Jalapenos, root races, human existence, 2012

Are there healing properties in jalapenos?

Jalapenos cause devastating pain and pressure to the lower intestines when processed. There are, however, healing properties and cleansing attributes to them. Considering the positive and the negative one should not over indulge or experienced this food with any regularity. It will cause harm, slowly the body can accustom itself to it, but the overall harm outweighs the benefit for regular consumption. There are limits, even to the positive, that can come from any food if taken too often. These foods, peppers, should be avoided unless under regular circumstances there is a cleansing that should take place but no other maladies present in the body. They will clear your system and balance toxicity and remove infection as an assistant. There is much they can do but not on a regular basis. As with manmade pills your body can become accustomed to any healing property of a natural substance and therefore receive less benefit from it in the future. There are flavorings in the pepper that can be used without the negative side effects. Once or twice per week maximum and they should be eaten with other foods, not on their own.

Are there negative impacts on the body from eating jalapenos or other spicy foods?

The chemicals which cause their extreme flavor can cause an acidic buildup in the digestive tract, lower organs, because of the energy necessary to break them down. There are certain chemicals required but they do not easily leave the body once they have completed their task. Moderation.

What is the main significance for the winter solstice date of 12/21/2012?

This is an awakening. This is a greater time of evolution. There has been much written about this and there are some truths in each, thought there is a great deal of material that has been lost or ignored for the sake of profit or to fit it with other ideals on the earth. There is nothing negative coming from this date or the changes preceding it or following it. There is a changing taking places and a large amount of energy will culminate on this date. There will be a pressure felt by many and it will be lifted on this date. There will continue to be changes but this will be a tipping point, the date has also served to bring notice to these ideals and processes in nature and in the mind and human spirit. The calendar that has counted this off was in place for this reason. An abrupt stop to any seemingly forever calendar will cause major attention, though many force it to become a dreadful thing when speaking this information to others. Attention, a focal point for discussion and an awakening. This was a mere road sign on the path of life that was set in motion many centuries ago. This allows a talking point a, as it were, to create a window to the past and allow those who may not find an interest in past civilizations, to delve deeper into the reasoning and earth changes, not simply a calendar to them, but a reason for investigation. This date, and the counting system, are a catalyst for initiating thought in the humans and spirits of current times. Just as with many items, thoughts, or reasons, it is a blend of  mans’ ideas and need for change, and a subtle nudging for the this side of the veil so that men will not fall too far off the path of life and understanding. For at this time it is becoming increasingly difficult for some to life on this plane due to conflict, war, profit, greed, and others. This will serve as a reminder that life and time are always changing, there is a cycle, nothing ends. A catalyst for changing. Some will doubt it until it is felt. There may be some who experience this as only earth changes and do not take advantage of a deeper energy that is being brought forth at this time. Though, the end result will be peace, a more peaceful time. You will still have conflicts, this is not to say that each person will ‘have there own way’ until they end their life, what would be the purpose of experiencing life if there were never difficulties to experience? This lifetime will come to a close on this date and a new beginning will be marked by it’s passing. This is a time for celebration.  This is a time for deeper thinking. Know that the calendar with which the date was counted off was brought by a higher form than man alone. A reason for this work. Change.

What brought about the need for a human race or species?

