Soul mates

Are there really true soul mates?

There are soul mates in your sense of what persons or people return for the purpose f interacting specifically within one another in a specific lifetime. This does not have to be a long term interaction or a significant interaction, only that the interaction occurs, by both agreeing, and by positive consideration by those above you. There are some who are soul mates who are engaged on long term relationships and others who are short involvements in your life. The purpose of these relationships range the full spectrum of needs, emotions, and purposes for development or receiving an experience. It is important to know that simply because you are soul mates does not make you lovers. You can have friends and colleagues who are soul mates. Soul mates can refer more to your similarity in progress that has been made through your development as a being of energy, your true self. Though, it is possible that there is a link between beings that do no reside in these areas of existence within your true home. There are soul mates who work together on progress, often these can be groups, not limited to just a singular pair. These groups work to promote and motivate, or help to understand the experiences had by the group for the sake of evolving and, as you might understand it, educating each other for the purpose of ascending to a higher frame of knowledge. It is possible that significant or insignificant relationships also be of your own free will or those that were destined to happen or created to happen for your experience, or even by chance, and that those individuals share nothing in common with you on any plane., though, in many cases, in order for a successful long term relationship of any kind to take place and be maintained there is often a meaningful accord between the two beyond the physical realm in which you currently reside. It is important to see that there is much change coming at this time and that there are those who are destined to have greater roles than others. This does not mean that there are no soul mates or that we are all connected any less than what you have once thought. It is important to see the light that is coming to you and is always available to you. Free will or choice or that which is determined, however loosely, before you arrive, these are the things that make this existence real to you. It is important to engage in all things as though they were true and for your highest good, simply because you do not immediately know, it is important to take on all thins important to your evolution as though they were bringing you up to the next level of progress. Important things will be coming in a very short measurement of your time. It is important to stick to and maintain your plans, any long term plans that anyone has at this point, to maintain these. The initial first steps will be key, through your trip, for many; will change its course beyond these first few initial steps. These are all key to the coming boost of energy, the coming wave, the next set of events.

Adolf Hitler after his physical death

From 6/12/11

Is the one known as Adolf Hitler still punishing himself or has he advanced?

There is nothing you can’t know by your own doing and by your own devices. This subject is of the utmost importance when he returned to the area of the light. He was not forced to punish himself but was to undergo a form of counseling. Many of the actions and developments and forms of review he underwent upon his return were self-imposed. It is possible, for any being, to accomplish such acts as were carried out in his lifetime and be unaware of the severity of their actions, he was able to return, if he chose, and not fully become aware of the direction involvement and severity of his acts. This being has made progress through counseling, through reviews, through reflection of the actions that were taken during that specific lifetime. It is in this process now that he currently finds himself though there is much progress being made. There were many things that were not reported through historical records or through media, or through the controlled outlets, there were many things that were taking place within this lifetime that lead to this series of events for many to undergo. It was not necessarily an evil act but an attempt to display the atrocities of the relating actions and ideals that brought forth this mentality into the world and lead to the violent death and actions taken in the name of the government who sanctioned and made right, true, or correct the actions of the people for the sake of power. It should be evidenced by historical document that there were no lasting positive outcomes that could have been brought about by acting in this manner, developing hatred, annihilation, these are not useful, but the men and women of this planet regularly engage in them on some scale. The was the goal of the lifetime known as Hitler to involve himself in these actions in this manner though there was a great deal of external motivation and influence by those with whom he surrounded himself. For, it was not entirely his motivation alone that lead to the final outcome. It is often the understanding of many that there was a need e to intervene and therefore you find it acceptable to allow an ‘eye for an eye’ mentality. While this may appear true, there are other means that would have allowed for the removal of such a force though it would have been much longer and more hatred spread into the world and even more violence and earth than what was experienced by those living through and in this period. This was a grand attempt to teach the world the meaning of understanding, peace, compassion, and to be aware of this understanding involved in the motivations pushing these actions. There are many who experienced this time on many sides of the war and many sides of the morals held by many. There are many who will not have relinquished these ideals and those who have crossed over from the physical existence who will not immediately understand are not granted the ability to return to it so that greater peace may be held. There are few who have returned to complete some small task or influence but none to such a capacity that there would be great atrocity. There are many who have returned to a military capacity but were not in a position to accomplish the same level of injustice as they accomplished in the height of Nazi Germany. Many of them who returned to military interests have experienced the role reversal in order to experience the bloodshed and emotion that are accompanying those actions. An eye for an eye will leave the world blind but even the practice of ‘choosing your battles’ on dealing with individuals you may encounter on a personal level, this too is to be put into practice on a much larger scale. Should the actions of Nazi Germany been less extreme there would be been no need to bring the world into a catastrophic war for the removal of these beings. Though, it is also the possibility in any war to remove those committing these actions and return them to a state of peace, that is, they should be seized and then death also placed upon them. If the power considered evil can be removed it is important to remove the individuals and place them in a prison where they may receive counseling, counseling and peace is the priority, there are many who may have the ability to consider the actions and motivations of their life to that period but there are many who will not, though it is not by the hand of another that should offer death to another entity. When there is a path of nonviolence for those have achieved it, this should be the way. The progression of all will come to this and through these actions the purpose of mankind is elevated and raised, for it is quite different to stop ‘eye for an eye’ and prevent it from being perpetuated

