Pet allergies

What causes allergies to pets and domestic animals? How can this be corrected?

Channeled message from my spirit guides:

Many allergies to pets are simply by design. The body needs not be perfect at all times. There are often no apparent reasons, for many of these situations it is not a matter of “his will,” it is a matter of your will. You are the being that chooses many of the tasks in this life. In the matter of pets and being allergic to their dander it is important to ask yourself what possibly could happen if you were to maintain a pet. Does it benefit you or the animal to live in such a way? The necessity to enshrine an animal being in such away so that you shower it with gifts and praise is an excellent method of expressing love but are you providing for that animal what it loves? What it needs? What it requires? These answers are not just a method of challenging your thoughts but addressing the point that you may not always know the answer and are not always able to think for another being simply because you feel you are in some way more advanced or more capable that it appears. Ask yourself, “Am I capable of treating this animal in such a way that it is able to express it’s energy and learn and grow while I am learning and growing at the same time?” It is important to know that all things left in the care of another will suffer at some point. This can be a borrowed jacket, a piece of furniture, a pet, another human being. Because the object or being is living at your mercy it must have all needs met by your will. When your will does not involve that being or object the object shall suffer. It is important to know that it is not always possible for you to address your needs if you are living the will of another.

True relationships that are mutually beneficial to all beings are those in which both objects or beings are able to grow and express with and without the company or interference of another. While it is not necessary to be alone it is necessary that you do not sacrifice your will for that of another, nor theirs. It is a careful balance. Do you want to do this?

Remember, in simple terms, you are not owning any being or object. You are not a being capable of owning anything physical. You may operate it, you may attempt to control it, but all beings have free will and are able to choose to not follow your path and are capable of living independently no matter how much force or training you inflict on it. The objects or beings in your care or possession may hold value to you and may create learning processes for you but they are not yours in the sense that is expressed in the physical. You do not keep something through all of eternity simply because it is your keep and you offered up money or trade for the object. The object or being is its own existence and its own responsibility. It may and is quite capable of providing lessons to you, so this should not be regarded as a warning that all effort is futile, no effort is futile, but there is no true ownership of beings, nor non-physical property. You are allowed to experience but you keep only what is your true being and what is contained within you.

Today’s message for those in the human existence


Message from my spirit guides:

This is not the end of your world. There is nothing so traumatic that it should cause you years of stress, anger, and rage. Those who shall kill in the name of a belief are those who are no less skilled in thought and morality than many say an animal, but this too is not true. The evolution of mankind will take place when it realizes that there is nothing to fear, when you stop searching outside your planet and maintain and acknowledge all in existence on this planet. Stop searching outside yourself, search within. Add more to you span of control with your current thought process is counterproductive to your true evolution. All is done with the self and with real intention and thought. Those who experience rage are indifferent to this but do not realize they cause themselves more conflict by not experiencing beyond their current view. All things are possible and it does not take a being outside of yourself to accomplish any of it. You are a being who can create an entire universe. It is possible for you to grow at all stages of life.

Living with nature, managing your lawn

Question and answer from my spirit guides:

What can be done to replace or better manage lawns so as to be less time consuming to maintain, the area put to better use, and the area allowed to be more natural?

This is an area of great concern for many. Though there are many without lawns, many who have nothing but dirt and filth and trash to clutter the areas where the live or work. It is important, as with all nature, to learn the natural mutually beneficial relationship between all forms and that which they can control in nature. It is not necessary to grind down the earth until it can no longer be plowed, so that it is no longer a nuisance. The earth is here for you to protect it, for you to grow from it, for you to reap what you are able and give back all that you can so that it can do the same for others after your lifetime. It is necessary to know that there is much useable land for various projects that are left to the time consuming but aesthetically pleasing to the human eye for lawns and grasses. These are not the true form of this land, but it is not overly important. For the work to be useful it should make an impact on the land in a way similar in how the land impacts itself. To poison and murder is not the same as the care placed in careful and considered growing techniques and practices. It is for you to understand that not everyone is in a position to do something different but they are in a position to be educated and come to this in their own time. You are not able to completely understand their point of view but it is important to take the time to share with them the understanding and importance of reaching the understanding. So many do not concern themselves with actions and thoughts beyond the tip of their nose. This is not negativity, this is not some type of scoundrel behavior, they are not aware. They can come to the realization of the earth around them, the relationships in which they engage, and an entire existence beyond what they currently see, but again, many may not for several lifetimes. In terms of lawn care, and maintenance, and maintaining the status quo, it should be known that you can completely change the status quo. Once the new order of nature has taken place, though it is truly the same nature that would have been seen had man not ripped from the soil that which was in the way, the Jones’ will follow. You should consider for yourself the importance in which any being changes their behavior. Is it important simply that they become more aware of their impact while in a human form or is it simply better to have them embrace a new fad or trend as a simple as any other form of group think. This is where many projects within humanity hinge. The ability to make it easy to accomplish for those who will not otherwise follow a new thinking or express their own ideas regarding it, and the ability to educate and allow the change to happen of their own free will, willingly, willingly they change. Not all is possible, but the subtle impact of a few will swell to outrageous numbers once any idea is begun, all that is needed is time. Your lawn consumes your time, the method in which it is cared for, in which any grass space is cared for could simply be left to natures devices. It is possible to live within an area, your living space cut from it and surrounding area for living, and the rest left for natural habitat or food production. Many things conducted for aesthetics are purely wasted time for some, others enjoy the total production of achieving something they believe to be worthwhile. There is not some deep and connected answer for why each being conducts themselves in the manner in which they do, it is their reasoning, their own methods. They should not be judged. There are other ways to view their behavior, methods in which you can lesson their impact, but do not judge those who do not change or grow in any area of life. Grass is always greener in oblivion, learning how to share that with those in your presence is important, it emphasizes the release of control, though it may present as shear laziness in other cases. Importance is in the nature of life itself and your interaction with it. It should not be feared, the only outcome you can control is that which is left for your free will to decide.

