From 5/30/11

Do we always maintain our individuality no matter what form we are in or no matter how high we evolve and progress?

This form you are in now is a permanent form in terms of your true physical form. Your body that you are navigating this lifetime with is permanent self for this lifetime’s purpose. You will discard it You will return to this place, your true place of residence and be in your true form. There will be, at times, when your sense of individuality is not what you sense it to be. As you have understood, all things are energy, you are currently energy, you will always be energy, and energy is in all things. There will be no change from this. It is important to know that there is no separation of spirit or soul from what is presently one complete being to another. They often act as mirrors for our own acts and thoughts. We easily identify that which is present in ourselves. This is because we are all energy and we are all the same group of energy; it is not a problem to understand that inference once you return to your true home. Through your incarnations in the physical world you are inhabiting now, you will always retain a few of your true traits and some of those other traits and ways of thinking that were acquired in that lifetime. It is important to say now that you will not always be separate. You will not always be an individual, you will experience a grouping, you are an energy that will maintain that sense of energy and identity but there is not always a complete separation, there is a conglomeration of energy, a greater sum when these are all combined. There is information presently not known about this on your plane and there is a great deal that would only confuse and would not be readily understood. You will always maintain your right of the self, to be only that which you desire, you are never forced to sacrifice your own ideas or sense of self and or your purpose for that of another. All that is done is done so at your will. You will not feel a sense of loss. It is to give freely and become something greater that you are evolving. It is knowing on this lifetime that you are not separate individuals but all part of the same energy type and the same accessible knowledge spread across all spirits in this world. You are not unique in that sense, all may know what there is to know, many simply are not interested or choose not to know it or , because of the purpose of their lifetime her now, will not come to know it because of the other areas of development that will take place. It is important to know that there will be many times of coming back to this plane for many so that there is an understanding of human life and emotions and actions that are eternal, that is to say, they are universal by your standard, they are true no matter what place or time you reside. These things will be true no matter what motivates them in most situations. It is important to know these and to understand them but we cannot force an individual to learn them, we cannot twist an arm. It is only done through your action as you are ready to involve yourself. You are not scorned when it takes you more or less time to progress; there is no measuring rod of comparison to others. It is better to reach higher levels than to maintain the same level of living. You are not alone in this endeavor; you are not left to solve progression and development on your own. You have teachers, you have guides, you have them in your incarnation and you have them in your existence once you leave the physical body. It is up to the individual to make progress but that is only the individual that will do this. Higher is achievement but will only present more necessary work, so it is not as through there is a relief, some stopping point at which you may say, ‘now all my work is done.’ Though you should also consider that by work, we do not mean that which is labor intensive and earns you a meager wage, this is not working for another entity, this is true work and spiritual living on yourself, that which benefits all entities. Trying to say that there is no self beyond a certain point is not accurate, though there is some sensation of being part of a greater being, it is no different than how each being is related now, you only have the illusion of being separated and isolated by your physical exterior impressions. You are all one.

True prayer

From 5/29/11

How does one say or bring forth true prayer so that it can have an impact on their life, family, mother earth and all those we share the universe with?

This is a matter of your intent. Select your outcome; envision it as you would enjoy it coming to fruition. Ask that energy be sent so that it is done. This is the same manner by which healing or other energy is transferred. You can send energy to it. You can repeat your statement of intent in your mind as often as you wish. This will radiate out from your body and deliver the energy into the universe. The fact that your mind is power that constructs the universe around you this is doing the same.

Your energy emanates from all around you. Know that some things will not be interfered with and there are some that may ultimately change because of the energy directed by you and others towards it. It is only necessary to speak the positive outcome you wish. It is possible that you ask your guides questions and receive answers directly or in some physical manifestation on your plane. It is only necessary to have in your mind the vision of the completed outcome that you wish to achieve.