There was a time when the human race did not exist and there were only energy beings. Par of the creator. Part of something much greater. A division of energy much as your systems delegate power with each being responsible for a tiny part of the greater picture and each being overseeing a few more to uplift and bring forth a knowing and experiencing to regain control of one’s own mind and spirit, away from things that we do not yet understand at this time. There is an experience within all of us that we cannot ultimately experience that which is deemed evil or negative or bad. We know only of these things from the human existence. It is important to know them only because , in all life, there is only true measurement of what is good and true by being compared to what is hate, evil, dread, wickedness. A lifetime of flowers will not make one aware of how truly beautiful those flowers are unless that person has seen a greater problem or a greater ugliness of nature or the human spirit. This energy is kept with you in your spirit form and allows for greater appreciation. We are all part of a greater being. This being allows us to share energy and information and allows experiences to share. Just as germs assist a body they can hurt it. Lower forms of energy from the creator are being made to excel, being brought up, motivated to enjoy a higher power and part of the everlasting energy and spirit. As we progress, so does the creator, the supreme being from which all energy and life flows. There is a time for change and that time is now. We are not alone in the universe and there is much help. The creator allows these things to happen for your experience. For his/her experience. This allows for even greater compassion, love, and understanding. For each thing leads to the next. This world was created to experience this world and returning to the pure energy being that you are. There is a need to experience the physical now that some have already done so. A test is more a measure of a being’s worth the more difficult it is. Love is eternal in energy form and you would not progress spiritually  as you would had you not experienced this human lifetime. There are many things that are done in your favor, that of a sprit in a human lifetime, there are many things done for learning. This is as a testing ground, to be fully immersed in something and to be unaware of how temporary it might be will give the ultimate hologram world for experiencing a myriad of emotion and human experience. No matter if you believe your world to be temporary or not, there are still changes to experience and decisions to be made that bring about a higher or lower evolution in your spirit. This is much for you, we will create more on this later.

What are the so-called, “Root Races?”

Root races are that which founded the human existence. Some of these are brought forth now in this plane after having reincarnated in other times and have learned from their experiences. These can be experiences which will cause them to be a greater catalyst in this time or to be for a higher good. Many do not realize their previous experience and many simply go about their lifetime not knowing, though  always being drawn to that which will accomplish a greater and higher good for those that they are coming in contact with . A root person may simply be a being who is no more advanced than you but has made the effort and changes in order to bring back something higher than their self to the next lifetime they encounter. These beings are often at a higher vibrational level and experience the world in a different way. Often more open to emotions and often experiencing great trauma or distress in a life to bring about change and to create a karmic payoff of previous actions. There are more beings as part of root races than there are new spirits, but not all of progressed to new heights. Some will take many lifetimes before their work is done.

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  2. Lee C says:

    Without a conducive habitat, there is no existence.

    You’ve very likely heard before how humanity can’t go on the way it is, but just as likely either don’t see the immediacy/seriousness of the issue, or dismiss the idea as fringe lunacy, or are resigned to humanity ending in some cataclysmic event regardless of our actions. On the other hand, you might have enough of a grasp of the ecological underpinnings to appreciate the issue, but as an individual are either confused about what you can do, or too intimidated to challenge culture’s steamroller.

    It is scientifically accepted that on a cosmological timescale the Earth’s period of habitability is at least half over. In about another billion years the Sun will start to be too luminous and warm for water to exist in liquid form on Earth. Even within the next billion years, there are numerous factors we can’t control that threaten our existence on Earth (e.g. volcanism, earthquakes, asteroids, global epidemics, etc.). The future is undoubtedly a bumpy ride.

    The issue here though is not about factors over which we have no control, that are likely to occur within the next billion years. It’s about factors we’re creating now, that we could better influence. Factors we’re already seeing the detrimental consequences of, and which at the current scope and pace will cause substantially increasing harm to humanity well within the next couple hundred years. That is, the issue is about surviving our own controllable actions in the shorter term, to have time to possibly learn to survive uncontrollable factors in the longer term.

    This isn’t another prophecy, or mythology, but rather is based on our accumulating objective understanding of natural world ecology, in which our continuing existence is rooted. Our expanding knowledge and focus is more realistically encompassing the discontinuity in the gradient of human interaction with the natural world, yet the scope and pace of our detrimental actions are accelerating frantically. The shorter term state of human existence on Earth depends on whether wisdom or irrationality prevail. That is, whether objective understanding or subjective beliefs prevail.

    To read the full rewritten article see:

    “We reached the old wolf in time to watch a fierce green fire dying in her eyes. I realized then, and have known ever since, that there was something new to me in those eyes – something known only to her and to the mountain.” ~ Aldo Leopold

    “One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds. Much of the damage inflicted on land is quite invisible to laymen. An ecologist must either harden his shell and make believe that the consequences of science are none of his business, or he must be the doctor who sees the marks of death in a community that believes itself well and does not want to be told otherwise.” ~ Aldo Leopold

    My best to you and yours,
    Lee C

    PS: For the younger minds that can’t yet fully understand the above article, there is the short story Nature’s Magic Mirror at:

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