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From 2/27/11

Can you share information about my health?

There is a greater purpose for you and it comes from an understanding of your own health. There is much to be explained and we will go through it with you. You must understand the importance of sleep, the importance of living with the earth’s cycles. These all provide a balance and a calm for the human body that also impacts our energy body and spirit. There is much attention that should be drawn to these now and worry less about physical entertainment. You need to develop yourself physically and emotionally to deal with the stress that you will encounter later in life. Changes should be made to the diet to rule out any false product, any manmade thing that does not have your best interest at heart. A small garden will help you understand the goodness and greatness that can come from the earth if all men were to let this happen. There is nothing that needed to be developed by mean to heal any ailment. All is inside. You must convince yourself of this. Your time for healing is improving when you speak of yourself. There is not much more to do to improve the healing of others. You were born into this life for this and this tool has always been available to you.

What do I need to know about my ears and my hearing?

There is an area of the ear which is constantly demanding your attention. There is a buildup in this area of wax on almost a constant basis. There is not much you can do externally, your diet needs to be amended. Avoid unnecessary starches or processed foods. Mucus becomes thinner when your diet is changed, walking incorporated, and natural foods enjoyed. Do not stop the water. This is necessary for your body and its health and your actions for healing and spirit communication. Your hearing can improve once these areas drain, there is no need for surgery. We stopped this from taking place in your younger years as it had the potential for damaging your long-term hearing. Always wear ear plugs when you are drumming you will come to this later. Right diet, this will solve the problem in this area.

What do I need to know about the moles on my shoulder and back?

These are leftovers and reminders from your time in the sun. These are also reminders of your poor diet and physical laziness. There is much that can be expressed through the skin and call our attention to things that we take for granted when we allow them to enter our body. You can heal these areas and all will be healthy with them. Take note, do not take them for granted, they signal your need for change and action on your part. Ignore them and there will be larger signs and warnings to come until they cannot be ignored.

If I am able to drum again, will I find the same enjoyment that I once did? I am worried that I will not have the same happiness or fulfillment that I once did.

This is something for you and your spirit to enjoy. There is much happiness for you when you compete and play music. There is no reason to doubt this. There is a reason for a break from certain activities. Look at what you have developed and achieved in its temporary absence. There is no reason to fear if you will enjoy it, we know that you miss it and that you have many fond memories. There will be many more memories when the time comes for it to be brought back to the center of your attention. Remember that there should be a balance with all activities, do not over focus on any one thing more than the other for you are gifted in many areas but a balance is necessary to ensure that all experience what you have to offer. Your work will allow this and there will be a freedom to enjoy this activity as well as the others that you have come to know and learn while you have been in (current city). You will be moving, though a major move is on the horizon. Be prepared for change, your thinking is correct for this, nothing is permanent, nothing is wrong, right, bad, or good, actions and events are only actions and events, there is no need to tie unnecessary emotions to them and associate them as good , positive, or negative. Experience joy and happiness and share those with peace. You will be thankful in the end.

Is there a certain skill or area of my life that I should be working on at this time?

You are your greatest developer. When a skill is required you have the ability to call up this information from a dormant space and use it as needed. There is nothing you cannot master. Your peace of mind comes from within and knowing that you contribute a positive space for yourself and all who enter it. There is no reason to focus on the physical. A job will come for you that has basis in this but will not be overly necessary for you to have training. Spiritual endeavors will have a greater impact for you, and yes, you may charge for them to help support yourself financially so other activities can be undertaken. There is nothing wrong with money, as you have read the only negative money is the negativity on which it is spent or hoarded. You understand this. You will still help people if you charge a small fee. They will still seek a message and you can provide it from us. There is no reason to worry that you will not attract the attention so that all will benefit. They will come to you. You must share this information with those who seek it, for the benefit of you and the questioner. Your focus should be on you, enerternal (sp?/unknown word) travels from lifetime to lifetime from plane to plane. There is no reason to overly prepare any certain area as there are actions already being taken to allow you to move into a new era.

Is there training or something that I will need to taken when the opportunity presents itself so I am prepared for this new job or new era?