The asking of prayers for others is as simple as asking for prayers or positive outcome for yourself in some certain situations. Simply settle your thoughts on the outcome or action you would like to see and visualizing this energy leaving your body and affecting the universe for the positive development of this event, action, feeling, will contribute greatly to it. This act is done with all thoughts that you hold true and visualization helps the physical body and the physical mind perceive the true nature of what is attempting to be created. It is not always necessary to visualize, simply settle on your intention, your desired actions and outcomes. The energy will be released simply by your repetitive thought energy or worlds spoken. It matters not how this outcome is affected by your energy if it was never meant to be. There is much that relates to some general and basic plan and goals can be met no matter what path you take, they can be received in many forms, so fear nothing of skewing your original purpose in this lifetime by altering an event through your power of thoughts and energy. There are some that will not be changed and others that can be changed. Realize that for some, no matter what energy you wish upon them, there will not be change until they are ready for this and accept it and desire it.

It should be known that there are many who are positively impacted by your energy even though the desired outcome is not presently visible or measurable. There is power in numbers. There is great power in groups of spirits who wish the same positive outcome, though in some cases, it is not possible to intervene because the will of so many is that someone be saved or otherwise from some act or timeline of events. Simply see yourself as you wish the events to take place. Radiate love into the event; radiate the vision from your body into the world. Allow these things to be expressed by you and they will flow more easily into others when the situation is desired. Appreciation of those things which have manifested only serves the higher self as it is seen that you are not dabbling for the surface’s sake, not addressing a cause or issue simply for vanity or other impermanent reasons. To appreciate an outcome or situation is to be able to rely on this in the future.

Thoughts are no less ignored simply because gratitude is not shared, but the appreciation of such gifts is important. This is much in the same way that one should appreciate the senses and everything in their present world. Allowing full appreciation allows deeper understanding of the true nature of that which is appreciated and the reasons and purposes for it. You now know the reasons for your existence but there are many intricacies of this. Appreciating each aspect of yourself only shares into it the greater energy and understanding that has come with your full awareness of this. Appreciating something, an aspect, an emotion, appreciating this in another person only serves to amplify this in yourself and within that person. Simply by your perception it is amplified and through the energy exchange process. It is important to learn all things that relate to the senses and the body and allow them to be experienced.

Do not become a mind on ‘autopilot’ for this process may lead to deterioration in these areas when attention is not paid to them. The correct prayer is the one full of universal positive creation, that which is done without vanity, without attempting to change the events for personal gain and selfish interests. When those reasons are the motivations the desired outcome may be reached but there are other areas that will need to be addressed. This is often why it may appear that luck befalls many people only to have one problem after another after another. They may also give you the impression that their life is running smoothly and you may view them as being very fortunate.

You are all fortunate, but there are some who hide the strain that is present in their life because of the ‘ill gotten reward’ lessons for each individual appear in many forms. Each has free will and often the lesson or teaching situation is tailored to that specific lifetime and specific instant. Simply because you choose a differing job than what you first intended does not mean that you will have missed on some opportunity or lesson. The style can be changed so that it can still be implemented. Some feel they are trapped and this is not the case.

Free will dictates many things that you do, many situations are still present because of the purpose of your lifetime, but many events take shape based on the decisions and actions and energy of the person living that life. It is important that if you are asking for the protection of another, for the healing of the earth, that you simply send that energy with your mind, with your thoughts, your works, you can send this same energy as you would send healing to any person, thing, object, or situation. Healing energy is not the only type of energy which is channeled by man. Know that each emotion is energy and each emotion, the energy within it, can be sent as you would healing energy through you to another being. Anything can be sent. The emotion, the action desired, the energy associated with it in its truest form and purest form can be channeled. It is important for all who will read this to know that you are not required to enter trance tin order to channel. Simply meditate on the energy and send it from you. All is a channel; most are channels for their own energy without being aware of it and therefore cause actions and reactions without being aware of their direct affect on their own lives. All can channel energy to others. All receive.

Near death experience (NDE)

From 5/28/11

What is the reason some experience what we call ‘Near Death Experience’ or NDE?

