Rupert Murdoch

From 3/2/11

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Rupert Murdoch is a lost soul who is very nearly at the end of his life and career here on earth. This exploitation of his on the ignorant is coming to a close but it is also not his responsibility to educate the masses, for they too should be mindful of the images and stories that enter their mind, not hold  the broadcaster responsible, even though, they too should change. This man is a loved one of some of yours and will not go peacefully into the night because of his need and ability to control. He will not last much longer because he has become so ill-effected by drones that are near him. They have subverted his nature by imbuing him with the negative rewards he now cherishes instead of that which is ultimately good. He does divide for his own personal gain and this is to further his own beliefs rather than those of America or other countries. A fat wallet is not his purpose, he is able to control and thus add money but his goal s domination. Snuff out all competition. Remember that television, radio, newspapers, are a means of communication but have no become a sounding board for crap and socially accepted gossip. There is nothing worthy of attention in these outlets and therefore there should be no concern what is or is not broadcast on them if you are mindful of what enters your body and what you send out into the world. Create your own world, envision it, now make it with your hands, this is possible.

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  1. Sometimes I question the internet and what is posted? Honestly the internet used to be like a different place, except that recently it seems to have become better and of the reason for it to be improving are blogs like this.

  2. Have you ever wondered who posts some of this stuff that you come across? The internet never used to be like that, recently though it has turned around. What do you think?

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