Feeling emotions and energy from others

What is the purpose of feeling the mood or emotions in a room or being? How can you protect yourself and use this gift at the same time?

There is no purpose of any particular sort in therms of sense. And this is how you must see these areas of yourself. You do not ask the purpose of eyes and vision, you do not ask the purpose of feeling and the sensation in your fingertips, you do not ask the purpose of smell. We do not mean to impress upon you that you should be asking those things but any sense termed extrasensory is not extra. It is not something beyond your being that you are experiencing. What you may receive with these sense may come from beyond you, but the methods by which you acquire this information are no different than using your physical eyes to look around you or the sensation of taste, smell, and so on.

It is true that there are varying degrees of ability. Many will have some sort of ability that is either acquired and inborn prior to your arrival here or you acquire it while you are here. There are many who will seem to have less ability, but be sure to not mistake lack of interest for lack of ability. All can experience these extra sense and use them, but just as eye sight may be more keen so can the ability to create a channel or receive the energy from the room.

View these things as not items that should be blocked but another means of experiencing your environment. You do not block bad taste on your tongue, you simply do not engage in that behavior. Do do not ban all burning materials or hot items from your environment, you simply do not place your hands into or on them. This is important to learn, you do not need to block your ability, you need to understand with greater zest what you are receiving and how to remove it or remove yourself from the situation. You are receiving this information for a specific reason much in the same way that you receive the sensation of hot and cold. You will stop receiving information that an item or environment is too hot or tool cold when you remedy the cause. In this way you do not seek to turn off your hands and their ability, you are simply responding to the information. You should also respond this way to information that you receive. Many teach that you should turn off various aspects of these sensations, but do you also wish to turn off the sensation of smell at various times? The sensation and information received by touch? We do not mean, of course, that by doing so you are only going to miss potentially dangerous situations, but sensations of touch, such as your hands in cool water, your fingers touching blades of grass, these are just as important.

Where you may feel uncomfortable in a room or drained, possibly you can describe these as the ability to detect a fire with your senses. You are experiencing the anger, or discomfort, or possible danger and should respond to this information. How you respond is entirely up to you and the situation. There are many who will leave and many who wish to confront this energy, or the source of the feeling or emotion head on. In this way you may also feel other, more subtle, sensations, and these too should you interpret and respond to. Also know that physical and extrasensory methods of information reception can also simply be received, it is not always necessary to react, you can simply file this information away to be stored.

There is not universal answer. If you wish to ignore this information you may do so. If you wish to turn off this information you may do so. There is no switch, but just as muscles will fade with lack of use, so will the ability to sense by other means when it is not used. These are your natural senses, it is because they have been ignored in various stages of development in this life and others than you do not easily use them now. You can grow and develop them, consider if you are being shown this ability for a greater purpose, but also know that you can ignore it completely.

It is for your benefit, for the reception of information regarding the world around you on all levels.

What gives physical its shape? Can it be destroyed or taken apart?

If all things are energy, what keeps the energy in place? Why does it keep it’s shape? Can this bond be broken? Can it be broken in the same way in all matter? Can you use the ability of your mind to break the bond or must it always be done by physical means?

There are many aspects of physical matter which are not understood by science on your plane at this time. It is important to understand that there is a basic structure for many things but to create the unique tree or landscape, or living being, there is the unique characteristics of environment and that which feels its space. These things lead to every blade of grass being unique, every apple tree looking different, and every being existing as a completely unique and different individual from the last. It is important to understand that there are no matters which cannot be undone, and in most cases, very simply. All matter is energy but it takes additional energy to break it. It is not merely the existence of energy which allows it to bind, and of course, this too takes additional energy. It is important to understand that your mind also constructs much of your reality, not simply the perception of it, but the rate and in what way specific items will appear. You an create something physical with your hands but you can also bring into being matter in a particular shape or form using only your mind. It is necessary that you understand that it is more easy to attempt and achieve this in your true body because this is an every day occurrence when you are not living in the physical world. Where you think and where to direct your mind is where you will go. What you wish to create will be created. Where you wish to travel you will travel.

