Seeing Jesus during near death experiences

There have been many who have had near-death-experiences and relate seeing the image of or communicating with the being known as Jesus. Is this being Jesus or is it some other being or form?

Jesus is not presently a being that you can readily relate to in any way. There are many who worship him and expect him to come to their aid but this is simply not possible. This does not mean that there is no aid, no one listening, no help or guidance, it is simply not the being you believe it to be. In many cases there are similar looking presentations for various beings for those who are in a physical form and cling wholeheartedly to the image and idea of Jesus. We do not at all discount or discredit the work of Jesus, many of the stories shared in bibles are accurate in their entirety, partially, and many others were ignored or dismissed over the years. It is simply a manner of crossing over and seeing what is most comfortable to you.

You question these things because there are children adding to the claims of seeing Jesus. There are images that are shared and this is simply the universally accepted image because it is the true physical representation of Jesus on the Earth plane but it is not Jesus as the being. If you were to truly to experience another being on the plane of your true existence they would not necessary, and in most cases, not at all, appear to be a being in the physical form that you are used to seeing because of living a life in a human form.

As with death, as with all things, there are no universal truths that are true at all times for all people, a truth can be simultaneously true and untrue. While it is not possible to communicate directly with Jesus it is possible to communicate, for many, with Jesus. These communications are currently based on the life and teachings of Jesus and are related by a being who takes the physical form of Jesus. It is not important that a specific being is aiding you. What is more important and what can offer more assistance to you in the future is the understanding that this being you are seeking aid from is more often your self, your true self, this is the being that can help you the most. We do not mean this in an abstract way in which you are viewing yourself in some type of mirror, you are currently, if you are reading this, in a physical body. You will not see yourself unless you leave your physical body and even then you are not viewing yourself, you are only able to view a physical body, which you have inhabited along with many others before.

Many will see what is comfortable. Many should see that there is a group of beings willing to help and assist you at all times. No matter your current state, you are never alone. Many religions and many belief systems will have different names for these beings, many can call them angels or guides or animals, but what you see is what is more comfortable to you to allow the message to be the most receptive that it can be. We understand that for many it will be and has been a shock to learn about these things and to experience them. We would not send a form and none would visit you that would cause you to mistrust the message. What is more important is the message, not the vessel that brings it, but often it is the image or the vessel that causes mistrust or doubt.

You are not seeing Jesus. Jesus is not able to assist you. There are many who work from his teachings to help you on the physical plane.

Focus of the mind during non-physical work

Question and answer with my spirit guides:

On what should a person’s mind be focused during meditation, during a healing session, and during a development class?

The very nature of your inquisition needs examination into the reasons for your completing these tasks. Are you a channel? You should be clear and free of inhibition and expectation. Your mind may wander but should be brought back to centered once you release the intention into the universe of the task you wish to accomplish. If you are seeking development of your ability, if you are seeking atonement or some change within yourself it is important to embrace on many levels the change and alteration you wish to embody. Simply wanting change is not enough, we are aware that many may not be aware of what their true potential may be, you may want to assign this task of delegation to your master teacher, your supervisory spirit being, but doing so your pace can be set by you or this being but the skills, abilities, and gifts within the physical or non-physical may surprise you if you were unaware of even the existence of them as a possibility. Others may wish for them to manifest much quicker, but if you do not interest yourself in these topics or if your mind is holding true to some other form, they will take much more time to create and unfold for you.

Any any work of the non-physical it is important to place your mind in the realm of possibility at all time. Block nothing. Much information and education has been disseminated into your plane regarding the skills and abilities of both physical and non-physical. Not all information has been learned by one single being and not all information is still know that was once shared. Your willingness to share in this experience is what is importance than some arbitrary necessity that you feel you need to accomplish.

If you are willing to engage in these endeavors it is important to clean your mind. Ready you mind. Prepare your mind. You would not invite nature into a space that was not prepared for the natural process to take place. A barren parking lot does not lend itself well to that end. Create a space within yourself where these skills and abilities can manifest and will have the support in your physical and non-physical actions and beliefs.

Development of psychic medium ability

Is it possible to develop any and all forms of mediumship and spirit communication without sitting with a group of others?

A group of others, a group of like-minded individuals, they will support the mission of the individual but still work within the confines and the limitations of the group so that all can be pleased to some moderate degree. The power and limitless expression of the self are boundless, they are your wonderland. An arena for you to express your self and relay information for others is where you will work best. It is important for all to know that development of the self takes place best when considering yourself on it s own. Group development is useful when it achieves the needs of the individual within the group. Do not be swayed simply be be more in line with the group. Find a group that is inline with you and your actions and your winds and your desires. The is only a difference, not a better means in either situation or scenario. What one many can achieve so can many, what one hundred men can achieve so can one. Often times the difference in training is minute, it is what you set your mind to. Guides and spirit workers can multiply energy themselves, it is not always important in the group. This is done within a group but you are not limited if there is no group available to you. There are many who do not have it presented to them, they do not have such an outlet and are capable of such work.


Is it possible to work simultaneously on developing and strengthening different kinds of mediumship?

