in an attempt to understand that there is no need for fighting or war, or persecution because of differing beliefs. Once we can gain an understanding from one another from different backgrounds there will be less fighting and an eventual shift towards a more spiritual view from all walks of life. There is much time for this now but many will not accept it for fear and confusion. There are often higher entities engaged in this form of activity while the lesser beings, those with less experience and less progression in this area, are the ones who are often fearful and lacking understanding of differences and how, in most cases, they truly do not matter to the two seemingly different individuals. What one chooses as their sexual or gender preference has little bearing on what society may view as their duties in life. There is much persecution on this now because of fear. Fear brings hate and violence, there is much being done to attempt to control others. The entire world is not like this. There will be change. Change in a peaceful manner is better for the souls and environment than an eventual peace by attempting to control. There can be an imbalance in the need for attention, but love will come from where it is needed, it can be an imbalance in parental love, or it can simply be the curiosity. There can be love from many forms and love is important from all genders on your plane. Though understand that sexual acts are not needed for a loving relationship but often two comfortable individuals will experience this together as a form of and expression of their love and closeness. It is also undertaken because this act is not part of love but rather the individuals are experiencing it and engaged in this act because of the happiness and joy this physical act brings. Change will come when an expression of love is not assigned as acceptable based on the physical genders of any beings involved in that love or sexual preference, we have all been various genders in various forms and a balance is truly achieved when a soul engenders both sets of attributes of each gender type and possibility. Yin and yang, a perfect balance. Lesser advanced spirits ho are experiencing this form of sexual preference may not have had the balance and are possibly working to understand it, they may have also persecuted in the past and are now experiencing the opposite side of the coin to better understand and appreciate. Though sexual gratification can be a driving force for many, please understand that there is no single specific reason for each individual but that love should emanate from you to all beings for some are higher and some are still working along the path, but there is no reason for you to discern this, as all life is important and precious no matter the differences from our own ways.

Does the soul choose to be homosexual or bisexual or is it a product of our physical environment or how an individual is raised?

It can be for many reasons. It can be an expression of feelings repressed, feelings not acknowledge by themselves or by outside important figures in this lifetime. Or because of previous actions this preference will engage them in the most pleasing situation in the physical plane in order to accomplish the experiences and lessons, and challenges for their developing soul. It is important to note that some are decided before they arrive, and others after by biological and mental and emotional development, or simply because they discern not the gender for love or sexual gratification but they only focus on where the greatest resonance is between themselves and another physical person or soul. Truly loving relationships depending nothing on specific genders and will be formed wherever the greatest resonance takes place, though again love is not always the goal, as sexual gratification is sometimes the goal. Understand that love is not ‘typical’ there are no set of normal circumstances in which it is engaged. The most fulfilling and loving relationships can be missed simply because there is a predisposition t love only taking place between a man and a woman. With love there does not have to be a sexual relationship. It is important to lose stereotypes, though the world must be populated, love can still be experienced by many beings and between many. On the spiritual plane, there are no genders, love is shared and expressed between all. There are no outward barriers or belief systems in place that prevent entities from loving each other being unconditionally.

What mental/spiritual/emotional motivation requires an individual to seek to humiliate others in the form of sadism for sexual gratification?

There are many reasons, some physical, some spiritual. It should be noted that some often experience this trauma and then it is perpetuated because once free from that relationship, now feel comfortable to dominate where they were once thee subject of such a relationship. It is about power and control, thought the person engaged as the dominant person in this act is often much more scared, easily humbled, and frightened than what their exterior beliefs may allow them to share. There is an uneasiness with feelings often being masked by this behavior. Though, as with many circumstances, this is not always the case and depending on the individual they may be here to help others experience that sort of behavior. There is no negativity in it and should not be shunned. If this behavior is not acceptable to you simply move from it. If you enjoy this behavior continue it. In either situation understand your motivations and beliefs concerning it as they are only true for you. Two people who enjoy this behavior will have very different reasons for it and very different outcomes and subtle underlying reasons for engaging in it. There is no universal answer since there are many factors that cause it in the physical world as well as those that are predetermined before your arrival. An absence can cause it, though gratification is gratification and their lifetime on this plane and others before it will factor into their state of arousal and what ultimately causes it, though there is no correct form of gratification since many beings are at different levels of progression and development and enjoy this activity. Though it should be considered that if it is positive and uplifting to both partners engaged in this act then it will be positive and uplifting. The degradation of one for the enjoyment of the other, without mutual gratification, should signal the need for change after a lesson is experienced. A change in thinking can be necessary if the circumstances surrounding it are not healthy. Many, many, many reasons. Love is often expressed in various ways depending on the understanding of the individual and the manner in which they were raised or from what lifetimes they have already experienced.

