Skin health

From 4/22/11

Will new medicated shampoo help X’s scalp?

There is much that can be done to remedy the problem externally but these will only provide temporary relief or a type of relief that you will become reliant on whatever method you choose in order to keep the ailment at bay. Externally these products only mask the problem. Rather than shampoo, if you decide to use tea tree oil it can be applied correctly onto the scalp with a dropper in small amounts spread over the entire top of the head making sure to keep such fluid out of the eyes. Over s short period of time this will cause the itching to stop when it is used externally. Though the greatest relief will come to you by way of ensuring that the diet is being made up of things that are natural, non-synthetic, and created and made for you for complete health. Be sure to understand that there is much on labels of food that is masked so that a consumer may not at first glance know its identity. You must investigate this information for yourself. Even those things considered healthy will not always have your best interest at heart. There is much gone now that a farmer’s food is not consistently sold locally and many farmer productions are solely for increased gain each year. Many things are modified in ways that they were never intended , these are done purely for monetary gain, where some modification can be made naturally so that it is a legitimate possibility of feeding the hungry across the globe.

Are the itchy spots on X’s face the same thing as her scalp?

The skin is one complete organism and the only factors that cause it to experience different ailments in different areas are moisture, sunlight, and the ability to easily shed dad skin. Because of your hair, this will always be a problem in some regards. Your scalp should be massaged when it is cleaned. Know that it is not always necessary, nor what’s it ever a requirement, to use sops and shampoos. These are purely intended to give a pleasant odor on top of what is considered general cleanliness. You may use deodorant but know that there is no need for cleanliness beyond the use of water and lightly scrubbing with a cloth or loofah brush to remove old skin cells and any dirt this is present. Many chemicals that provide fragrance and appealing color to soaps and shampoos and other products serve no purpose in most cases for your cleanliness and do more, often times, to harm the physical or energy bodies where more time and energy is needed to rebalance and align the processes contained therein. There is no soap that will help. Seek to remedy the inside .first. A temporary perfection can be achieved by using some mild, non-oily, liquid that can be brushed on. Look for pure vitamin E capsules as they can be opened and applied directly to the skin where there is an issue. Lotions that include Vitamin E do not do so to such a degree that it helps your body. This is like chap stick for the lips and only masks the problem until such time that you do not focus on it or that it is no longer being caused by some internal or external reason. Smooth hands are not necessary., vitamin E can be used to sooth cracking from cracking in extreme dryness of winter or excessive washing, but in this case, we repeat to you, that a soap is not necessary, washing it is needed with water, soap aggravates. Soap marked mild or gentle is no better at not aggravating the natural process of the skin. Many, many, centuries ago there was not widespread use of soap, and though many would be believe that there was much disease purely for this reason, it is not the case.

Is the white cream that X uses on her face working or does she need something else?

There should be a focus for the inside processes of the body. As before, there is nothing externally that will remedy the problem. There is much that can be done by diet and much tat will be released through the skin that you cannot simply wipe away with some cream or external application of remedy.

Would the itch cream for seborrheic dermatitis that X saw at X help her in any way?

Lotion is lotion. For you, and with many others, there is a comfort in taking some type of action, but in many areas of life it is simply allowing the process to work, letting go and trusting, that will do the most good. You can use creams but they will only hide the problem and may not convince you to take the additional steps necessary to correct this problem with long-term results and to completely erase the problem. There is an energy building here and will be released, it is important to simply experience it and make correction internally where you know how. Sitting by idly is acceptable in many cases as you have time to reflect and focus on the journey, even the smaller paths such as your skin concerns. This is a test for you as you might call it, simply allow the external to be as it is. Focus on the internal. Focus on what is being built and what already exists within you. You will create the highest good, for physical and energy of yourself by tending to your diet and all that is included as the ingredients as your food. Ignore nothing. Leave nothing to chance, examine old habits and ask others for further evaluation to ensure that you have the proper unbiased perspective on the issues. There is new information now and coming forward about the healthfulness of many substances and it is important to heed to most of these because what is not purely the vegetable or the fruit or the meat, can have terrible consequences on the body. There should be more basic foods and less processed and chemicalized foods.

