Seeing Jesus during near death experiences

There have been many who have had near-death-experiences and relate seeing the image of or communicating with the being known as Jesus. Is this being Jesus or is it some other being or form?

Jesus is not presently a being that you can readily relate to in any way. There are many who worship him and expect him to come to their aid but this is simply not possible. This does not mean that there is no aid, no one listening, no help or guidance, it is simply not the being you believe it to be. In many cases there are similar looking presentations for various beings for those who are in a physical form and cling wholeheartedly to the image and idea of Jesus. We do not at all discount or discredit the work of Jesus, many of the stories shared in bibles are accurate in their entirety, partially, and many others were ignored or dismissed over the years. It is simply a manner of crossing over and seeing what is most comfortable to you.

You question these things because there are children adding to the claims of seeing Jesus. There are images that are shared and this is simply the universally accepted image because it is the true physical representation of Jesus on the Earth plane but it is not Jesus as the being. If you were to truly to experience another being on the plane of your true existence they would not necessary, and in most cases, not at all, appear to be a being in the physical form that you are used to seeing because of living a life in a human form.

As with death, as with all things, there are no universal truths that are true at all times for all people, a truth can be simultaneously true and untrue. While it is not possible to communicate directly with Jesus it is possible to communicate, for many, with Jesus. These communications are currently based on the life and teachings of Jesus and are related by a being who takes the physical form of Jesus. It is not important that a specific being is aiding you. What is more important and what can offer more assistance to you in the future is the understanding that this being you are seeking aid from is more often your self, your true self, this is the being that can help you the most. We do not mean this in an abstract way in which you are viewing yourself in some type of mirror, you are currently, if you are reading this, in a physical body. You will not see yourself unless you leave your physical body and even then you are not viewing yourself, you are only able to view a physical body, which you have inhabited along with many others before.

Many will see what is comfortable. Many should see that there is a group of beings willing to help and assist you at all times. No matter your current state, you are never alone. Many religions and many belief systems will have different names for these beings, many can call them angels or guides or animals, but what you see is what is more comfortable to you to allow the message to be the most receptive that it can be. We understand that for many it will be and has been a shock to learn about these things and to experience them. We would not send a form and none would visit you that would cause you to mistrust the message. What is more important is the message, not the vessel that brings it, but often it is the image or the vessel that causes mistrust or doubt.

You are not seeing Jesus. Jesus is not able to assist you. There are many who work from his teachings to help you on the physical plane.

Higher education and learning

In regards to learning and higher education, is this the best way for humans to learn? If not, what can be improved? How should learning take place?

The true learning does not take place in a classroom. So many of your current classrooms fail to produce anything beyond the emphasis of memorization and recalling simply to produce test results. There is not much gained simply by memorization of facts. There should be the permission to study what the being finds useful, what the being is called to , what the being finds interesting. There is nothing more than sheet of paper being churned out by various institutions in order that you become more civilized and easily assimilated into the work force.

Understand, not all areas of study are in a deliberate way leading you to a vast summation of nothingness. It is important that a doctor, your medical doctors, be well-versed in the human body so that they too become well trained and practiced in their methods. You do not want a return to barbaric practices simply because someone has said your school system is not worth the effort.

The problem with all forms of study is that there is no emphasis on how to think , on how to bring in new ideas. All ideas are learned, you learn what has been done previously, you learn to follow rules and regulations, and you learn to simply continue what has been done. There is no emphasis on how to bring new ideas into being. There is so much time between the inception of an idea and the manner in which it can be finally implemented in society because of so many clinging to the ways that have come before them.

Your institutions are placing their emphasis on the production of test scores. All institutions. There are many that have connections for higher job placement, but it is what you are learning to do, learning to be placed within a job, no matter if you are the leader in that job, or connected to some high level of society, or you are a person thought to be in a lower form of work, you are being prepared for jobs. The ones who are less successful in jobs is often not because they aren’t trying, but they are not interested. There is no complete route, as it would seem, that is readily available to those who do not wish to pursue the current establishment in terms of advancing a paper certification for the attainment of a job in the work force.

Those who fight and resist learning are simply not ready to learn by the ways and means currently offered, and that is the problem, there is no alternative for many beings, there is no alternative, nor are they aware of an alternative. Parents and guardians currently send their children to the buildings that they attended simply because they believe they must do what was done before them.