Survival. You will survive no matter what we say to you because of actions already taken and the timeline which is already underway. Exercise your mind, your free will, exercise your body, run. Continue sitting with yourself, and X for development, continue working on the communication with us. Share peace. While there is no certificate for these things these are the ones that will carry you forward, not empty pieces of paper. You can still enjoy these things, just know that not much long lasting will come from them other than the ego feeling better over physically measurable results. Your actions speak louder than the actions of others and you must be mindful of their perception. Though (my boss) was not speaking to you on anything other than work, this is important in all areas. Be patient, be mindful, no coma-like actions, everything with purpose.

Events in 2011, grounding, energy, and development

From 2/26/11

What major events will the world see in 2011?

There will be many shifts in thinking but more importantly many changes which will come about by force. As the leaders begin to lose their power they will go down fighting. There will be much destruction by nature and by man’s own hand. This will not impact you and your life’s view will be unchanged but many will come into line with these thoughts by this devastation and acts of violence. Peace is something that requires change and elimination in order to be brought about. Change is never easy no matter how big or how small. Peace in your area of experience is necessary, there is good everywhere, help those around you see this and focus on what has lasting impact. There is no reason to fear lack of electricity. This will come to you in this lifetime. This is something you welcome. You are not afraid. This will be something many will experienced this year by destruction that is already planned or taking place. There is a reason for white vans, these are to rescue people and bring them into camps. These are not to be feared but will be an attempt for the government to control and provide what seems to be help, when there is no real help available at all. There is no reason to go willingly, there will be a time for you to go but at first it is not necessary. There will be peace and tranquility where you are. There is no reason to fear. We will not let harm come to you by the actions of others in your area. You will go forward with your message. Others will see this and follow you. Some close to you may not see this and will leave you. You must be strong during perceived devastation, there is only change, not a loss or gain, only change. There is no reason to worry, all should be happy daily. If all change their perceptions and focus on meaningful endeavors all will see the true meaning of these actions and will help their neighbor. There should be no fear from this. Be patient as buildings will fall. Focus on what matters, food should be an objective.

Is running or walking related to spiritual or psychic development and grounding?

This is necessary for you. There is a grounding that comes from it. There is energy gained and lost by this process and many will experience the joy from running or walking even if they do not perceive the entire change taking place on more subtle levels which they do not yet acknowledge. If those who were developing were to run or walk everyday there would be no reason to use other activities to ground themselves or seek out ways to distract their mind through drugs or alcohol as mike has described to you. There is no reason to worry about exercise if a regular fitness routine included only walking or running. Much is done for physical and energy body in these actions and there is much that is done only with these actions. Energy is shook from the body and a calm is perceived as well as physical blood and energy circulation. It enlivens the body and awakens areas that may be dark or missing energy. These are positive things that are achieved by physical activity. There is no benefit lost by their action, this should be undertaken as a spiritual foundation for those who also which to meditate or develop spirit communication. It will help them deal with higher vibrations as we contact them and connect with them. There is much benefit in this action by those who wish to work with energy.

Wikileaks, Julian Assange

From 2/26/11

What can you share about Julian Assange from wikileaks?

He is a man that is attempting to go good by exposing the hush hush activities at the top of the perceived food chain in governments. There is no reason to fear that he is not loyal to humanity or that his work is affecting anyone that was not already affected by these actions. Exposing lies and deceit in government is necessary to bring attention for people who have believed every word that a government leader has said. There is no reason to take anything as fact, investigate and become aware. Assange is for you, he is with the change, he will not be understood until people take the time to examine his work rather than what is being blasted t them through the media which is biased and leaders who are biased. All is about control, they fear his actions because they are having their skeletons exposed. No wool over the eyes any longer.

Did he commit a crime as the media have said?

There is no reason for him to be in jail or on trial by our standards, however, by earth’s rules he may have exposed a side of his personality which he can not quite control and is impulsive. There is a side to him which still needs to evolve and he has come here to learn this. There is no reason to fear him, he has wronged to being on your plane. He is a truth seeker. He will help move a change into our time for you.

Police and law enforcement

From 2/26/11

What can you tell me about police and law enforcement on this plane?