There is an experience for them that entails their belief in the afterlife. It is important that some be broken from this or be righted on their path away from what they were currently pursuing. Some merely attempt to break from their physical existence prior to their scheduled departure, not that it is to be understood that there is often a specific date or time. There is a set of goals, a lose configuration of what should be accomplished, once it is so, or it is seen that it  can be only accomplished so much and you are ready to make an exit, then you shall. Near death experiences are bodies that are being kept alive, usually through spirit intervention, so that the sprit can be counseled or consoled in our higher dimension. . It is important to know that there is not always physical trauma that needs to be experienced in order to bring this to a spirit’s existence. The trauma, usually interpreted by the mind, is often a catalyst for such behaviors to be understood. There is a clear break. This is merely an intermission allowing a break so that counsel of the soul can take place. This often brings about development of skills or abilities that use other senses of the mind to produce psychic perceptions or a stronger sprit connection so that communication in some or all forms is much more possible. It is necessary to understand that there are many who experience this but never return with the information they were given. Often, in subtle ways, their conversations while out of their body, will affect their life subconsciously. Others may not change. Others experience this information and retain the memory of such. Partially this is dependent on the person; partially this is dependent on the situation. There are many who have observed their body while on the operating room table or after a severe trauma has taken place. There is much that you do not understand about the mind’s perception and relation and connectedness to all things. Yes, your mind can give you the perception that you are energy body is leaving, though still connected, to your physical body. But there is awareness of all things that is available to all who exist. This experience is often that awareness being freed from the confines and shackles of the mind; it is being freed from the cell and therefore can perceive all that is taking place. Because the last moments before unconsciousness were focused on the impending injury there is the ability to experience the areas associated with this energy, therefore remaining in close conscious thought proximity to that which is taking place to your body. The others that experience this will also remove their entire being from the physical body though the physical body has not yet completely been used or expired. This is, again, experience that which is completely able to be experienced now. It is often trauma which unleashes the full mind’s potential and ability to see what is always readily available to it. It is not some trauma which makes it or awakens it for you. It was there all along. It is the ability to access this information which is realized after the incident. You can do with, you can awaken or fours on these areas prior to having your awakening through a car accident, a motorcycle accident, a fall, something that incapacitates the physical leaving the mind to not be fully controlled or encompassed and governed by the physical senses. Spirit workers can do many things to sustain your body while you are away, through extended absence results in death. There are specific incidents where other activity is taking place, where the entity never leaves the body but is counseled within; there are others where they meet with their guides and higher masters in order to alleviate some confusion which has possibly brought this being to a point of neglect and destruction. Others may have come to this point through no direct fault of their own but again, the mind is freed from the control the senses may exercise over it. It is freer. Your mind does not, and its awareness, does not take up only that which fills the empty space within your skull or that knowledge which you choose to read and surrounding yourself with. The expanse which your mind covers and can assimilate and acquire and is currently aware of covers all the known stars, planets, universes, and galaxies known to men your on r plane. It is becoming aware through subtle hints, or what you perceive has subtle indications, that will awaken this. Many need to be told of the greatness beyond this current life you are in order to understand the scope of themselves and those they encounter. It is not necessary to always directly consult spirit guides or workers for assistance and guidance, it can be lived, a life without mediumship ability, and live a productive life spiritually speaking, but to know of the vastness of all creation, in your knowing and beyond it, this is why and the purpose for some needing to see the greatness that is truly all of the known existence. There is much that is needed to be shared in order to awaken focus into other areas. Realms are not limited to only those inhabitants that currently reside in them, and in order to fully grasp the complexity and yet simplicity and of the purpose of this lifetime it is important to understand this. Many are serious on the wrong tasks; many are on the right and true tasks but not in a focus effort. Many are urged. You may not have a connection to sprit which you consciously use or call for information for yourself or others but this is still present, the ability to communicate, for there is always information sent, there is the ability for information to always to be sent to you to assist you. It is your will that exercises the judgment and ability to carry it out, acknowledge it , or to completely ignore it. You may decide what to do.

Purpose of sinus passageways


Do our sinus cavities serve a purpose in psychic or medium skills and abilities? If so, what do they do? Does being congested, having a cold, or having allergies change this in any way?

