Poison Ivy

What is the purpose of poison ivy and the way in which it causes skin irritation?

There is not some magical potion that relive this for you specifically, for anyone. There is a cause and effect here that wishes to call your attention to the careful consideration of planning events and critically thinking in the manner in which you engage in events. It is impossible for you to prepare for every possible outcome. What would the nature of life be if you knew what was always waiting around the corner? Do not worry that you are not prepared. You are prepared for nothing, you are prepared for all things. Your nature, your personal nature, allows you to engage in all things and to grow and adapt and learn from them without harm to some inner part of your being that will damage you forever in some way. This is the fear that many have, that they must make a decision in some way while knowing all of the possibilities, what should be acknowledged and followed is your heart, your true self, the higher being residing in the physical body. Not knowing something does not make you less capable. You are always capable of learning and growing and you are capable of making decisions without considering all possibilities and working them over in your head to prepare for all things that may be on the path ahead.

This does not mean that you should carefully consider everything, nor does it mean you should hastily make any decision without caution, nor is any answer universal and applicable in all situations. It is important to understand that often, inaction is present, what appears as in action is present because there is a fear of the opportunity. No opportunity is ever missed and there are other opportunities found simply in denying the self something, but it is important to know that when you are worried about a decision, and your decision making process is blocking your outcome, you will experience things such as the irritation of poison ivy. Poison ivy is less about the physical irritation that it presents and more about the ability of the mind to control anything and everything but also the ability of the true being to “go with the flow” of the universe without causing further unnecessary stress simply because you are focused on the need to know what is behind each door.

Patience. You can patiently await, you can ignore the need to know. You should not deny yourself nor should you over indulge yourself but you should carefully balance all things. Keep in your mind that you are not alone, you are not working alone, nor are there things that you should do to hurt yourself, such as the case of additional stress. When you are so focused on one aspect of life there are billions of other occurrences happening around you at any given instant. You may easily achieve something but you may also need to step away from an incident or idea to better understand it by way of examining another area of life. Do not focus so intently on one aspect that you ignore all others. Do not focus so intently that this one area or thing creeps in on every aspect of your life, invading every other decision that you will make. You are a being that experiences many things, not one single lesson, emotion, type of being, or idea. It is with this purpose in mind that you will find relief and satisfaction. Your skin will be irritated until you allow the universe to flow.

Heel pain, Achilles tendinities

What is the purpose of heel pain and Achilles tendinitis? How can it be remedied?

The heel pain that is not traumatic, and even the pain that is occurring in some violent traumatic event, this is calling to our past, to your previous actions, to your own personal history and the manner in which you feel that it supports and carries you forward. Your past, for any being, does not propel you forward in the method that you believe. All actions lead you to your present, they create for you the present. They have brought you to the present, but all life is not created and propelled forward based on your history. It is important to realize that all things in a a particular home are not always there for the support of the individual, many things are present out of the inborn necessity that is created by society. This too is present in the manner in which many feel pain. This is not simply an injury or area of pain that the physically fit or physically unfit will feel. This is a hastening of your mind to follow certain routines from your past when they are not necessary for you now.

No repetitious action is necessary unless, for you it brings great satisfaction. Those things that cause you pain need not be repeated, but humans are creatures of comfort and routine and return over and over again to that which is familiar.

It is not a matter of relieving physical pain, it is a matter of releasing previous guilt, previous obsessions, previous routines from which much of what occurs in the present is based. It is important to understand that the present is the present, you should not be ashamed of or worry over your history, you are present now because of what has taken place, you can create new history or change direction, but you should not cling to any single thing that is clearly not supporting you. Often times we cling to things that were not detrimental but have become now less supportive because our view of life has changed or our purpose has realigned, or what we are doing and who we have become is simply different that what it was previously. Do not view these things as positive and negative. Simply allow them to be and allow yourself to experience the enterprise of life and all of its expressions.

The past is behind you, it can support you in lessons but it is not something to oppress you. The foundations you create to day are not physically responsible for supporting your home of ideas in the future. What you create now are footsteps down a path, those steps lead to others steps which can take you to knew areas. You are not building or constructing a building in anyway that requires the foundation to be built out of the past in order to stand into the future.

Seasonal allergies

What is the benefit, purpose, and/or cause of seasonal allergies?