It is quite possible for a being to learn all that is needed in order to live an happy and productive life, and after a specified time, they could attend a school of structured learning if they wished to pursue a more technical and advanced area. Even more widely stated and easily understood is that all things can be gained by your surroundings, too much there is knowledge regarded as power and those with the knowledge to not have the kind nature to share with those who wish to learn. It is easier to place that concern in the hands of others. It is possible for you to learn what is necessary in life and then to attend a study and practice center to show you the skills and lessons needed to enhance your life or to be productive sin some manner or form. It would suffice to say that you could attend these areas when you are not present in the mind and ready to learn at the time the structure was given, or if there simply were no methods for you to learn.

When education is allowed to develop in the individual, at the individual’s pace, in the areas the individual wishes them to take place, this is when there is a success. A basic understanding of the world is helpful, but it should be noted that the basic understanding of the world is often not taught by schools, it is taught by interaction and studying the world. What is taught is how to interact within society and in what manner you should be thinking. This provides no alternative to other practices. You are taught how to play by the rules, you are not taught the true nature, which is that laws that exist in nature are true, all others were created by man and will not provide you with the building blocks you need. Man made laws are temporary. There is no law created by man that will stand the test of time. Laws great and small are this way, one day murder is legal, the next day murder is illegal, the next day is is legal in certain circumstances or by certain authorities.

You are not taught these things in a learning environment. You are taught about events but not the true nature of events. We do not mean to say that reality is being shielded from you but only that there is not a deeper understanding o the events that took place. So much is removed from the situation to be stuffed into books to be later passed on to those who could care less, this is not a proper method of education. Study what you love, and what you desire, not simply what you wish to have added to your stack of papers so that you can be fulfilled in some other way. When the knowledge is gained that you truly desire and that which will benefit you and others, the appear will not be important. This is true as you learn about the world or learn medical practice, or some other technology. Anything you want to learn is at your fingertips but all learning takes place in the mind.

There is no universal method for teaching and learning, and as with most areas, this is where the conflict comes into being. There are widespread practices being carried out that only a few benefit from. The progress that hey can see is arbitrary, the grading method is not concrete, all is left to interpretation. What you need is for your mind to be open and to study as you will . This does not mean that you cannot benefit from such higher education and learning, but often those who have problems are simply not meant for this system, and because there is only one widespread system, there will always be problems and complications. You can go beyond school, you can learn because you desire to, not simply because you are being made to so that you can be successful by some long-term means. It is important to understand for yourself what it means to be successful.

Success in study does not mean that you have to sit for hours at a time memorizing facts. For some, this is necessary, for others it will not be. Do not be ashamed if you do not fit the criteria that is currently set forth. You will find your path and you will find your way. This is not simply an excuse for you to abandon all hope of education or that you should not learn. Simply, you should be willing to learn and understand a great deal but less emphasis should be placed on learning in the manner in which it is currently conducted or forced. True education comes when the mind is willing, and many know feel that once their higher education is complete, that they simply never need to open their mind again. This is also untrue. It is important, that until you leave our physical existence permanently, and even beyond, your true purpose, your universal purpose at all times, is to learn, grow, acquire knowledge, have new experiences, not cling to a repetitious patter for all of your days.

Raising children without rules


Is it possible to raise a child without imposing laws and rules on them and they still achieve their path and highest good for this lifetime as well as those they interact with?

Yes this is possible. It is through teaching that this can be done. You cannot simply leave a child with no rules and no structure, but at the same time we do not mean that their time must be structured. To have no rules placed on them by others means that they are given the opportunity to learn the reason and cause and the implications of their actions. Not all children will learn this at the same time or by the same method. For those that doubt, simply understand that you awoke this morning and did not murder someone. Did you not murder someone because it is a law? Did you not murder someone because of how it would impact the person and the other people in their life and possibly even you? There are many things that can be learned and understood with teaching that are often given no further explanation other than, “it is wrong,” “it is bad,” “it is illegal.” To educate more deeply on these lessons will help those coming up through life no matter their progress and evolution.

To simply take rules off of a child who has had so many applied to them will at first cause turmoil. For those that feel this cannot be done, or who have tried and believe they have failed, you may have a difficult child, yes this is true. Why are they difficult? Are you teaching them or have you left them to their own devices? A path is chosen prior to arriving here and many obstacles and challenges, but that does not mean that it cannot be altered and therefore should not be blamed immediately for action or inaction or the behavior of a child or parent or the parent/child relationship.

Known to all is a method of understanding. With all things it requires patience. You cannot begin reading the dictionary and encyclopedia at age one because you do not comprehend complex sentences and areas and reading. You must start fundamentally and then build on to current knowledge.