These areas are intensely sensitive to energies. It is also important to know that the energy and light from the sun directly affects these areas. These were placed within the physical body in these areas because of their ability to be in the sun as it relates to the sleep and waking cycles of a person and therefore receive more energy through these areas because they are in direct light while the person is waking. It is important to say that these areas are receptors and antennas. They are not simply a method of filtering your breathing air. They serve the function of a reservoir of energy while the skills is needing it for interpretation or as a full reserve to experience the sensations and to use the qualities of a particular skill that has been developed in a medium or person that is able to sense and perceive beyond that of which is widely acceptable on your plane. They do not receive information that is harmful, though they are able to interpret the energy of others and may act as a warning. Negative energy and information is not supplanted in these areas and you do not need to worry about harm. You cannot be harmed in these areas. That is why it is important to know that when you experience certain energy or emotions, that is to say, when your mind experiences them, they are not yours. You often can experience the energy, vibration, or emotional state of those near year, as well as those at a distance, those not directly in your presence because of an ability to connect through the many forms of energy and medium skills and healing. It is important to notice their placement, they are directly over the brain and are direct receptors, as are the eyes, of that which is being seen an experienced by the body. On a much deeper level they interpret data and energy much more than what is on the surface and visible to the eyes. These areas are unaffected by hate and anger, they are only able to sense them. They are able to sense many things and often bring this energy in the form of an emotional or physical response process within the brain. Please know that there is much focus that should be paid to these areas. Many parts of the body were only discovered prior to many beliefs held by current society but current society has not reexamined much of the body in order to understand its purpose and function by today’s methods and interpretations. Today’s understanding is still that of prior misunderstanding. These areas serve the same purpose as many might consider the antennae of insects. They can be filled with energy by that of spirit; we can bring energy and gas, and chemicals, to these areas for your development, to balance the body, to develop an ability in you. To bring about a deeper level of trance. Often there will be a sensation in these areas as though one has experienced a sun burn or has been in the sun through they were only in an apartment or dwelling. This experience is because of the energy that was used and is similar to that energy that is delivered by the sun. There is much manipulation here, not for negative or personal gains, but there is much here that the human existence does not know and takes for granted, and therefore much intervention is needed by those with the knowledge, those in the sprit realm, to balance and correct these areas. It is possible at times that these areas succumb to sickness because of sensory overload within a body or existence that has not yet adjusted to the sensory perceptions of these areas. It is also simply just a matter of physical imbalance that causes these areas to be irritated and filed with mucus. In most cases these areas being infected do not impact your ability to conduct your usual routine, your practice and utilization of your skills, only when they restrict, prevent, or change your breathing, which also changes the blood flow and rhythm of the body – that is when these areas can be impacted. Many can experience some degree of all those possible interferences that you have mentioned and never suffer a need for rest from spirit while resting the physical body in order to recuperate. When you do experience the need for rest it is important that your use of mediumship abilities do not interfere with your physical rest and wellbeing. Simply because the skills and qualities and senses that you are using do not appear physical they still impact the body in much the same way as any physical activity,. They can change the energy levels in the body and this may pose problems when healing is required or rebalancing to allow health to return to the body. As chakras dispense energy, they serve as possibly you could call them miniature heart centers for the manner that they spread and dispense the energy through the body as the heart does with blood – that is the manner in which your sinus cavities, those contained within the structure of the skull, spread the energy to the brain and pass messages back and forth from internal to external and vice versa. Do not worry that an infection has made these areas less able to interpret data or less functional. There is little that is stopped in an energetic process because of physical mucus. Some energy will always flow through any physical form and much more energy can be supplied if it is something that is hampered by a physical passing through in order to reach an area. The breath is what should be focused on when one is concerned fi their health may contribute their communication or other skill negatively. The breath has the most direct impact on your physical health. Diet is second, but as the natural process are concerned, the breath affects many rhythms and cycles, all must breathe, no matter their diet or other variables, the breath is always required and respiration is the beginning process of the cycle within the body that regulates many things. These things being in top physical order should dictate your use of your perceptions, skills, senses, and other abilities when considering actions to take while you may be in an imbalanced stage of physical or energetic health. Sinus cavities can be cleaned using water, they can also be aided by hands on healing, the healing of mind, or the healing of distance healing. These also serve to balance the areas and empty them from any cause of inflammation and empty them from any excessive substance. Much of a person’s perception of another is by sending and receiving information that is expressed through these areas. It is not always the expression, the physical outward view of the emotion that a person perceives in another that makes them react in a certain manner or behavior, it is the energy being expressed through these areas in that one person that rare being received and interpreted by the viewer that have the greatest impact. Much is connected within the human body and within the human head. There is much that is known about the body and how all processes relate to one another. There is less known at this time about all ducts, glands, and connectedness and passageways are all interrelated within the skull, the brain, and the head. There are many physical secretions that use these areas but there is much for energetic exchange within these forms. Expression on many levels and receiving information takes place within these areas. It is only by experiencing the exchange that occurs between all senses, their merging through connectedness in these passageways, that an experience is truly felt. The true nature may be missed because it is only felt by what is directly and immediately available to the degree that a person is aware of their senses. Most often these are only the physical sense. Records are maintained of these experiences so that they may be understood later should they have been missed while in the physical existence. Do not use any drying substance on the glands or ducts within these areas or within the body. Let excess be expressed naturally when there is an imbalance. The excess must be passed in order for balance to again be achieved. Balance cannot be forced, though much is not done by medicine to balance, it only masks. Masking these problems does not help them to alleviate the imbalance in the body. It is true, the body must now work physically more in order to bring forth a change because it is now working through tougher conditions, not just walking up hill, but now scaling a mountain because of the medicinal interference. It is possible to take a natural plant substance to prevent further infection, however, if there was balance in fluids within the body, balance within the diet, these substances would not have to be taken and an infection would not be a concern. In that situation the fluids could pass freely of other areas of balance were maintained. There is also fluid exchange to and from the body with these cavities; energy is exchanged which also gives the impression of fluid exchange because of hit. Dryness occurs because of this. Fluid, water, it is important to maintain a high quantity of this with regularity, within the body.