Eye health, person in a dream, sexual gratification, violent entities

From 4/21/11

What causes “floaters” in the eyes?

Often times this is not something in the eye but something on the exterior, the fluid which lubricates the eye and reduces friction between the lid and the eyeball. This fluid can become thick and can become muddled with debris. This area can be cleansed with pure saline wash, no extra or outside chemicals. True tears or the natural wetness you experience is the only acceptable solution. This area can be flushed and cleansed naturally by consuming more pure water. This will become more flushed and cleanse the area when greater amounts of fluids or are consumed as it regulates the entire body. Fluid here will reduce tiredness, it will reduce small swirls or fragments that may seem to float in this fluid. The floaters in this area are caused by small sections of nerve and eye matter separating from the eye or nerves. This is caused by acidic or corrosive diets. Sugar can affect this area. Sweetness through unnatural means should be seen as a toxicity and harmful, though sum small amounts in extreme moderation produce necessary chemicals within the digestive system. It is necessary to reduce that which causes the corrosion in the body and ferments. That which rots the gut also rots the nervous and sensory systems. Be prepared to make changes in this area or your own eyesight will worsen. Water is the great equalizer, the great balancer of the scales. Much harm can be done to a body or much done to imbalance its system, but the addition of water prevents much or reduces the harmful impact. There is a fluid in the eye and when this becomes overly acidic or corrosive it begins to eat away at the flesh it encounters. Healing to this are in the form of reassigning the ‘floating’ matter to its rightful place or dissolving it to a state of pure energy is possible. Your consideration of anything similar to prayer or affirmations on the true context of the problem and how you would like it resolved create much energy and healing in this area. Direct healing can dissolve these but it is hampered if the diet is remaining the same.

What can be done to eliminate “floaters” in the eyes?

Change the diet. Healing of any kind using energy of mind, word spoken, and direct energy by others on one’s behalf. You are learning that all is energy. Energy is emanated by all that you do. Direct your energy to the positive result you wish to see and make the changes to prevent such measures from needing to be taken once more in the future.

What can be done to prevent “floaters” in the eyes?

There are often times no diet orders which need to be followed and the floating debris is caused by contamination of the blood. Though this is diet related in can be accused of carrying something negative for the body when it is working on its behalf to sanitize and clean and purify the body. Problems can also arise from any injury which may cause damage indirectly or directly to this area. Much changes comes in the way of appreciation of sight and that which you refuse to see, because of the energy, can hamper your vision. There is not one simple remedy for most problems, though they are all simple, most will never undertake them because they require a change in thinking. It is your energy or the energy in which you involved yourself that creates much in your body, mind, and environment.

Who is the girl with black braids that X saw in a dream?

This is not a girl that you will encounter but one that you will encounter in another life. You have encountered her in previous lives and you share a strong connection. She is with you now on this plane but not in a direct way. She too wishes to reunite with you and there is a love that you have shared with many but the ties that connect you are much greater than most have experienced. This is something that will allow you to know that true feeling of happiness. This is not absent for you, you are given subtle reminders to allow yourself to know that you are not necessarily required to experience this feeling in this lifetime. She may cross your path, and if she does, there will be a strong bond for you that will shake your foundation and cause a new direction in your life. This is something that we are working to prevent, for there may be much turmoil should she reunite with you in this lifetime. You are both on very different paths, both adjusting and creating good, but there may be much to hamper your efforts should you experience such a relationship at this time. It is seen that she will come to you later in life, but there should be much to moderation this relationship. There is not much control that you have regarding this relationship, this is not something to be considered negative, simply allow ti to take place as it must, you will unfold your won path, but there is  a greater bond than you have experienced with another human being You have learned many lessons up to this point, ensure that you do not invite a return to those gates when the time comes. Recall what you already know.