Forced into a lifetime against free will?

From 6/12/11

Can a spirit be forced into an incarnation against its free will?

It is the desire of each being to progress and grow and to experience life, even if it is without progression. There are some that have been reluctant to accept this form of experience, this living of lifetimes, but it is a choice to do so only made the by the entity in question. No one, no being, at any time, will force you to return. There may be counseling or the urging of others that you accept this, for we all grow when one grows, but you are not forced to experience a lifetime simply because another person or entity will benefit from it or believes it is in your best interest to do so. There will be counseling to relate that information to you, that it is their belief that it is your best course of learning to encounter the experiences within the lifetime in question or to experience specific tasks within a physical existence. It is only the duty of those around you to guide and provide information from their perspective, from their point of view; it is not their way to punish you by forcing you to undergo an area in which you have no interest. You are able to progress through other means without experiencing a lifetime in a physical human body but it is also your own right to never progress or to progress at a different rate relative to those around you. You are able to do as you please. There are many reverberations in terms of the result of taking on a lifetime or choosing to forge this option, but none of these are punishments, they are not sanctions because you refused to follow the orders of some higher ranking entity. You are only passed from one area to another according ot your level of development and your vibrational harmony with those that are progressing through the same functions as you. There are beings who simply do not wish to return or experience a first lifetime, this is of their own accord. There are entities that do not wish to accomplish anything that was set for them or planned for them while in a specific lifetime, this is their free will and it is acceptable just as all actions. There are many who are reluctant, but there is no guilt, there is no pressure, there is no forcing an entity to enter into this human form and experience certain life events. You are aided in selecting experiences and  events and circumstances which best suit the requirements or goals of your intended areas of learning.

The emotions of spirit beings

From 6/12/11

What type of emotions do spirit beings experience?

