Polio outbreak

What is the reason for the Polio outbreak that has been reported by the news? Is the news story accurate? Is it a legitimate concern?

There is much concern in your world for disease of any kind. There is always a desire by many to help, but there is also a desire by many to use any incident such as this to amplify the fear and use it to drive other actions as a means of controlling populations and driving money from one pocket to the next. In any epidemic there is fear but most of this is brought on by outside sources, meaning that you do not personally have fear, you are told to be afraid, often indirectly, but many are just as open to any emotion. They wait to feel any specific emotion or concern until they are told to feel that emotion. This does not mean that your associates or the television are saying, “it is time for you to feel XYZ about this event.” It is the repetitive nature of that which you introduce into your mind which allows your own feelings to become these outside feelings. You are experiencing them as your own because you have allowed your mind to be concentrated in these areas and you have become filled with this view so that it is now also yours. In this way there are many emotions, worries, fears, and other aspects that are amplified because a single source shares the message and more minds are snared by it, rather than considering the impact it may or many not have on their own life and the reality that it may, in no way, bear any weight in their personal life. It is important to consider all possibilities and no matter your source it is one view point or many view points, but there is always a differing viewpoint. The important matter is not for you to take any view point and establish it as your own. Only your perception will hold value for you. Only what you see and believe for yourself as accurate will carry true meaning for you.

In regards to Polio, yes, it is spreading but not at an alarming rate and not at a rate at which can be prevented. It is important to know that those who experience this will have had prior knowledge that this event would take place. It is a matter of experience and development that many will have gruesome experiences with this outbreak. It will be shared by many that an increased need for vaccinations of any kind are required, there will be many who suggest that it become law that many vaccines be received on a specific time line. There will be outcry over this, initially due to the cost associated with it. In many areas there is no system to implement widespread medical care, nor vaccines. Many will be concerned because there are governments which have no interest in sharing the cost or covering entirely the cost of healthcare but now wish to make it law that you receive medications as a prevention at your expense, later they will attempt to cover this cost, first it will be voluntary. Many will need to fight this because it can be a problem later for many.

Most vaccines do not harm the body in the sens that it tears down your physical nature. It is the harm that there is anything entering the system at all that is not created with the intent to uplift or uphold the human being. This is very much a contrary statement, opposite to the nature of what a vaccine is and what it is given for, but understand that simply because you want to be healthy does not mean that others want you to be healthy. Simply because you are a good person does not mean that others are good people. There is much more at stake than simply the freedom to refuse. There are greater lessons at work, you should consider very carefully what it is you would like to do and for what reason you would like to refuse. Do not simply do anything in your life because others are doing it, arrive at your own conclusions.

Your fears are not going to subside until you power on your mind and use it to distinguish between the various levels of deception, not on a conspiracy everyday, but even in the manner in which you inhale the air and if it is necessary for you to continue to inhale the substances that you do. So many understand that it is not merely a matter of growing a tree, but it is necessary for them to understand that it matters very much what type of tree gets planted.

The vaccines in question, any vaccine. These are not requirements for sustaining life of any kind on this planet. There is no vaccine necessary. Many attempt to intervene in life and many will still fall ill and succumb to many diseases no matter what preventive measures are taken. It is not a matter of protecting the physical by physical means. If it is to happen it will come to pass. If you wish to protect yourself, use your nutrition to protect your physical, not quick actions which carry no weight. Use the strength of your mind to protect your body. Release that which is not for you and engage fully in that which brings to the surface your true being. Do not live in fear. We repeat these messages often because they are the root of many questions and answers and social arrangements in your world. We are after the same knowledge that you seek on a daily basis. We wish to help you grow, growing does not mean living the life of another, taking on the emotions of another. The tree may use the nutrients of previous trees in much the same way that you may consider the generations before you, but like the tree, what you create will be unique only to you.

Seeing Jesus during near death experiences

There have been many who have had near-death-experiences and relate seeing the image of or communicating with the being known as Jesus. Is this being Jesus or is it some other being or form?

Jesus is not presently a being that you can readily relate to in any way. There are many who worship him and expect him to come to their aid but this is simply not possible. This does not mean that there is no aid, no one listening, no help or guidance, it is simply not the being you believe it to be. In many cases there are similar looking presentations for various beings for those who are in a physical form and cling wholeheartedly to the image and idea of Jesus. We do not at all discount or discredit the work of Jesus, many of the stories shared in bibles are accurate in their entirety, partially, and many others were ignored or dismissed over the years. It is simply a manner of crossing over and seeing what is most comfortable to you.