Free will is often best expressed as art because so much of your free will feels hampered by rules, laws, and the impressions of others and you worry of your acceptance. These are all rules and laws because most in the human form follow them all equally. To form your own impression is much more useful and beneficial than using the form and thought that has been created by someone else. Do not force your will onto others no matter if they are in your care or you in there’s. It is important to understand, and the evidence is readily avaiable on your plane, that imposing your will or your beliefs is not accepted in all cases of growing children. They will change and follow their own path of their own accord. Some may take life times to accomplish, some may venture out and form their own opinions once they are out from the shelter in which they were originally raised.

All can be accomplished when learning is allowed to take place. It is imperative to not pass judgment. It is important to allow the fruit of their true nature to manifest. True correction of behavior or the ability to follow their own highest path is only accepted when they are ready. Give opportunities to learn and create learning, do not hinder it and do not resist permitting the child to know other beliefs or other experiences in life because you are fearful of the experience or because the belief or idea, or the science or any other thing, or any other aspect, is in conflict with your beliefs. It is important for the child, and for anyone, to arrive at conclusions on their own. They may ask for guidance, they may ask opinions, and while they factor that into their decision, it is still truly for them to make this decision on their own. They will not be happy, no decision maker is happy and benefits, until they arrive at a conclusion on their own. Though it does not mean that any decision is final and free from revision.


The possibility of no law enforcement organizations requires action by those seeking and capable of peace

What would happen without the organized police that cities and nations now have? What would take place if they were abolished?

There would, at first, be great chaos and disharmony. There are many who see them as oppressive, but they see them in this way in varying reasons. There would be volunteer organizations that would take place. There would be many who would rise to power in small groups because they offer protection to many, but it is important to say that it is only the illusion of protection that anyone or any system provides. It is universal to want safety and comfort and protection from all things, natural and man-made, but there are many things that external protection will not provide. The protection and safety and comfort shall come from within. From abolishing fears and doubts, small and great, within the mind, these shall afford you the greatest comfort and security. There are fears present, many who go with the fears of others as their first instinct, not the natural instinct they are born with in physical form, nor the instinct of their true self. There are many division of populations because of fear. Those labeled as different from one’s self causes fear, because as you have heard, you fear what you do not understand. It takes time to learn from our neighbors, to understand them, to experience them, to learn that because they appear different, because they sound different, because they practice different customs or live in different homes, they are living no different lives from your own. The fear created by mass hysteria, group think, and those contributing to public uprising in the sense of the mind, use these ideas and inject them into life in order to exert further control over populations and use these thoughts and ideas as justifications for political actions such as wars, giving aid, not providing aid, trade agreements, creating hidden alliances and others.

The first step after no public or private law enforcement is for those experiencing it to realize that there is not a need for external justification for their actions. To learn that there is no need for some outside enforcement, nor is there the need to roll ideas onto other populations, other people, other beings, other forms in nature, by force. Willful ignorance may describe the minds of many now, many are capable of living in harmony without a law enforcing agency, but it would take time, and there would need to be greater action and interjection by those who are for peace and for harmony or the world would descend into chaos in terms of rules and laws created by fear and hate and the method in which they were carried out.

Smaller areas, smaller groups of people could begin this process. They could, and now are quite capable, of living without a widespread established law enforcement system. In these areas there is much that is accepted as universal. The laws regarding murder, theft, deception – these things are true and the people understand them. Children are educated in them. There is much in the community that depends on the individual and much depends on the group. Each designation is able to care for itself in this manner both dependent and independent of the other.

There is not a need for a universal leader. There can be those who provide structure for establishing lists of projects that need to be completed once groups decide on group action. There is no need for supreme leadership of man over man. A structure, a simple framework can be devised, to establish a method for ideas and their acceptance. It is not necessary that wide sweeping laws be established across entire lands. Each state or providence or township can enact or follow or believe entirely different ideas. The conflict in many areas is that more and more ideas are regional but they are governed by much wider laws, laws that are enforced over a wider area, when it is not needed but for a few areas that law, specifically, be enforced by anyone.

The justification of punishment is unnecessary and unfounded. The need to make the situation whole after an act has taken place is impossible. There are many who will not feel repentant after an act. There are many who will allow ego to control their public or group image. There are many who commit acts because of various circumstances or driving emotions that are later not in these states. It is important to know that punishment, in any form, is not necessary. In their own time, those who punish will see the invalidity of their actions and those who many believe should be punished will have their own mind’s justification for or against the actions in which they conducted themselves. Punishment in one’s own mind is often more severe than that of others. It is also possible that one can perceive no punishment for themselves because of circumstances or because they have lived a life outside of some group think or group rule. None of these are incorrect. It is important for others to have exposure to new ways, not by force, simply by knowing. Allowing the information to flow to them as they seek it. It is not important to force it or indoctrinate them to prevent tragic or violent acts from taking place, they will always take place to some degree. There will be a time when they do not, when all beings have experienced this particular action, but there will be new actions and new methods. Learning and teaching is an ever changing and evolving process.