Today’s message

Message from my spirit guides:

What does humanity need to know today?

Humanity is but one of many species or life forms available or existing on this plane. There are many life forms you try to control but where we are concerning ourselves today is the existence of other forms, humanoid forms, not animals, other beings. Many of which will not communicate on a wide scale. The consideration is this, there are many considered animal life forms on your planet that have their own culture, their own communication, their own symbiotic relationship with the earth plane and planet, yet you do not work with them. You use them and oppress them, you do nothing but elect these form to be below you at all times. Your superiority is not measured by how well you kill these forms or kill one another.

Will mankind ever go the way of the dinosaurs?



Will there be a future time when mankind will become extinct, like the dinosaurs, on this planet?

There will be a time when this planet may no longer be the seat of human intensest and existence. What is more probably to occur through natural evolution on this plane is a return to the knowing of two bodies within your possession. Your physical body which is a temporary body, and your true self, which many would say is non-physical, a light being, nonphysical. It is important to know that this is a training ground in which you interact, potentially, with many other beings, so far, not many have done so. The point at which human life ceases to exist would mean that this training ground, in these forms, is no longer necessary. It would be important to say that if this were the case, there is much training to be done in other areas. There are others who need this place, there are others that you will not communicate readily with on this plane in this lifetime but many who do not cross communicate once you return to your true home. This place is only temporary. It is essentially a hologram. There are other beings here that are capable of transporting themselves in their one body between the two places, but these do not entirely act with you when you return home. There will be a time when a new kind of evolution takes place. There will be a time when even the least experienced soul is the most experienced and it will be a new time for new experiences. Each time man progresses in this physical place there become new changes and challenges as those wishing to learn here require new tools and methods to accomplish it. If there were a time of extinction completely there would be a new form. There will be times when the Earth is no the most hospital place to reside, there will be other planets, moons, and other locations that will be inhabited by the human form. A change of form is quite some time away and nearly immeasurable accurately by numbers and ideology. There are not many on your plane who can conceive this but it is more important for them, as they read this, to know that all things require change, change is the permanent thing. Conflict arises in the self and with others, in actions, in thinking, in focus when we do not realize that change is the only permanence. Permanent is not permanent, all things are temporary. When you cease to change and adapt you are essentially stopping your own education, your own development as a being. There was a time when there was not much experience on this plane and fewer experiences were had because beings were equipped in that way. It is less so now for beings to remain in one or two experiences in their entire life. Time by your clock is not picking up, your clock is not moving faster, but the rate at which knowledge is acquired is moving faster. It is not necessarily a short attention span that moves focus so quickly between subjects and study matter and interests. The ability to overcome or quickly become well-versed in a subjects is what many are here to do, to gain valuable insight in a quick time. That is no way to indicate that you must rush, but if you feel that you have moved through many different fads, phases, interests, or periods, it is most entirely true, simply because you have gained from those things what you needed. There may be an interest for you later in your years and possibly later in lifetimes but there is no need for many things to be dwelled upon or within for an entire lifetime. As with all things these are not concrete rules, you may have an interest or a hobby, or a way of thinking that continues through an entire life, many lifetimes, or is part of your true being. As with learning the sense and presence of constant change, so should the ability to critically discern be taken upon yourself. It is important to know that learning is taking place at all times, and learning about the self is taking places, failures are failures, not life ending abruptions, they are opportunities for change. For many, the thought of life ceasing on this planet is unbearable, but when you consider the purpose of this place, the purpose of your presence, the purpose of learning change and learning all of its experiences, there is nothing to fear. There will be greater experiences elsewhere. It is not important for you at this moment. The future now, and in the long-term, is a bright one. New challenges. New experiences. New forms to posses with your being and new forms to interact with in conversation, mentalism, communication. Touch. It is all for you. You can experience new forms and other communication with other beings or forms with your true being while still connected to your physical body. Understand change and you will understand the universe. It is not to be controlled, it is to be symbiotically understood and cohabited with in a mutually beneficial and educational experience.


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