Please share information on the reason/purpose/consequences for masturbation.

There is energy released in this manner which is the life force of many living on your plane. There is an energy in this fashion that is the root of many creative acts and this gives the beginning energy to many actions, feelings, emotions, and expressive energies. It should be balanced and not lost excessively to allow greater energy balancing within the body. There are other methods to express the energy release that is completed by this act. Look for ways that express a creative or artistic element. You do not have to entertain by any means but to create something physical, a book, a piece of writing, a tangible useful object such as furniture, anything that is created by you and brought into being by you will assuage the reason for this type of past-time. Understand that any act, when it does not control and rule your every waking moment, is helpful, and in most cases an expression of energy not being fully acknowledged, and in most cases, will regulate itself in an energy sense when a fully awakened body is allowed to do so.

Please share information on the reason/purpose for what appears to be ‘evil’ entities scratching or harming a person.

This is an energy that is feeding off of the energy associated with or within an area. Much can be done to stop this activity if the energy associated with an area or the energy created in the area is changed. Negative energy is not stronger it is simply easier to create and more pervasive than energy at a higher vibration. While there is no rank and file structure that means more power for anyone, a higher vibration us the goal of many, but like a pyramid, there are greater numbers on the bottom than there are at the top because many are still on their way to an understanding. There is much that will overcome this if there is thought and energy directed towards the entity causing the problem. Often times the human receiving the physical harm is carrying some energy or emotion or previous experience that the entity resonates with. Normally you will not see a person of a higher vibration even approached by anything thought of as evil because they do not resonate with it. Like attracts like, those with similar beliefs find each other in the physical form and the same is true for those who are not in a human body. Those that find an area or a spirit or human in line with their beliefs will associate with it. The energy used to create the physical harmful act is only present because of the energy being expressed in the area, associated with the area, and most importantly, the energy in the body of the human that the act is being carried out upon. Express, receive, experience love at all times.

Please share information for the reason/purpose/consequences for X’s seemingly never-ending sexual urges.

There are many urges that are natural to human existence and are part of your health books and biology classes. However there are many other reasons why similar urges express themselves. This urge is, at lists basic level, a desire to create something. To bring into being something from your mind and body, no matter if it is the words your write, music you write, a painting, something envisioned or created by you, a group started, anything that you wish to create. Because this energy is not being expressed in these areas it is expressing itself f in the urges you are experiencing. You are focusing on these areas because there are those around you who also wish to express them in this manner so therefore you are finding the path of least resistance to balancing the energy. This feeling you experience at time will continue until you create something of your own or focus on something more productive, something that creates a measureable end result.


Removing things from the body

The following information is from 4/19/11, and while the questions that were asked may not apply to you it does repeat some information that I have been given earlier. The impression that I get is that you shouldn’t remove things from the body. This may only apply to this situation and this person but the same was also said in a question about an oophorectomy.

Will X have the veins on the back of her legs taken off?

This is not a requirement as we see it for her at this time or any other. This is not necessary for the health of her physical body. There will be a time when unnecessary procedures can take place for the sake of vanity but this time has not come to pass. There is no need to worry about these. Your physical body is conducting business as it should be and there is no reason to concern yourself about negative possibilities which have thus far to show themselves a true problem for you or at any point on your lifetime. There is information and energy in these areas, as there are on every level of every part of your human body, removing anything that does not regenerate or does not regenerate quickly hampers the body on levels which are only now starting to be understood by your medical doctors. They may see the physical body repaired but this is only a small part of the much greater picture of the entity inhabiting the body in that particular human experience. Do not have anything removed from your body at this time. There is no need for this action to take place.

Could X get blood clots if the veins are not taken off?