It is possible, though as with any multitasking, the achievement of all goals is slowed because the light is spread between so many projects. It is more effortlessly achieved when you direct focus and attention on one project and reach it. This is not to say, as in the above situation, that it cannot be done nor achieved, also forms of communication and skill can be maintained, and are to be maintained in this way, through development class or preparing and maintaining yourself in the same way. Many things can be achieved, to not be limited by information you read and those who put constraints and boundaries. What works well for one does not work well for another in call cases. What cannot be achieved by some specific means for one does not make it impossible for another, nor does it make it impossible for the original one who started the trend in thinking. It is important to have goals, focus on your goals. When you are working on development of any kind, any skill in the world, focus on your goals and skills within that realm. Anything you wish to achieve can be done. You are not bound by any rules which another human being places on you. Achieve all things through great acts, make all acts great.


Am I able to develop all forms of mediumship?

These are things that you have come to accomplish, not simply for accomplishment’s sake but for the sake of those you will encounter and persuade or interact with on some level. It is not necessary for you to impress upon other the way you go about things, they will ask out of curiosity, but just as you have developed your own way of carrying out these rituals, so will they. You did not take to them initially during childhood years. It was not lost to you, you were simply more interested in other areas and were not prepared enough in mind to carry out the things you were to do, you are not late by any measure nor behind on any time line, we are saying these things to you , as Michael has said, planting the seed. Your worlds now could have tremendous impact twenty years from now on someone who many not be overly interested or concerned presently It is important to focus time on these areas but to also focus on studies and maintaining the right state of mind to do so. You are forgetful because you have attempted to forget things in your life which you do not wish to dwell. All experiences are important, the act of sweeping a crumb on the floor is as important as the act of saving a life or helping another who is starving, poor, cold or hungry. Do not dismiss actions or energy, things are very deliberate, there are no planned mistakes or images that appear before your eyes as leftovers from bad and ill creation methods on the Creator’s part. You experience the mundane because that was for you to experience, but also know that you experience what you choose to in nearly all cases. You are capable of changing all things. You have free will. Change is what crates life, nothing is permanent. You are aware of this and have many examples of it in your mind now. These were to prepare you to guide you to give examples, this is true on all levels in all forms of life, any where you look. This is truth. These are things that you must do. Creating peace in your mind, creating peace now, creates peace everlasting.


About a group of spirit guides

Prior to today I have been given information for myself and other people from a group who identify themselves as Elyophony, Elophiny, various spellings. You can find some of it here. In a reading several years ago I was told I have a group of alien/extraterrestrial guides. Finally asking a little more about them and other things I see on a regular basis.

Are the three shadows I see, the three points of light, my extraterrestrial guides, and the group called Elyophony all related or the same?

These, for you are the same. For many people they are not. As with many things, what one person experiences is not the same, even under the same conditions, for another person. It is possible for others to know and experience things in different ways, for you, this is what works well for you in the present state of things. You will be told more at a later time and will receive more information, endless and untold before. For these guides and beings to communicate with you is something very unique. Often they are unnamed.

The emotions of spirit beings

From 6/12/11

What type of emotions do spirit beings experience?

There are beings of light who cannot experience emotion as you would interpret it on your plane of current existence. There are many who simply interpret a vibration, or a color, or who have none of these and may only communicate, though communication is through various means, there is no emotion as you understand it now on your current plane of existence. It is necessary and often required to experience these emotions but there is an area of development where a new type of external interpretation is used rather than the style and workings of those you current experience. Many do not feel with the same methods and senses of measurement that your body or spirit uses now. To fully understand what is being written now it is important to know that there is much more that is interpreted on your plane by emotion than on the plane you will experience after physical death. The type of communication that is often used is not necessarily through that of verbal communication where verbal inflection is used and emotions, no matter what stage of development, are used to express and interpret information passed between beings. There is joy because of the vibration of the energy. You equate many things with crating and brining joy but the true reason; even in your current lifetime, that you experience joy is because of the vibration, the measurement of the energy within the action, this is what causes joy. It is this form that beings without a true physical existence, that of being only pure energy, this is the manner in which they experience your reference of emotions. It is important to understand that when you return to your true plane of existence that you are not becoming a lifeless or uninterested being, your are not a robot. You are not a robot, you have the same type of interpretations and expressions that you do now in terms of feeling joy, sorrow, sadness, and others, but the way in which they are received is much different as they are not judged by your methods now such as voice inflection or physical expression of the sender or receiver. These are not necessary for you once you leave your physical body now. Often these experiences, for those of the spirit, the non-physical entity, these experiences are much stronger and would be overwhelming in your current state. Because of the vibration or measurement and type of energy associated with the action or thought and because you do not have a physical body or lower vibration, there is much that is received by you that is absorbed by outside objects. You are clearly experience emotion or though when you are out of your physical body. There are no misinterpretations of words or actions because the true meaning, that which you might currently say is the underlying reason or purpose for an action, this can be felt by those beings involved. Therefore all actions are immediately perceived by what they are truly expressing. Truly expressing your emotions is not entirely the same method by which you do not, through physical outlets and methods. To a being without a human form in a physical existence, these might be compared to your aura or the visible energy that radiates from your boy on this plane. Your emotions, your state of being when you are on the energy side of your true existence; these are visible at all times. This may leave many feeling vulnerable, believing that they must always be protected. You are always protected but not in the sense of the human form where you may feel it necessary to protect yourself for the hate or perceived misguided actions of others. When you return to your home you are not included with all beings. Those who are more in line with your actions or beliefs, you may consider them to have the same foundation, or guiding principles as you, those who hare approximately at the same point in their existence or development, these are who you are surrounded by. There is no need for protection from negative, or what is perceived as negative, because there is no extreme range of negativity and positive actions, by comparison.

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