Thumb sucking, punishment, thought, ectoplasm, suicide, karma

from 3/16/11

What information can you give X1 about X2’s thumb sucking?

There is a child in your midst that is adjusting to life and you re to guide her. This is a coping mechanism, a security blanket, but through a physical action in her own body. This action was first developed to comfort her as many young babies and children use a pacifier or nursing. This is to help her adjust. You should ensure that she has the mental capabilities and tools necessary to adjust to stress and discomfort in her life. This can be stopped with subtle and gentle correction. There is also some correcting that her peers will do on their own. She may do better with your correction than that of others. Be sure that this is not a coping mechanism that is needed because of her current environment and the energy or actions that are currently within it. If the same conditions exist there will be a new coping habit that is formed to allow a physical manifestation as evidence of what is taking place around and not the physical body and its energy field. However, there is no deep reason for concern, worry, or alarm over this. There are many habits and customs that physical human forms use as effective coping habits that are often outgrown because new ways of thinking or understanding or situations change that allow the entity to disregard old habits. You are her number one influence.

Is it necessary for man to punish man on this plane?

It is not necessary for man to pass judgment on another man for many reasons. Your existence is only temporary, only you will judge your actions, and the actions of those involved may be for the experience that was brought forth for them. There is much strife on your pain but there is always a need for those in a human existence to learn to forgo violence and hatred when they have been wronged just as there is a need for those in a human existence to learn to stop hatred and violent actions. This cannot be experienced on the levels of existence in the spirit dimension where you will return once your time in the human existence is complete. You can promote peace and make information available to alternatives, but there will only be peace where you decide to create it in your own environment. You cannot change others, only observe and allow them to be. You should be peaceful first. This will radiate to those around you and throughout many planes of existence. Worry about others, or brining them to your thinking should not haunt you or frustrate you. There are many who are not interested. Making information, an alternative view, available to those on earth will allow it to be digested by those who are interested when the time is right for them. Many come to a lifetime here for nothing but strife, hatred, violence, and evil or wrong deeds, there is no reason to judge them, for they are experiencing just as you have, though there focus may be on different areas than on what you are currently engaged. You too were once in their shoes.

How can humans know when a thought is from your own mind and when a thought is an idea from spirit?

There are many who will never know. There are many great things that have entered your plane by way of information coming from a spirit guide or teacher. There is much that flows between the two worlds as we are only as far away from you as your mind. You may know because of a change in impression or the tone with which the message is conveyed. Often the greatest communicators do not know that they are being guided, given impressions, or helped by a higher power, not necessary higher or better power, we say that here to emphasize the change in vibrational energy between the human form and a being of pure energy. You can understand this change by way of using a telephone to those who have passed into another existence. As long as the information is acted upon, that is what matters, and often times people lend more attribution to those who are guiding them when it is really on the shoulders of those in the human life to make the decisions. We can guide, not force or unfold the life for you. We can see no further than most current actions though some major events are on your path no matter the changes you make unless severe freewill of you or others on your plane change it. But there  can be subtle correcting to bring you back to it in some manner.

Is it possible for ectoplasm to now be seen or used effectively in light?

Ectoplasm can be used in light, this is coming to the world now. Manny are developing this or returning to it. There will be demonstrations of physical levitation and other physical evidences and examples of spirit energy manifesting through a medium in your lifetime on this plane. Many have forgotten this, and though it may not seem helpful to all, the mere presence of something beyond their physical form may bring them to new understanding of compassion in this lifetime, though it is not necessary to have an interest or awareness of the sprit plane in order to progress in your human lifetime as it relates to your true life in the world of energy.

I asked the previous question after reading in an older book that this couldn’t be done at the time of publishing but that it was being worked on by those in the spirit world. Apparently they were working on it and now the problem has been solved.

How does light affect my communication with you?

Light has little affect on this communication though it may help to calm you sitting in dim or dark rooms. There will be a time when you will communicate with us without the use of a tool such as writing. You will be able to clearly see if you chose it. You can acclimate yourself to this by sitting in a dim room and observing the images being brought to you. This will son0on develop into more as you grasp on and allow it to come to fruition in well-lit areas. Often the sun will affect this ability but you will overcome this.