You question these things because there are children adding to the claims of seeing Jesus. There are images that are shared and this is simply the universally accepted image because it is the true physical representation of Jesus on the Earth plane but it is not Jesus as the being. If you were to truly to experience another being on the plane of your true existence they would not necessary, and in most cases, not at all, appear to be a being in the physical form that you are used to seeing because of living a life in a human form.

As with death, as with all things, there are no universal truths that are true at all times for all people, a truth can be simultaneously true and untrue. While it is not possible to communicate directly with Jesus it is possible to communicate, for many, with Jesus. These communications are currently based on the life and teachings of Jesus and are related by a being who takes the physical form of Jesus. It is not important that a specific being is aiding you. What is more important and what can offer more assistance to you in the future is the understanding that this being you are seeking aid from is more often your self, your true self, this is the being that can help you the most. We do not mean this in an abstract way in which you are viewing yourself in some type of mirror, you are currently, if you are reading this, in a physical body. You will not see yourself unless you leave your physical body and even then you are not viewing yourself, you are only able to view a physical body, which you have inhabited along with many others before.

Many will see what is comfortable. Many should see that there is a group of beings willing to help and assist you at all times. No matter your current state, you are never alone. Many religions and many belief systems will have different names for these beings, many can call them angels or guides or animals, but what you see is what is more comfortable to you to allow the message to be the most receptive that it can be. We understand that for many it will be and has been a shock to learn about these things and to experience them. We would not send a form and none would visit you that would cause you to mistrust the message. What is more important is the message, not the vessel that brings it, but often it is the image or the vessel that causes mistrust or doubt.

You are not seeing Jesus. Jesus is not able to assist you. There are many who work from his teachings to help you on the physical plane.

Clean water


Is there a simple method for ocean water desalination? Is there a simple method to make any water safe, clean, and potable?

The reason for your drinking water problem is that no one cares much for the way in which products are created or produced for consumption. Even the rain water for watering crops and cleaning, there is no much concern for these things so long as they are produced and continue to be produced for mass consumption. It is the fact that so many believe that there is a never-ending supply which causes the problem. So many are unaware of the effort that is taken to produce clean water and that clean water is not clean in areas with clean water, and there are areas in which there are no industrialized or commercial means to obtain water.

There is not a rant or tangent which we want to undertake to drag people to the conclusion that we are overly concerned with the Earth and nature, these things will survive no matter your input, but for your time here they can produce beneficially or be a hazard and detriment as you see it. You willingly pollute your own drinking water, but many do not see it this way. You create runoff which you care not where it ends up and many are unaware of where it ends up. That it “ends up” anywhere is a terrible impact. Chemicals are intentionally and accidentally allowed into the ground, inter rivers, lakes, streams, sanitary water supplies for cities are impact by these practices. The water that would have been potable by much simpler means cannot now be processed without further detriment to the beings that consume it.

It is important to say that not all beings care for certain areas of life but the beings that do have concern show take physical action to remedy it. So many allow beings who do not truly have concern, they allow these beings to be in charge, in control, wield power over things which they do not truly care for, meanwhile those who do care, and those who would follow another path are sitting in their living rooms offering complaints or suggestions, or passively go with the standard of society, while offering up criticism to no one in a position who has authority to change the practices. There are many who are full of good intentions but they make no effort to persuade others. While it is not necessary for you to do or not do anything it is important that you realize that finding a solution for yourself is not the only possibility, finding a solution for a greater number than one is beneficial to all beings on many levels. Offering education, making it available, it is important. Dragging beings to the tale to receive an education is not important and should not be the focus. Stop polluting your water and you will have an easier time cleaning it, you will have true water, rather than a method for carrying inactive chemicals which have only been made neutral by other chemicals added to your water for safety.

Desalination is not an easy process nor will the entire water supply of the world ever change fully to pure drinking water free from that which would harm you now if you ingested it in great supply. The method now that is best for all includes filters and a method of boiling. Adding any chemical to the water to make it clean is not a method of clearing. You are additionally polluting that which is already dirty. Eliminating process which involve polluting your current supply will make water reclamation easier in the future. It will take a great deal of time to see the benefits since nature must first undo what has been done before it can do what is normally done. Make improvements and take actions to include in your water supply, water drainage, downspouts, sink drains, sewer and storm drains only water. Only water should enter these areas. Water does not need the extra work of hauling contaminants which should have never been created in the first place. This is true not simply for obvious pollutants but for excess food, excess is waste, water and the current cleaning process should not be further taxed by placing food scraps down the sink drain. Soaps and other materials, excess drugs, should not be included in any system which drinking water is processed.