There are beings of light who cannot experience emotion as you would interpret it on your plane of current existence. There are many who simply interpret a vibration, or a color, or who have none of these and may only communicate, though communication is through various means, there is no emotion as you understand it now on your current plane of existence. It is necessary and often required to experience these emotions but there is an area of development where a new type of external interpretation is used rather than the style and workings of those you current experience. Many do not feel with the same methods and senses of measurement that your body or spirit uses now. To fully understand what is being written now it is important to know that there is much more that is interpreted on your plane by emotion than on the plane you will experience after physical death. The type of communication that is often used is not necessarily through that of verbal communication where verbal inflection is used and emotions, no matter what stage of development, are used to express and interpret information passed between beings. There is joy because of the vibration of the energy. You equate many things with crating and brining joy but the true reason; even in your current lifetime, that you experience joy is because of the vibration, the measurement of the energy within the action, this is what causes joy. It is this form that beings without a true physical existence, that of being only pure energy, this is the manner in which they experience your reference of emotions. It is important to understand that when you return to your true plane of existence that you are not becoming a lifeless or uninterested being, your are not a robot. You are not a robot, you have the same type of interpretations and expressions that you do now in terms of feeling joy, sorrow, sadness, and others, but the way in which they are received is much different as they are not judged by your methods now such as voice inflection or physical expression of the sender or receiver. These are not necessary for you once you leave your physical body now. Often these experiences, for those of the spirit, the non-physical entity, these experiences are much stronger and would be overwhelming in your current state. Because of the vibration or measurement and type of energy associated with the action or thought and because you do not have a physical body or lower vibration, there is much that is received by you that is absorbed by outside objects. You are clearly experience emotion or though when you are out of your physical body. There are no misinterpretations of words or actions because the true meaning, that which you might currently say is the underlying reason or purpose for an action, this can be felt by those beings involved. Therefore all actions are immediately perceived by what they are truly expressing. Truly expressing your emotions is not entirely the same method by which you do not, through physical outlets and methods. To a being without a human form in a physical existence, these might be compared to your aura or the visible energy that radiates from your boy on this plane. Your emotions, your state of being when you are on the energy side of your true existence; these are visible at all times. This may leave many feeling vulnerable, believing that they must always be protected. You are always protected but not in the sense of the human form where you may feel it necessary to protect yourself for the hate or perceived misguided actions of others. When you return to your home you are not included with all beings. Those who are more in line with your actions or beliefs, you may consider them to have the same foundation, or guiding principles as you, those who hare approximately at the same point in their existence or development, these are who you are surrounded by. There is no need for protection from negative, or what is perceived as negative, because there is no extreme range of negativity and positive actions, by comparison.

Are accidents planned?

Are accidents something that are planned events or does free will play a part?

There is much adjustment that takes place in your life depending on your free will so that events that re planned may take place, that is, not the specific event in most cases, but the event that brings about the desired experience or goal that you planned to achieve and experience in this lifetime. There are many things that influence free will and influence events on your lifetime. There are many things that are planned, simply because they appeared accidental or inconsequential makes them no less important, though they might be. An accident can bring your attention to an area that you were neglecting, even in terms of thought though the accident may have some physical impact. There may also be implications for your emotions. It is important to adjust your thinking to understand that there are no negative actions. There are many things that unfold so that the desired plan, that which you were counseled and chosen to experience with your own desire, that these be accomplished. You may learn love, for example, through any number of experiences, so it is not dependent at all times that you meet a specific individual or care for an individual so that a bond is formed or any other part of love or caring be experienced. There are times when it is very dependent on the person because of their path and your and how they interrelate, but many goals and experiences will be brought about by the circumstances no matter how your free will has intertwined with your plan. It is of utmost importance to keep your mind open and clear and not worry on how the event has been formed but to understand that causal reasons, those important beyond the physical world, those that you will carry with you after your physical death. Examine these reasons, the motivations, and the areas being affected. These are what often determine growth or an area to review for some potential lesson or meaning after you have come through physical death. It is not necessary at all times to feel as though you experienced a specific incident and then reacted poorly to it, though you may not understand the process now you will understand, or you still may not, upon your exit from this physical world. Our reflection this situation and understanding the correct, or universal, response that may have been more positive is as useful as if it were your initial response. Typically, it is not known by you whether this also was the required response for the growth of yourself o r others involved , though all actions, should be considered and reviewed on terms of how you feel after, much later, after the incident. Were you better off because of your reaction to the accident or were you feeling as though you reacted negatively towards yourself or others involved – these are important if you are considering growth and evolution in your lifetime and beyond it. Please understand that it is important that all things know of lifetimes, there is much said to deter any thought or thinking regarding this and many are expressing themselves, their emotions, and reacting as if there is no life beyond that of physical death, that there is no impact, as if this is the only life. It is important to know that you have many attempts, if you chose to call them that, and many reviewing of an immediate previous life to examine and understand, there are also many things that may not be depending on this knowledge for you but to understand this it to remove one’s self from the hold and control and ill focus and motivations that many hold. Process information as you receive it, but is it never impossible to examine a chain of events or a situation when you are involved in them. When there is a pressing situation at hand you can learn to recognize the correct behavior. Many may call this listening to their inner voice or angel, but being developed enough to understand your own intuition or guidance is important. It should be noted that all should attempt to withdraw from all outside stimulation at least one solid hour per week, and there are many benefits to this being completed several times throughout one’s waking hours. Pleasing the self is not as important as developing the self. Waking hours are spent too often on that which causes the mind to be idle.

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