Channeled message regarding marriage

Is marriage a viable concept on the earth plane?

This is an institution that survives out of guilt, pressure, insecurity, and longing for external stimulation though you are ignoring many other opportunities internally and externally. There is much about this institution about possession. It was born in a sense that it has always been done but there is much concern about the possession of one being or another and the treatment of beings as property. Recently, in a wide scope, this has become celebrated, it is incorporated so heavily in society that possession is celebrated and those who do not engage in it are mocked or shunned for choosing a different path or ignoring this concept entirely.

The right to enforce your partner to abstain from any other activity with another being, sexual or otherwise, is the problem. There are many who agree this is an ancient practice and assumes that those in a partnership will not find true happiness or meaning until a marriage is executed. Many fear being alone, many fear abandonment, just as putting a small band-aid on a severe trauma patient does little for the patient, involving yourself in the prospect of marriage does not truly address your discrepancies in personality, or that which causes you to have fear, it slows them, masks them, they will appear, they will be addressed, perhaps in this lifetime, perhaps many lifetimes from now, perhaps outside of a physical body entirely.

There are many who involve themselves in happiness with another person and often times this partner can occupy their space for the majority of a lifetime, but there is much that is done to pressure or control a partner with expectations. While one partner may not realize this is being done, the other partner is growing, both should be growing and changing and activating all possibilities in this lifetime.

Marriage should not be viewed as a requirement. Marriage should not be viewed as some everlasting prospect which holds you to the earth with any sense of accomplishment, that you would lack any good deed because you are married or not married. The celebration of mutual unions can be had, should be had, should be celebrated or addressed by any means thought necessary. However, do not assume that because you have agreed to join your physical existence together that your paths in life with also follow the same road.

Also realize that the mutual coming together for the child. There is much that should be done to achieve a union for this purpose. It is not required from every being, but for many it is simply bringing new life, for others it is bringing new life and raising the new being with the same individual, and for others it is a matter entirely different.

All beings, to some degree, in some area seek a sense of permanence. There very nature of all things around you show you that all things in life are very impermanent. This is not a detriment to your environment. This is not something you should fear or worry over, it simply is in existence in this manner. Fearing change is a simple statement, but many do fear it in some area. They build physical and non-physical barriers and habitats to protect themselves from learning what is truly within their own being.

Change should be welcomed, change and temporary permanence, perhaps a better method for describing the situation, should not be judged so harshly. For many, they will not take the advice or adhere to the societal pressure or demand and more conflict is created because of this. Independence can be achieved in both realms but more anger, hate, and rage is being done because this institution is so engrained in society. You can see that there are many unions, detrimental and positive, that exist without marital, religious, or government sanction. The possible union, the possible benefit, the potential for hate and dissolution of a union is just as possible no matter the term associated with it. There is simply a method needed to create control measures. Many things are done in many societies simply because they have been done before. There is no real examination of the benefit, purpose, or use of the act. Marriage is about equality and mutual understanding. Two people or many people can mutually benefit one another without control, but perhaps the control is what they desired to experience in this lifetime.

The essence of any institution on the earth plane is that it should be evaluated for each individual. Coming to terms with the temporary state of all things in life and learning to allow the energy of the human experience ebb and flow without constant fear, judgment, and acting outlandishly because of these things. There are many actions, emotions, people, and experiences that are meant to be seen as permanent in your lifetime, there are many things that are not permanent. Clinging to your desires when the world around you, the people around you are changing, this does not help you.

Build your home and your resiliency within your mind, within yourself. You should not desire to be alone or not alone, you should desire what you feel is truly for you and for your learning. There are often not widespread and general statements that apply to all situations and all people. The rules, laws, acts, practices and statements expressed on the human plane are often simply for learning but often attempt to entrench the greatest number of minds into similarity that one being can forget that objecting, publicly or privately, or simply following a different path without calling attention to it, that being forgets it can be done. This is allowed, it is permitted.

You do not enter a pool to stand motionless, you enter to make waves, to enable cause and effect. You enter life to experience it. Perhaps to makes as much energetic changes as possible, perhaps to be as independent as possible. What is or is not for you now may or many not have been part of your history or future. There essence of experience is to engage in it fully. To not ignore your emotions, to learn and engage and to free your mind from what others attempt to store in it. You are a fully aware being capable of all things great and small, the rules, laws, and practices that make many feel restrained can be lived without. That which is declared absolutely wrong, morally incorrect, it will exist and lessons achieved with or without suffocating practices and methods for attempting to corral those seen as loose ends or those who want to fight any apparent system that attempt so impart the most similar and easily digestible thinking to the greatest number.

Today’s channeled message: Learning


Message from my spirit guides:

What can you learn by doing? What can you learn from others who have gone before you? It’s importer to realize that you are an independent thinker not bound by any single method or experience. It is time to grow. It is time to grow and tend to that which is already planted in your mind. It is time to pick the weeds that that which does not serve you.