The realization for many that all water is recycles in a stringent process may be absurd, but that which you send from your home will one day return. It is important to understand the impact and implications of the actions you take today and the waste you crate today. Take time to lessen the waste you create and the methods by which you seek to reduce the time it takes to complete a task. There is so much more you can do when you are not only concerned with creating more free time. Your free time only becomes filled with other plans and objects that do not fulfill you.


Channeled message regarding HIV in Africa

What is the purpose of so much HIV in Africa?

There is a need for the entities who reside there to experience much of the energy that is taking place. There is a need for others to learn how to help others. There is tribal warfare and other interactions taking place which need to be placed secondary to human existence on a much larger scale. The need for peace is not a mission simply to have for the sake of selling books and newspapers and making others feel good about their work or missions there. The added benefits, the overarching goal of peace and the way in which it carries over and spills out into other actions, this is the purpose. There are many who have never known hunger, these beings now reside in very opposite circumstances than to what they were accustomed to in past lives, but this is by their choosing and for their benefit.

It is not for the judgment of anyone that this epidemic has taken place in this region. There are many from the same soul being group who have been brought into this area and it is necessary for the progress and growth and understanding of the group that it exists here. Know that this is not universal truth regarding HIV/AIDS, there is not the same reasoning in every instance but the turmoil found here is the regions method for expanding and developing. Expressing energy that needs to be released is the method by which the violence is brought about. There will be greater motivations for alternative means as the current infants develop into adulthood.

Civilization as we now know it will not survive in its current state in this region, by far, the most tragic events have yet to pass. They will move and grow beyond them, but the worst is yet to come for those in the area.

This region is not a battle for all world fronts to interfere, as with all areas of development, any method of peace by force will not allow peace to prevail for any considerable amount of time. Eliminating what is seen as a negative energy or entity will not prevent its existence in the future if it is not experienced now as it should be. There are many who wish to help in this area, and there should be none who should be prevented from assisting, but consider the mans by which you aid. Are your methods personally driven? Are your means and methods supportive of all who reside their no matter their views? Are you attempting to change those who reside there? While there are no correct or incorrect answers it is very important that you realize, in all aspects of life, not every battle will directly impact you, and if you involve yourself you should not expect change to occur by what you feel is correct. What is correct for you in your life is not necessarily correct for all. This does not make anything false simply because it is different, but know that your universe and perception of it is not the same as others you encounter.

Where shall the children go? This is the question, , often the concern is how the children will be raised in this area. The concern is not to be discounted because of the area but consider for a moment your concerns and ponder internally if your concerns for your own children, or the children in your country, if these concerns are legitimate or if they are simply concerns because you have nothing more tragic or seemingly detrimental to fear because you live in a less violent area. Wondering to yourself is not a sign that you are crazy, introspection is important. It is important to carry out this personal investigation before carrying forward, charging forward, into a new realm with an outside idea. This does not mean that we are telling you to keep your ideas to yourself because they involve another region. We are not saying this in the least bit, but consider carefully what it is that you are concerned for, careful evaluation, do not have a quick reaction simply because “something must be done.”

Wondering to yourself about any event or action is important. There are no right or wrong decisions, only cause and effect, often the regret you have about a decision can be lessened when you follow your true path, not one that has been decided for you by others, and it can be lessened when you have carefully considered to not intervene. It is not important to share always your idea, it is not important to always conceal your idea. Be patient with the world, be patient with your self.

Offer help but do so unconditionally. Do not offer help with restriction. Do not offer help on the condition that anyone change their behavior. This can be seen in battles where medical aid is offered to the opposing forces troops. While this is a very basic metaphor and some instances this did not happen, or it happened to a greater degree, it is important to decide to act in this manner. But, simply because you are changing your mind, or carrying out this act, it does not prove long-term success if you do not internally agree with the action. Just as peace by forceful means will not truly create peace. Often the greatest change comes in death or by the absence of a being in a region due to death. This is a very real and true possibility and should not be discounted because, for many, it is the only way true change will come.