This is to allow you to know your body, to know what you are missing, to know what you are needing, to know what is missing from your current actions that remove you so far from nature and its care and ability to survive with it rather than control it. Allergies are not a punishment, you have them now because even living in remote areas, living with fewer neighbors, living with the trees, you put a pain of glass between you and the outside world. You put a factory between you and your food. You do not need to isolate yourself from all that occurs around you. There is nothing in nature that you should fear. It is not a scare place to dwell, and, contrary to popular belief, you do not have to have something wrong with you in order to sustain your entire existence relying solely on what nature can provide to you when you care for it.

It is a matter of death of the true individual that we have observed you reclaim your right to be inside. You were unusually welcoming to this idea of controlling your environment. It is not simply for comfort that you do these things. Fear drives many actions. Though there are only a few who experience the fear of these items it is the ability of the populations of Earth to not follow what is true for their own self, to follow a path simply because the path exists, this is what translates to such isolation on a wide scale.

It is a message to open up and allow yourself to experience. Drop the expectations and quick dismissal of ideas, subjects, persons, places, and things. Examine them and welcome them in and decide for yourself what it is that you need, not simply what you believe you need because someone else has told you from birth what it is that you need.

Ensure that you are not simply doing the opposite of the tide because you wish to rebel. Ensure that your rebellion against the tide is truly for you, that it is your belief, not one placed their by mechanism of society and other involvements. It is obvious for many at the time that there are other answers, they simply do not know where to look or where to turn. Welcoming all possibilities is the only true method of education and experience. Too many roadblocks are placed on you by your own mind and your own mind allowing others to control it. They may not have a devious plan in mind when they make comments or attempt to impart a particular belief onto you, but your willful tolerance at all costs is a simple nod that this is what you desire. You may complain later, you may complain and feel wronged later; later does not mean too late for action. Later is simply a term to describe “after now.” At any point after ‘now’ you can make a new decision, answer old questions differently. Do not allow answers to be set in stone simply because they existed as answers previously.

Allergies are not to cause you harm, they are to draw your attention. You are not living in a world in which control of any kind is necessary or at all possible for the entire duration of your visit. Do not worry. Know that there is a difference between living with, for, against, under. Chastising others who have not reached a specific conclusion is not beneficial to anyone and will not allow you to change at a greater rate, nor will it bring them to your meaning simply because you have belittled their ideas.

Calmly, not calamity.

Seeing Jesus during near death experiences

There have been many who have had near-death-experiences and relate seeing the image of or communicating with the being known as Jesus. Is this being Jesus or is it some other being or form?

Jesus is not presently a being that you can readily relate to in any way. There are many who worship him and expect him to come to their aid but this is simply not possible. This does not mean that there is no aid, no one listening, no help or guidance, it is simply not the being you believe it to be. In many cases there are similar looking presentations for various beings for those who are in a physical form and cling wholeheartedly to the image and idea of Jesus. We do not at all discount or discredit the work of Jesus, many of the stories shared in bibles are accurate in their entirety, partially, and many others were ignored or dismissed over the years. It is simply a manner of crossing over and seeing what is most comfortable to you.

You question these things because there are children adding to the claims of seeing Jesus. There are images that are shared and this is simply the universally accepted image because it is the true physical representation of Jesus on the Earth plane but it is not Jesus as the being. If you were to truly to experience another being on the plane of your true existence they would not necessary, and in most cases, not at all, appear to be a being in the physical form that you are used to seeing because of living a life in a human form.

As with death, as with all things, there are no universal truths that are true at all times for all people, a truth can be simultaneously true and untrue. While it is not possible to communicate directly with Jesus it is possible to communicate, for many, with Jesus. These communications are currently based on the life and teachings of Jesus and are related by a being who takes the physical form of Jesus. It is not important that a specific being is aiding you. What is more important and what can offer more assistance to you in the future is the understanding that this being you are seeking aid from is more often your self, your true self, this is the being that can help you the most. We do not mean this in an abstract way in which you are viewing yourself in some type of mirror, you are currently, if you are reading this, in a physical body. You will not see yourself unless you leave your physical body and even then you are not viewing yourself, you are only able to view a physical body, which you have inhabited along with many others before.

Many will see what is comfortable. Many should see that there is a group of beings willing to help and assist you at all times. No matter your current state, you are never alone. Many religions and many belief systems will have different names for these beings, many can call them angels or guides or animals, but what you see is what is more comfortable to you to allow the message to be the most receptive that it can be. We understand that for many it will be and has been a shock to learn about these things and to experience them. We would not send a form and none would visit you that would cause you to mistrust the message. What is more important is the message, not the vessel that brings it, but often it is the image or the vessel that causes mistrust or doubt.