There is a reason that this was started but there will be no need for them in the same capacity once major changes start taking place. They fight to keep their ground when their ground should be held by the people. There are too many souls and spirits who wish for control when they simply should let go. Some of these enter policing and there is no good for all that comes from it. There are times when this group is used as a strong arm for the majority though the majority are only perceived, since often the government leaders are not the majority. This is much that can be done to ease the tensions but there are still personality conflicts that will only disappear when everyone focuses on what is truly necessary and genuine on the earth. Forcing behavior is not necessary. How many police have been able to stop a crime once someone call s out for them. Again, with this outside action, all comes from within. You are your own greatest protector. You know from your work that no matter what you do, if something bad is going to happen, it will be done when you are out of site. If there is a plan in action from the higher plane for a particular reason there is no intervention on your part or anyone’s that can stop it. There is a reason that you are in this position. You can see these outcomes and these reasons people use for their existence and ways of thinking in these positions. You can bring change but change will come slowly and may personnel changes re necessary. Many do not believe the world can survive without some form of control and enforcing widespread rules onto the neighbor. Agree that there are differences, no need for control or force a behavior. There is much that can be done if a person would accept responsibility in their lifetime for actions and focus on things that are just and true. Murder can still happen, but there is no need to punish on this plane for these actions. Greater action and growth is undertaken within the entities experience this action and experience all sides of the action once they come out of your human existence.

Healing and automatic writing

From 2/26/11

Do I need to call my guides to bring forth energy before each healing session?

There is no reason for that to be spoken before each session. We are with you always. You have a direct connection to us. When there is a need for healing you may simply conduct it and we will bring what you are unable to pull from your environment. There is much that can be done on your own and many humans rely on something outside themselves or believe that something outside the4mselves needs to take place before a change can happen. All is done in the mind and with energy that is present in all living an d natural things. This is where healing also comes from, not just the spirit side where many things like these are normal occurrences.

Should I let you know what I am about to do when I am beginning a healing session?

This is helpful for us. Communication is simple for us, not difficult as you first perceived. Your thoughts about your actions will draw helpful entities nearer to you and will proceed with any advisement or help during the healing process.

Do I need to call my guides before each automatic writing session?

This is something you should do until the process becomes more natural and concrete for you. There is much that can be done by using a system or a routine until you become more confident and comfortable. There is a need for you to take the place of another at this table and you are doing it rightly. There will be a time when this is not the preferred method of communication for you. Though it is building your ability and strength and confidence at this time. These are all important. For there will be a time when your technology may not be as accessible as it is now.

Do I need to call my guides to place a shield around me before each healing or automatic writing session?

This is helpful but not necessary as each person is protected on their own from within. Because you are doing work for a higher good and greater good than selfish reasons, there will always be protection for you from within your own body and mind. This does not always come from an outside force. We do not always intervene since the majority of energy and action takes part from within you, weather you realize it or not. Calling it something that happens outside of you by another force is possibly easier to understand that the realization that all protection comes from your actions, commands, thoughts, and beliefs. Nothing good will come to you if you don’t believe it first. Negativity will not join you unless you call it or sow this with your actions.

What should I know about hand placement during healing?

There are many direct placements that re beneficial for healing certain areas. There are many that are already written down on your plane. There is a woman that has done this. You have her material available to you. A full head-to-toe session is recommended but if time is short for some reason you can learn the specific areas for specific ailments. These are also treated if you conduct yourself as you have during a reiki session. There is no reason to worry that you are missing something, all energy in is energy in for a higher purpose, it will find its way to the areas in the body where it is needed. Hand placements facilitate a greater impact in specific areas rather than overall health in a general session. Common sense is maybe what you would define these placements as. As you have read this is something that focuses on all problem areas causing a certain condition. Your energy also works to heal spiritual problems in these areas. There is much that can be done by combining our energy with yours but you can do the majority of the work yourself. Have confidence, we are never absent from you. Your intention is what drives the process and you have completely at peace with the ones you have.

Am I conducting my automatic writing sessions correctly?

There are things you can do to improve them but this is not a concern at this time. This is the process by which we communicate at this time. There is not a need to rush things as all information will come as you are ready. You are looking for a confidence or confirmation of your ability to communicate with us. You may seek this if you wish but it is not necessary when you know by your own account, and that of others, that this information is coming from a place much higher than your current position on your human existence.

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