The importance of many things is the mind in relation to matter. It is not simply the ability to change or create matter into new forms, but understanding that the mind can do these things in an instant and it is therefore extremely important that you do not tread lightly in this area. These are not simply hobby games that you are entertaining yourself with, it is a matter of your will but the direction and motivation of that will onto previously constructed energy.

All things, in the very pure and basic essence, are held together or created from what you will call DNA. You can understand that each thing, a rock, a plant, each has input from the outside world but each also has a basic plan and structure for create. Much like your computer programs for writing reports and essays. The program serves as the blue print and each document is made unique by the input of the user. Each tree is unique because of the input of the environment and other factors and conditions.

It is important to know that there are many things that can release the energy from its form and there are few which will be shared, at this time it is a dangerous subject due to the nature of many men and women on your planet who seek vengeance on their neighbor, neighboring countries, or races of people for irrelevant means. While their motivations are not truly irrelevant, the ability to impact many more who are not necessarily needing the experience is compounded when other means of changing matter and energy are released.

There are non-material, ways to do this. We say material to focus your mind on the fact that it is your mind, you do not need to break a bored with your hands, you can do so with the effort and energy of your mind. You are expecting all energy to evaporate to its smallest portion. This, yes, is possible. To tap the essence of the object or being at its core and decentralize its workings and reduce it to nothing but pure energy, however, if you are supposed to be here in 14 years time for some other event how can we release this information to you if it would allow another being to release your non-physical body back into the world and eliminate completely your body? You will not find the answers in all the places you seek, nor will you always search and find the answer at all. It is important to understand that things are held together in place by an efficient structure which can be undone.

These things, the undoing of matter, this has all been done before. Not simply using fire to destroy material or create new. There have been complete undoings of matter to create a new human form and other “destructions” which created new. It is important to know that there were methods for tapping an object and removing it’s physical structure, and in a period of time the object would lose its structure completely and all energy that was once the object would dissimilate. You can understand these things and you can understand why it cannot happen now. There will be a time when a few can demonstrate this skill but it will not be widely available as a skill for many.

You can tap the root of each object, at it’s very core, and with the creation ability within you, remove from existence in the very same way you bring into being everything which is in existence. It is not the scientific answer you were seeking but it is the scientific answer that we will share with you at this time. We know that many would not destroy for “fun,” but you must understand that there are many who kill for fun. While their killing may have been the plan it is not rampant because of other balances on your plane, this is true for the destabilization of energy in the form of physical objects.

You will see much greater and more intense fetes performed on your plane. You are in a rush for these things but there must be a duality of energy created. We do not create dark without light. When light was created it was also necessary to create dark. Patience.

Purpose of mediums and psychics

What is the benefit to the world having mediums and psychics bringing the knowledge of other planes and beings into this physical plane? If we are here to learn why not leave us completely in the dark?

You are not alone. You are never alone. You are not here as a punishment. When one succeeds we all succeed. When when grows we all grow. This is true for you, this is true for your neighbor, this is true for beings who will never experience the physical plane and this is true for beings who will one day experience the physical world. It is important to understand that we do not roll the dice and see what happens to or for you. We are not giving you a test for which you do not have resources to locate the answers. It is not a means of torture or some horribly devised method of existence that you are here. You take a test after a lecture, after a semester of study, after a teacher has helped you along the way, there was a resource, there was a book, there were places to seek additional information, the teacher shared information with you and also showed you methods of learning. No matter the case it is up to you to learn, and you may not even be interested in the material, you will learn something, you will learn nothing, you will create new ways of learning. You do not necessarily have an audience but much of what you will do will be reviewed for learning purposes. You can hear it now on telephone calls for customer service, “your call may be monitored.” This is true, in the moment, and after the moment.

