About a group of spirit guides

Prior to today I have been given information for myself and other people from a group who identify themselves as Elyophony, Elophiny, various spellings. You can find some of it here. In a reading several years ago I was told I have a group of alien/extraterrestrial guides. Finally asking a little more about them and other things I see on a regular basis.

Are the three shadows I see, the three points of light, my extraterrestrial guides, and the group called Elyophony all related or the same?

These, for you are the same. For many people they are not. As with many things, what one person experiences is not the same, even under the same conditions, for another person. It is possible for others to know and experience things in different ways, for you, this is what works well for you in the present state of things. You will be told more at a later time and will receive more information, endless and untold before. For these guides and beings to communicate with you is something very unique. Often they are unnamed.

Today’s spirit guide message

Today’s message from, a group that give the impression that they are guides for or interacting with many people. I have received the name a few times with various spellings, I hear it relatively the same way each time Elophony, Elyophyny, Elyophiny:

There is still great change underway in your world. Many believe there were going to be disasters and widespread mayhem because of 2012 or that something awful would befall them. There are changes, some are as obvious as your entertainment would have you believe, some in a smaller scale, but for those who notice them, there are energetic changes, they are as real and dramatic as an earthquake splitting the world in two. There are different energies now, there is an abundance of supposing energies. It is important to know that this is not some kind of war where you’ll have to choose sides. The sides are already chosen, it is a mater of oersonal development, that’s all it has ever been. To notice what has changed, consider how you feel about the world now and compare it to five years ago. While opinions may have changed there are many who are feeling a shift that has occurred, the unexplainable shift or strangeness that many of felt is part of the development stages of your planet. Many things you have done and not done but the decision of each being in your planet effects the life of every other within it. There are ancient scholars that speak of universal truths and universal views and emotions. These should be a accurate interpretations for you, for all in existence. They relate and explain how all are connected. Very simply, the energy and actions you express into the world do not evaporate and disappear, they are here for eternity until something acts an that energy you’ve created and expressed externally into existence. It’s similar to pets in glass tanks, everything they do remains with them until something acts on it, intervenes. In nature there is an outside mitigating force such as there are those forces on the planet and in existence that mitigate and maintain. Greater progression is made when the beings work in conjunction with these mechanisms rather than against or without their knowledge of existence. It is important to know that powerful beings visit your planet, the view it. This is not threatening or a religious sentiment of some otherworldly being watching over you, on many levels you are not alone. You are part of a system. Simply choosing to remain in your rabbit hole does not eliminate the outside world and your direct interaction with it. Choose to be daring, the world and others are waiting for you. Everything you do is up to you. This does not mean that those in various stages of development are contributing more or less than those in other phases. Each contributes in their own way and is as important as the rest. Those for murder can find actions suited to their mission that are more productive but still in line with their purpose. It does not matter if you murder, the planet as a whole can evolve and change together. Do not believe that because there is upheaval in certain regions that there is more or less disharmony than those who wear a suit and tie to work. Visual impressions are very much portrayed incorrectly to you. It is your thoughts as a being of the spirit which matter, thinking independently is becoming a triviality, do not let it. You are together on a ship, yet you are free to do with your time and space what you will, realize only that all actions impact others you have never met.


Today’s message

Message from my spirit guide Constantine:

This is not about you. This is it about us. This is about the whole world, all the populations, coming together, you can share a universal hug, but more importantly, realize that you are all one. You are not separate and divided, you are not isolated as you believe. You are each experiencing and undergoing change and things you consider challenges. Do not fear them. You are never alone in your struggle. It is important to now hat each is on his or her own path but hat there are others with precisely accurate in the same method of experience, as you. You can rise up out of it, you can do as you see fit in any circumstance. Hopelessness is not something you should feel, your true intention can always be carried out.

Today’s message

From my guide Constantine:

There is peace to be had in even the smallest of actions. Take comfort in knowing you have done your best. It is not necessary to compare your actions to those of anyone else. Guilt weighs heavy on many because of comparison. Free yourself from this and love as you truly feel necessary. Your free will is not truly utilized when you compare yourself to others for motivation and then mirror another’s actions. Your face today should worn as you wish to wear it for your lifetime. Do not allow a single moment to escape, a single moment to shock you from your life as it truly should be. There is more learning to be had in suffering than what many currently take from it.

Message for today

From my guide Constantine:

Peace and love. If you work on nothin else. By working to express these things, not in some sort of idealized fashion where we all share hugs all day long, but in a more rationalized sense. Realize that you are all together. You are all connected. In a small sense, in the same way that all sea life is connected by water, all life, all energy, all things animate and inanimate are connected and learn, teach, grow, and experience together. Love of self is important. Not simply self-esteem because you are told you should have it. There is not a universal measuring rod for any of this. No two people will experience the same or will have reached the same finish line and feel as though they are in the same place. All thugs are relative to your life and to what it is you will and want to experience. Life is not simply a mundane task, many experience it this way because they feel locked in to current cycles. Change is possible in the smallest and largest of moments at all points in time. Dwell on what you desire your positive outcome to be. Be aware that positive for some is not positive for all. The only constant in any world is the ability for change. It will happen, you can bring it forward, it is inevitable. Simply because your name is not in a headline in a newspaper does not mean that you haven’t or will not achieve, accomplish, or have an impact.

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