Graciously you have been allowed to experience this lifetime with many others from various levels and development processes. You can learn from beings who appear so different from you. It is time to be a being of action in sharing the opposite of hostility and segregation and hate speech in regards to those who share your plane.

Peace is not a peaceful state, peace will be different from what it is now, it is a different state, but one with more cohesion, potentially isolation, but this is the method by which many can learn independence from others.

It is no slow going unless you act in that manner. It is important that you understand the credibility of your own actions and important works for yourself and those around you and those who will follow after you. You are no less important than the sun or the moon.

Message from my guides


Today’s channeled message:

It is important today to learn from actions that you have take in the past. Examine your thoughts, examine your goals. Many things coming to you now are a direct reflection of these things and their alignment or misalignment with your true self. New goals can be established but learning to listen to your highflier self is more important than all the advice in the world combined from self-help books, counselors, and any friendly advice. The voice that speaks to your heart and mind, this is the greatest counselor. This voice, your true self, these contain the knowledge and wisdom of the entire universe and all that shall be and all that ever will be.

Socialize, do not use conversation as a crutch for your self-described problems. Conversation should be a time for sharing and learning and mutual education and entertainment. Do not make others seek out your problem and correct it because you do not feel comfortable in your own skin. Advice and information can be helpful in a decision but all decisions are yours. You cannot circumvent the decision making process simply to escape responsibility from its outcome. There is no positive or negative experience. There is cause and effect and your ability to view it and take information from it.

You are not lost at sea. You are the sea and have the ability to know your vast expanse and deepest depths.

The National Rifle Association

What is the National Rifle Association’s true agenda?

The National Rifle Association is not built on fear, but to some degree, it is developing a perpetual use and need for existence out of fear. Originally it was born from ideas relating to colonial freedom and the right to bear arms in the traditional sense of your land being invaded by unrighteous means or motivations. Today it continues because there are many who fear that there will be a time when gun ownership will be forbidden which will make them more easily taken prisoner or more easily taken advantage of because they are unarmed.

There are some who believe there is some subversive political action that will require them to defend themselves. The primary importance of owning any firearm is not the protection it provides. No matter your life’s plan, and no matter if you own a firearm or not, there are certain situations in which you will find yourself, even if you live in a protected bunker as you worry about the outside world. Their agenda is simple but those that associate themselves with it are not always sensible by widespread terms and portray gun ownership as some sort of violent fanaticism.

Guns are not harmful, nor will a gun protect you necessarily any better than any other action in your mind. The sense that force is a better tool than communication is an idea that makes many uncomfortable. They are not willing to attempt this as an idea and allow it to fail and then prevail. They are concerned that with failure they are exposed and without protection.

Peace can be had without weapons, there would be new methods of learning experience, and that is the point, to grow beyond current means, but it is not necessary to fear your neighbor. The NRA is a mirror of society in many areas, that many are afraid, that many fear, and they do their best with what means they have available to protect themselves though this form of protection is not protecting the mind. Their hearts can be closed as can their minds. In some cases there are a small percentage of members who wish to be challenged, not as a learning experience, and not as a method for greater understanding, but because this is the moment that they have been preparing for, the moment when the government or toms outside force or idea is going to steal their freedom. The confrontation is a moment in which they can release their idea and methodology onto the world, or simply release it into what they see as an opposing force.

Gun rights, ownership of firearms, it should not be politically ruled or governed. There are various groups on both sides of any weapon debate that propose tough rules and laws and punishments for violations. What is more important is the freedom of many to choose and the education of the public to discern and education on the matter. Simply because one owns a weapon does not make them a violent person, nor does being weapon free make you a peaceful person. There are individuals who band together in groups to protect rights that they fear will be taken away. Those that do the taking by laws are also reacting to fear and worried behavior. There is much distrust, at some point along this time line someone needs to stop and afford others the chance to allow trust, to allow other humans to realize they are all having a similar experience.

It is not good, bad, indifferent, or neutral, it is only existing. It exists for many reasons for many people. There are many who see them as a threat, but for much more time to come there will be violence on your plane and weapons used by armies and by individuals. The true peace will come when the last shot is fired by a mine and his opponent realizes that this is not an opportunity to strike back, but also an opportunity to not seek revenge or gain a desperate upper hand.

Today’s channeled message


Message from my spirit guides:

There is no order in disorder. There is no lawlessness in following laws. There is a time for peace and violence shall not be born from it. In its place, a chief number of you will find yourselves truly alive. It is in this peace that you will wonder how you existed prior to that moment. Those are not lost times, a learning experience, in that moment recall the past and exercise your present thinking. Learn from those decisions. Learn to record this information for others who will follow you. Many must be receptive in their own time, do not worry that it falls on deaf ears. It will be the talent of the human race to hand down more than a potentially inaccurate history in terms of the true human existence beyond that of recording mere physical events.

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