You do not simply put a fish in a bowl and never interact with it again. We do not mean to say that you are fish trapped in a bowl, nor are you pets with which we interact so that we can pass the time. You are not alone, you have resources, you have lessons which appear, reappear, disappear, and the method in which you engage or disengage is purely for your development and growth, but just as you do, so do others. You are not disconnected from the non-physical plane, nor are you disconnected from the other beings on either side of that veil. We are all one in the same, unique and not unique.

Often times we hope the best for you but even certain trees need gentle guidance to become the strong and tall lifeforms that they are. It is necessary for you to understand that you are independent, you have not lost your independence by gaining this knowledge, but you do have those with you who want nothing more than the best and will see you and be with you and aid you when you need it most, all the way to the finish line. Do not be scared that you are somehow one insignificant drop of water in the ocean. No drops of water are insignificant and each being has the wealth of the ocean and the entire universe within them!

Higher education and learning

In regards to learning and higher education, is this the best way for humans to learn? If not, what can be improved? How should learning take place?

The true learning does not take place in a classroom. So many of your current classrooms fail to produce anything beyond the emphasis of memorization and recalling simply to produce test results. There is not much gained simply by memorization of facts. There should be the permission to study what the being finds useful, what the being is called to , what the being finds interesting. There is nothing more than sheet of paper being churned out by various institutions in order that you become more civilized and easily assimilated into the work force.

Understand, not all areas of study are in a deliberate way leading you to a vast summation of nothingness. It is important that a doctor, your medical doctors, be well-versed in the human body so that they too become well trained and practiced in their methods. You do not want a return to barbaric practices simply because someone has said your school system is not worth the effort.

The problem with all forms of study is that there is no emphasis on how to think , on how to bring in new ideas. All ideas are learned, you learn what has been done previously, you learn to follow rules and regulations, and you learn to simply continue what has been done. There is no emphasis on how to bring new ideas into being. There is so much time between the inception of an idea and the manner in which it can be finally implemented in society because of so many clinging to the ways that have come before them.

Your institutions are placing their emphasis on the production of test scores. All institutions. There are many that have connections for higher job placement, but it is what you are learning to do, learning to be placed within a job, no matter if you are the leader in that job, or connected to some high level of society, or you are a person thought to be in a lower form of work, you are being prepared for jobs. The ones who are less successful in jobs is often not because they aren’t trying, but they are not interested. There is no complete route, as it would seem, that is readily available to those who do not wish to pursue the current establishment in terms of advancing a paper certification for the attainment of a job in the work force.

Those who fight and resist learning are simply not ready to learn by the ways and means currently offered, and that is the problem, there is no alternative for many beings, there is no alternative, nor are they aware of an alternative. Parents and guardians currently send their children to the buildings that they attended simply because they believe they must do what was done before them.

It is quite possible for a being to learn all that is needed in order to live an happy and productive life, and after a specified time, they could attend a school of structured learning if they wished to pursue a more technical and advanced area. Even more widely stated and easily understood is that all things can be gained by your surroundings, too much there is knowledge regarded as power and those with the knowledge to not have the kind nature to share with those who wish to learn. It is easier to place that concern in the hands of others. It is possible for you to learn what is necessary in life and then to attend a study and practice center to show you the skills and lessons needed to enhance your life or to be productive sin some manner or form. It would suffice to say that you could attend these areas when you are not present in the mind and ready to learn at the time the structure was given, or if there simply were no methods for you to learn.

When education is allowed to develop in the individual, at the individual’s pace, in the areas the individual wishes them to take place, this is when there is a success. A basic understanding of the world is helpful, but it should be noted that the basic understanding of the world is often not taught by schools, it is taught by interaction and studying the world. What is taught is how to interact within society and in what manner you should be thinking. This provides no alternative to other practices. You are taught how to play by the rules, you are not taught the true nature, which is that laws that exist in nature are true, all others were created by man and will not provide you with the building blocks you need. Man made laws are temporary. There is no law created by man that will stand the test of time. Laws great and small are this way, one day murder is legal, the next day murder is illegal, the next day is is legal in certain circumstances or by certain authorities.