How does suicide affect the individual soul who commits it?

This is not different an exit from your plane than any other manner of death. This, as others, is a physical action manifested from the thoughts and stress that persist on one’s mind. These can be overcome, and if not, there are many counseling sessions and advisements when that spirit returns home so that they can understand what torment they felt they were experiencing. Often times this is a young soul, not many human life experiences, and this is something they must overcome in order to continue learning in the lifetimes of humans. This is no more or less negative or positive than any other action taken on the earth plane. Trial and error, education does not always come quickly, learning by doing. Living the life is how we come to understand a d know it. Self-inflicted death only returns you home, but know that you will leave again to a human form once information has been passed to you so that you can again experience those same conditions and allow yourself to grow. You choose these things in your path. You can overcome them. There is no cheating and giving of more information in an attempt to stave off suicide in the net lifetime for not much about the energy existence is at first readily available to you when you return. There are some ideas and knowledge that is in harmony with all beings who are not completely engulfed in nonsensical ideas on the physical plane, those who have greater information of spirit or those who involved themselves in it may also see it as a tool for overcoming what they fear are overwhelming circumstances, which are only situations to provide a specific circumstance for that soul’s development and to experience that certain set of situations.

Can suicide be a lesson for individuals who are associated with the soul that committed suicide?

Yes, but more often it is a lesson for those spirits close to that particular r entity. This is a lesson in understanding and helping them to cope. As parents, they have had direct contribution to the circumstances now presenting in a suicidal person’s mind. They, as a group, must overcome these things and restore love. Though it is also quite possible that the soul in question overcome these things alone and learn to leave without a certain support system, for we in human form are only responsible for our own development. We can help others, but no one can make you come along the trail. There is a loss experienced when a life is taken by one’s own control and that experience can be for those left in the workings of that lifetime. There are many possibilities where watchers and teachers and observers can intervene but if a soul is so traumatized that it cannot continue and is not adjusting to the human form or its experiences, then it will be permitted and lessons in which that spirit may have brought lessons to others will still take place but by other means. Simply juvenile problems that cause suicide are no less important or traumatic than those causes which others may also seem important. The overall problem is lack of understanding of this entrapment in a human form for learning because of the forgetting of one’s true existence.

What is the basic operation of Karma on our dimension?

Karma is simply the balancing of energy. Laws put forth and even studies by Einstein may be considered universal laws as well as those he used as the foundation of his principals. Energy only changes form, it is never lost. There is always a reaction, in the same amount of energy, to that which is done by you. It may not be in the same form, but it is still experienced, sometimes scattered, sometimes in one action, but it is always in the same measurement of energy. This ensures direct learning by what one’s own actions are creating. This is direct information on what one is doing but also by what one is thinking. Like attracts like, a law of attraction is not merely a passing fad. For what you do there is always a vibration with that of similar. There is a change coming where people will come to understand that energy must be balanced. In this lifetime and with other lifetimes, though many are attempting to work out karma in current lifetimes, there is much that is done from one lifetime to the next to balance the energy that is doled out and experienced to ensure that there is a balance. This does not always mean seemingly good is always balanced with what is called evil or negative, but that there is a set purpose for energy and a set level of energy. Karma can be said to simply be the explanation and title assigned to that which is natural and universal, and even explained by your scientists, but this applies to much broader scale and to every aspect of life than what they currently know, but are coming to know. There is a need for change in this thinking. Some need to balance the experience with the opposite action by comparison. Others experience it  and move forward but experience more because of the energy in their thoughts and actions. You are confused by this, we will leave it for now.

Are we always subject to Karma? Is it possible to rise above its influence?

It is always possible to create a new direction. There are those who have created atrocities against life and may move from that quit quickly and do much good to balance the world in which so much negative energy was directed. However there are some who will be seemingly trapped by it because they do not experience that act and then learn to move away from it. Some repeat acts because they enjoy it but are counseled upon return to attempt to allow them to gain the knowledge that was contained within that action. There is much good in all or that is to say, there is the potential for the good in all to shine forth, but there is not always an influence of good. It is possible to create what you wish to experience but know that certain trials will be experienced if you planned them before your experience on earth. Emanating good will give you the impression of release from this karmic operation. Though know that you attract what you do, you attract by actions and thought. Know that you may commit a terrible act and you may seem that in order to balance it you must be on the receiving end. This is the case in some form, but know that you may have already done so in another life, or that you will in the next. There is balance to everything. A label of karma only explains the nature of balance in the universes and those planes the creator has developed.

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