You are not seeing Jesus. Jesus is not able to assist you. There are many who work from his teachings to help you on the physical plane.

Methods and forms of healing

Some forms of healing bring outside energy from other beings or the environment through a channel, others use only the energy of the healer/medium/channeler, and others use both. Is one method better or stronger than another? Is there any negative possibility in any of these?

There is always a desire to help and this comes from the initiator, the being in the physical plane. This being is not dependent on others to harness their personal energy or environmental energy for the benefit of their own being or that of another. It matters little the method so long as they understand that cause and effect of energy usage. It is not necessary to refill your own energy in the same manner one refills their own cup once they have used the entire resource. It is possible to fully recharge by rest and relaxation, good health practices, diet, maintenance of the mind and body overall.

It is important to know that this is true in all areas where energy is concerned and this should be all areas. We are not saying to you that you must record tally marks of incoming and outgoing energy. The method by which energy is traded, exchanged, used, and restored are too numerous to record accurately by current levels of understanding, and even to the initiated there is a never-ending level of counting that would take place. It is necessary that you record only in your mind your intention so that you too are not in need of healing.

It is important that any program you choose is one that you feel completely at home within. This also means that, as with any study, you address your concerns, you dismiss that which, after careful study, is not for you. It is not necessary to be entrenched in any specific dogma because they are all true to some degree and at various times are what specific individuals will need.

It is important that if you decide to call for the assistance or pure usage and delivery of energy from outside beings, beings other than yourself, that you understand that this energy can come through you, and can be delivered without you. It is not important in many cases which is more desirable. It is important that you understand your work as a channel makes you more susceptible to certain actions and emotions of others. Experiencing their energy can be detrimental if you do not recall your own attentiveness. We do not mean to include in this the energy of the being bringing additional healing energy to you, we mean only the one who is in some perceived state of detriment and wishes to have it corrected.

There is not one method better than another. You should understand that your body, when used as a physical channel for the delivery of outside energy, or as an antenna to receive naturally occurring energy or the energy from another being, that when you do these things you are often raising your vibration. You can call yourself a medium or a channel because you are literally an “in between” for the energy to reach from the healing assistant or spirit being to the physical being in the human form requesting the energy.

It is important to say that when we discuss the higher or lower vibration of energy we do not intend to define one energy as superior or inferior to another. It is important to understand that the energy that we speak of simply expresses the nature of the energy. Even your science notes this aspect – in order to touch something physical, a solid, the particles are moving at a much slower or lower rate, those that are gases, non-solids are moving at a faster or higher rate. In this way then we can see that a being without a physical body is moving at a faster or higher rate and energy will be delivered to a lower or slower container, the container of course is the intended being to receive healing energy of some kind. As the medium or channeler you are existing somewhere between these two realms. You are aware of energy, you raise your vibration. It is not necessary for a spirit guide or being to use you but in many cases it assists greatly in the delivery of energy. Think of a river with a lock and dam and how it is made easier to travel because of this device. Now, in many cases, that same waterway would be much more difficult to traverse if there was no device in place to make the waterway more easily navigated. In this way, this is the case in hands-on healing when energy is being brought from one being through another, to enter the being of another.

Additionally, the need/request/intention is amplified because where there was previously only one being requesting the healing, you now have two, the healer/medium/channel and the person requesting the healing. This intention is now amplified and greater numbers coming together to achieve a specific goal bring even more together than only their physical presence. It is necessary to understand that all is energy, and when expressed as an intention, the dual nature of healer and receiver creates further impression on the energy which shall be sent or converted for the positive outcome desired.

It is not all known yet how many will receive information such as this but a comparison to make it more relatable is that of prayer. Prayer is not religious and it is in religion. Do not shy away from or come closer only because we are using a familiar word. Understand that prayer is universal and is only a word to describe an action. Prayer is intent, prayer is not to a being which cannot help you, prayer is an intention sent into the universe. When more minds and energy are focused on the intention more power is being applied to this outcome, more energy being allocated and more resources used. This does not make a widespread prayer more likely to come to pass than that which is only spoken or intended upon by a single person, but if each being is a ray of light there will be one giant and much grater visible beam when they are all focused on the same point (same intention).

Fear nothing you experience in this lifetime. Fear will block more from your learning and experience than it will protect you.

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