Raising the vibration is important and this is not done, necessarily, through sexual gratification but through the love that often accompanies or precedes it.

What mental/spiritual/emotional motivation requires an individual to seek to be humiliated by others in the form of masochism for sexual gratification?

Attention of some kind is always important. There is a sense of value placed on the individual and the attention they receive, no matter positive or negative, is important and valued by them. These individuals, or any who enjoy being dominated, often dominate others or themselves and enjoy letting go, being out of control, and giving control to others. Those who wish to be humiliated possibly enjoy it because of an absence of true attention in their life. Focusing on their faults may have been the subject of their childhood years or previous lifetimes on this plane. There are many circumstances that lead to certain behaviors though many progress beyond them into a more mental and spiritual degree of love that can be physical, but the focus is less on the physical gratification. This act is shared by love or for only sexual gratification. The motivations are many. There should be a focus on the underlying reasons, taking an emotional inventory. There is not always a need for change in the ways of a person, but evolving beyond physical gratification can be an important step for any individual to undertake simply because of the evolution of soul development that is taking or will take place. Control, the absence or presence of it is often the case for specific sexual pleasures.

Possession, helping others, coming change

From 2/24/11, some questions have been omitted.

What is taking place in the event that people call possession?

A wearing down of one’s own personal defense system. There are many things that can contribute to this. Mostly outside factors that a person brings to themselves by actions and endeavors that are less than admirable. There are things you can do to prevent this. There are many things on your plane which people claim to not understand but all is within their grasp to change or experience. There are many who experience possession by actions of themselves or by actions of others. There are only so may ways to experience it but there are only certain ways to rid one’s self of this experience. Positive thought, action, and energy must be applied and changes made to a person’s path, by their own accord, so that this possession by other forces or by the energy of low energy experiences or objects on your lifetime can be realized. There is much that can be done to tear a person down if they begin down this path and experience things that they believe they cannot handle because their defense system is weakened or down in some manner. Experiencing certain things in life wears one down and can make them more susceptible to outside influence than others and this can be possession. There is not a Hollywood version of this that is accurate. There are many in churches that believe that they can undo this. They can, but their rite is only strong because of their energy associated with it, not necessarily because they are of a certain belief system. There is nothing that can harm a person that you are not already able to stop or prevent. Right action will accompany and attract right energy and similar energy. If you are available and open to negative impressions from outside forces or entities this is what you will experience. There are no demons to cast out, only influence to be broken.

What information can you provide for mankind at this time?

There is a change and a shift coming. You have been reading this. Those who are wanting the freedom of mind and spirit will experience it soon. There is a great unlocking taking place of energy that will allow this to take place. It is important for soul development, there needs to be less focus on that which you cannot bring from lifetime to lifetime. There is a simple saying which has echoed throughout the ages and in many forms, but if you cannot take it with you why is it worth your time? There is no need for excessive personal affects when there is much more that is being neglected spiritually. Items do not bring happiness, happiness in action and thought brings happiness. There is much that can be learned by a life of simplicity, minimalism, and yes, even poverty. Stress can often be experienced by all of these items rather than bring happiness. Entertainment is received by their ownership but many times this is temporary or for the ego. True happiness comes from helping the neighbor, helping the family member, helping someone who, were it not for you, would not have been able to achieve something great, or something simple. The kindest action is not measured in the grandness that it might create, but from the motivation you used to help that person. You are able to create peace, please focus on things with lasting results. Think forwards instead of thinking right now.

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