“Peace for all time is not a flowery garden in which a select group of humans wish to reside in their minds simply because the world is too harsh . They are idealists who are able to create peace within themselves, others can follow this. As the greater number of people can impact the individual, so can the individual impact a greater number of people. I do not feel that there is any loss simply because there is less hate in the world within an individual” – Constantine. What is meant by this, is that there are many groups ho wish for peace but want conditional peace or peace only for their kind. They wish for peace but also aim to do harm to others who oppose their views. Peace for all time is a realization that all methods and means are of importance and all life is valuable, not simply those who share your world views. There are as many opinions on the living of life as there are grains of sand, blades of grass, and drops of water in the ocean. It is not a decision by the few or many to control a party of the opposing side or of the opposing size. It is important to understand that there is no meed for control Many will grow beyond this and at a point in your civilization there will be an inverse within the community. If you shall describe this now as few carrying about amicability, and many being self-centered, soon there will be few who are worried about the self and property and many worried about the manner in which a greater good for the self and the group can be accomplished. Soon the realization within more beings will come to pass that there are not many long-term possessions or ideals that are held here. Nothing which can be held in the physical world is something that passes with you throughout time. Often it is these things, the money, property, control, these things are only temporary, but they are what drive beings to carry out specific actions in an attempt to gain more of it or them.

Mashing all beings together in a world is the greatest method of teaching team work. There is so much isolation. Isolation by country, language, color, race, hair color, religion, economy. You do not need to stand in lines hugging one another all day but it is important to know that lines drawn on a map and other arbitrary factors do not impart wisdom to those around you. It is not more in the creator’s good grace to help only those within your fair city or your block, or within your group of friends because you were all the same and segregated within your tiny little world. This is not to say that you must branch out, but isolation because there are differing factors of existence, this simply must go. You must, as a people, learn to contribute to many areas of life for your own benefit and contributing to the life of another’s world for peace in your own life.

The mechanized nature of society will change. This is not to say that industry will go back in time and there will be horses instead of your current method of travel, but there will be changes in which the focus of industry is less on making profit for the sake of profit, and more about creating useful items and practices for the benefit of many who can use them. Profiting from villages who do not have clean water is not a plan that anyone should be formulating in the present. The manner in which the clean water is delivered and the waste carried away is a concern for us all. Survival is important, but it is not always required and not always necessary that all survive in the same way.

Will the dollar fail and cause chaos?

Will the US dollar stop being the reserve currency for the world in the very near future and will that trigger riots/chaos in the US? Would Marshal Law be declared?

There are many schemes devised for the disruption and the continuity of daily life in the united States. It is important to say that the dollar is not the strongest currency in terms of reliability and economic production. There is a great deception to perpetuate the myth to the American people, and even those that report on it, that it is the strongest and most reliable currency. There is a method for calculating the structure of industry and its reliability within each economic area. These means and methods to not rely on currency and are more substantial and more accurate in determining the stronger government, stronger economy, stronger production, and the long-term sustainability of a value. Know that in your currency there are many who are going to devalue the dollar by other means and actions. It will not be their intent, but the profit margin within their companies is more important to them. There will be more devaluing and therefore the dollar will eventually become worthless. What is also taking place on this same time line is that others are realizing that this is not a true method for determining value and it distracts us all form the true meaning and effort associated with each product. The economy is often an arbitrary and abstract thought for many. It is simply the relation of your dollar and what it is able to purchase for you at the market once you have produced some amount of work in order to obtain the dollar. There will be a time when Marshall Law is declared but this is not a widespread problem, this will be very isolated and conducted with the segregation of the media. This is more difficult to do today since there are so many outlets for media and methods for communication between people in various regions. Yes, it was done previously that there would intentionally be no reporting on a subject simply because no information was given or because instructions were given to not broadcast on a topic. Ever more is the media relying on the government for information, they do not wish to gather problems in their future by not complying. There are deeper interests than what is being reported and not reported.

You will not experience this in your lifetime but there will be a degradation of society just as many have seen in science-fiction movies of Hollywood. This is not a negative impact on culture and society, but so much of what you do is a facade and has you so removed form the very nature of the world, that it will happen simply because there is not enough in terms of tent poles to keep the tent up which was built on a solid foundation but is now controlled for ludicrous means.

The method of buying and selling and using the dollar will become less important for many. Just as the rule of law has become unnecessary and in many cases the government even being supportive of the people, it will be less about global monetary value in the very near future.

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