If this is a concern for you which will not subside without removing these veins you may do so, but no that no real help is being accomplished by their removal. There is energy here, there is information stored on every level of the body to even the smallest particle. Removing anything unwillingly will restart a balancing and chemical process which was begun many, many lifetimes ago and many, many years ago in this existence which you are currently experiencing. Your focus should not be on the physical at this time but on those areas which are unseen by the majority of the human population. These unseen areas and abilities are serving a greater purpose than anything that may be cosmetically changed in your physical body at this time. There is no need for worry or concern in this area. You are fine, you are healthy. You take excellent care of your body. Walking may serve your energy better and lessen any frustration you may feel about any unseen progress in any specific area in which you are focused. Balancing all things is important for you. You are a doctor on another plane. This is where your focus and concern on health matters emanates. So, there is reason and cause for your attention on these things but it is not needed in this plane. X attune all of your thoughts and energies to that which you wish to accomplish and awaken or strengthen in yourself and it will come to you or it will be seen by you where you thought it once did not exist.

Hormone cycle, mood swings, menorrhagia, oophorectomy

From 4/10/11

What should X know about her hormonal cycle?

This cycle is regulated by the energy and power of thought energy that exists within her. This is not purely a physical result of processes of the body. There should be much done to understand the balance of thought and reasons for them so to better balance mind, body, and spirit rather than seek an quick alternative to temporarily fix a problem or to allow the fix to further mask the problem, through the root cause of the issue is still present. Patience is what is needed to begin your journey of understanding in this area. Small steps to initiate a change in the body is important, for it will be an uncomfortable length of time before a natural positive and measurable result, by your standards is observed. Simply meditating a few minutes per day on the change you wish to see will do much to attract a natural change in the energy and emotions present in this lifetime, and the previous, that are affecting this cycle of the body.

How can X reduce mood swings, cramping, and menorrhagia?

There is a problem for her in the glands of the body. This should be balanced and regulated as you have already discussed. Notwithstanding a balancing produced by outside medicinal alternatives, such as herbs, there should be much attention paid to regulating the other cycles of the body such as sleep and overall health as it pertains to the diet. The problem she is questioning is greatly amplified each time an injection enters her body or a pill crosses her lips. These problems, the greater picture, can be solved to her satisfaction should she take each smaller problem and balance it first on tis own. Slowly a greater balance and greater result shall be achieved but the desire to do so through work and effort is important. There is a tendency by her to stop working and lose motivation when there is still a time of work to be done. Do not lose sight of your goals, when you tire, remember what you are working towards. Write these down where you can observe them and when you have grown weary you can look to them as the reason to continue, for it is exactly within your grasp and possible to achieve these things, there is no need to doubt yourself. You have experience accomplishing great feats and these are possible for you know in this lifetime for your physical body and your spirit and energy as they are all combined and interlocked.

What should X know about having an oophorectomy?

There is much done on your physical plane to remove inconveniences or to control the boy. There are often small and minor problems on yruour plane which are problems and errors that were created either intentionally for your development or through an error as the body was being formed. There should be less attempt at intervening when there is not a threat to life, and even so, it should be considered what options are present and why this is happening to you. Great leaps have occurred in medicine because of information shared from spirit, but as you can see, for each leap, there are still problems to ensure that learning and understanding still continues to take place. Simply removing part of your body may cause greater problems for you. Though your doctors will tell you that this is a natural process that the body is still able to sustain life afterwards, there is much that the energy being and systems within the body need and rely upon which will be removed by this process. Though should you become more interested in the physical and forgo any knowledge of the spirit world it is possible for you to understand and achieve but know that there will always be a lacking area in your life for many reasons should you chose to engage in this procedure. Understand that the problems associated with this area are manageable by you should you seek to truly remedy them, not only when it is convenient for you to do so.

Is there anything else that X should know about these subjects or anything that would help her cope, stop, or better understand them?

You are directly manifesting in the physical existence that which emanates from your soul or mind in the physical plane. Focus on what enters it and what leaves it, and the changes in your physical body will change drastically. There are problems and energy associated with previous lifetime’s and you should learn to truly understand your fears and worries and the reasons for them, for, through this, you will see that there truly are no reasons for fear and understating this is vital to your success. But there is no quick way to overcome this for you were sent here to learn from previous lifetimes and other actions taken in other existences. Simply reading will help add to your toolbox of and give you resources for overcoming or improving, but it is up to you to gather this knowledge and put it into place.