From 5/22/11

Are garlic gel capsules bad for Michael Burke or for those seeking to develop any form of mediumship?

It is important to know that no matter what pill you allow to enter your body, that you do so, on a regular basis, so that the chemical formulation of that which is used within your body during the mediumship is balanced and regulated. It is possible to take any form of pill consistently or to take it only when the need for that specific pill be taken, but you should not take the pill, or any pill, sporadically, as it becomes more difficult to regulate the chemical and energetic make up of the entire body as it relates to any form of spirit communication or phenomenon. For you, these can be beneficial. For heart and blood, they are a purifier. They serve to clear away the problems that certain medical doctors issue antibiotics for. There is a strong odor from these and will impact the body adversely until it acclimates to it. It is important to take these, if you will do so, only once per day no matter what the label advises and do so routinely if you wish. You may take them only in time of illness if that is what you feel you are more comfortable with. In a time of sickness it is the dis-ease that often adversely affects any skill or ability you possess more than that of which you consume in order to rebalance your body. They are not negative simply because when they become routine the balancing process can be made to establish care and order within the body. It is necessary for you to take these but only do so if you believe that there is something within you that is causing a need for it. For, general maintenance with pills often prevents the body from producing its own chemicals for the body to rid of certain problems and may interfere with certain processes. It is important to know that there is no direct reason for you, specifically, Michael Burke, to take these though they will contribute to overall health that is missed by the absence of certain vegetables within the diet. Though it is not any specific one that will offer the same specific satisfaction and purpose as garlic, they all, in combination, serve these purposes. It is acceptable to take this. It will not interfere with your goals or objectives. Maintain a balance and routine in what you do that regularly impacts the physical body and the energy radiating from it and that which is sent to it will find harmony. Seek balance in the level of carbohydrates that energy the body in relation to meat or protein, these should be in equal portion to fruit and vegetable. It is important for you to eat what comes from the ground, from your Earth, directly. You are making progress on this. It is coming through now that you are. These subtle changes improve the clarity of your energy the means you will use to communicate. The slow paced and small changes that take please serve to keep your chemical balance from altering drastically so that your balance is not offset and detrimented so that mediumship, any physical mediumship or communication of any kind will not be hindered.

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