You are not taught these things in a learning environment. You are taught about events but not the true nature of events. We do not mean to say that reality is being shielded from you but only that there is not a deeper understanding o the events that took place. So much is removed from the situation to be stuffed into books to be later passed on to those who could care less, this is not a proper method of education. Study what you love, and what you desire, not simply what you wish to have added to your stack of papers so that you can be fulfilled in some other way. When the knowledge is gained that you truly desire and that which will benefit you and others, the appear will not be important. This is true as you learn about the world or learn medical practice, or some other technology. Anything you want to learn is at your fingertips but all learning takes place in the mind.

There is no universal method for teaching and learning, and as with most areas, this is where the conflict comes into being. There are widespread practices being carried out that only a few benefit from. The progress that hey can see is arbitrary, the grading method is not concrete, all is left to interpretation. What you need is for your mind to be open and to study as you will . This does not mean that you cannot benefit from such higher education and learning, but often those who have problems are simply not meant for this system, and because there is only one widespread system, there will always be problems and complications. You can go beyond school, you can learn because you desire to, not simply because you are being made to so that you can be successful by some long-term means. It is important to understand for yourself what it means to be successful.

Success in study does not mean that you have to sit for hours at a time memorizing facts. For some, this is necessary, for others it will not be. Do not be ashamed if you do not fit the criteria that is currently set forth. You will find your path and you will find your way. This is not simply an excuse for you to abandon all hope of education or that you should not learn. Simply, you should be willing to learn and understand a great deal but less emphasis should be placed on learning in the manner in which it is currently conducted or forced. True education comes when the mind is willing, and many know feel that once their higher education is complete, that they simply never need to open their mind again. This is also untrue. It is important, that until you leave our physical existence permanently, and even beyond, your true purpose, your universal purpose at all times, is to learn, grow, acquire knowledge, have new experiences, not cling to a repetitious patter for all of your days.

Evolve, learn from history


Today’s channeled message from my spirit guides:

We are not alone in our worry for you. It is important to once again speak on behalf of many beings. There is constant effort to brig the human beings into huber stages of development. While many have been reaching, with greater success, the higher planes, there is a great many who have yet to evolve beyond death and violence. It is possible, in any lifetime, to grow beyond your scheduled potential. It is time to take control of your evolution and seek higher wisdom and higher organization. No matter what you seek in this world it will continue to grow and continue to amaze the most brilliant minds among you, but without the full effort of everyone involved reaching for a higher objective, he destiny that shall manifest will be slow to show itself. It is important to understand that there are other beings on this plane, in your planet, in your planetary system, and beyond. The energy which you send out from your planet, the energy that many ignore and will not acknowledge its existence, you are damaging many other areas. This energy can be felt beyond what you can currently see with your current science. You will not grow until the human beings in existence exude a higher form of communication and process while having the experience of this life time.

You should make every attempt to pick and choose battles, but even this phrase means that there is some battle worth fighting for. Many causes are lost or are only sought for a few. The battles that should have been fought or should not have been fought have already take place. There is not enough education and focus placed on the history of the world. Segments of your history are briefly mentioned within learning institutions but nothing that speaks on behalf of the individuals is ever mentioned.

In war, heroes and victors are declared but a toll is taken on both sides. It may be quite sometime before this is experienced by any warri but it will be felt, in this lifetime or the next. The impact of war, beyond the superficial medals and the death toll should be shared. Your books often teach of events, not of learning what drove humans to the argument, to the fight, to the killing. No human benefits from learning a generic timeline which does not afford some offering of human experience. Currently, learning is focused purely on the physical, others see the superficial reward but not the non-physical impact on any party.

Record the story as those tell it once they have understood the ramifications of their actions. Do not stop to feed the ego along the way, do not continue to feed he ego, it will continue to be a burden if you do so.

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