Salt, health, heart

From 4/12/11

Please share information about X’s episode, and what caused it, which occurred today around 3:30 PM by our measurement of time.

This was an experience for X which he will be more comfortable with in the future. There is nothing a doctor can remedy as well as what an individual can choose to put into their own body. There is a salt that negatively affects the heart and it can cause physical reactions within the body prevention the natural flow of energy. There is an unnatural amount of this in X’s diet, this should be lessened so to allow a greater natural and harmonious flow of energy within the body for an increase to occur. At present, the lack of water and increase of salt or salt-like products deters some activity of energy for him and an increase in desired weight loss would be achieved should salt be lessened. Understand that some salt is necessary, salt should be in foods you eat though salt only as a preservative is unhealthy for the body. There is energy at work which will need a body with salt to a lesser degree than what is present, water can achieve a balance in the body but salt should also be lessened slightly to prevent build up of energy in this area and any problems which are associated with it. X has strong energy and he will shortly become more aware of this, but the human diet can, in many ways, directly affect the ability and flow of energy. You should experience these things as a road sign on your path as allowing you to take in direct feedback regarding your trip. You shall choose to see a doctor at some point, but as in the past, there is not much they will do to ally your fears. More is done by you, on your own. Energy and healing to this area will balance it. Allow others to heal this area will improve it greatly though you can benefit greatly from short daily meditation on each chakra to allow each to be fully operational and balanced and in line with the others. This would allow this area, your focus on it, the greatest amount of work to be done and allowing it to fully awaken and balance. What you experienced today was a culmination of energy as it works to undo what has been done in the past and in some part your diet plays a role. There is a working out of ideas and memories and this is simply  your body working through them in order to make room for new experiences. The new cannot fully be appreciated when always compared to the past, or what the past is so deeply and emotionally attached to the energy and physical body. You are allowed to forget things, events, and occurrences. The ideas you learned from experiences will be carried with you always and into future events and situations. You will remember all once you leave this plane. You will not have forgotten times, dates, and places. A releasing of energy, a natural expression of what was taking place but also a sign to you of work being done and work yet to be done or areas of focus. Reduce the sodium, increase clear fluids, but do not introduce salt and sugar into these fluids. When desiring taste, introduce those things that are naturally sweetened, not artificially so or purely for enjoyment. Squeeze fruit into your drink, though pure water is the better for regulating. Some tolerance of this on your part is necessary though we can appreciate the tendency for variety and using such things to sweeten or add taste will not harm the process. Remove fear and uncertainty from those corners of your mind where you know it still exists. You have shared much and taught many, you will continue to do this. Imparting wisdom to X before you go may not seem as though it will help him, he will not be immediately ready for it, but many months after you have moved from your present location, these ideas will be appreciated by him. Though, it is acceptable for you to not become too highly involved. Personal privacy and the status of a ‘loaner’ at work is a positive thing because there is much conflicting energy. Though understanding it and how ti flows and why it flows is important to understand for future experiences. Love to all, but it is not necessary to let their energy overburden you. You can touch their lives without being fully altered by the experience to which it may cause you detriment. Help others without demoting yourself of energy. Do not take on the burdens of others, they are for themselves to experience. Guidance and wisdom is for them to consider, your job is to express it. Love is an amazing emotion and expressing it to them is helpful though many may not reciprocate by their exterior because of present attitudes in place. They are still appreciative and understanding though it will take time for them to express gratitude. Do not expect immediate results. It takes much to tear down mountains but a single pebble can begin that change for many. Expressing anger in a positive manner should be understood. It is not necessary to contribute to the anger of others, allow your to be released but in a positive act or turn of energy. Physically taxing work or movement will express this energy without further building and evolving this energy into something greater or without allowing it to become part of some greater collective of energy which might also be similar and a collective negative thought by the group towards one group, several people, or an idea.

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