Thumb sucking, punishment, thought, ectoplasm, suicide, karma

from 3/16/11

What information can you give X1 about X2’s thumb sucking?

There is a child in your midst that is adjusting to life and you re to guide her. This is a coping mechanism, a security blanket, but through a physical action in her own body. This action was first developed to comfort her as many young babies and children use a pacifier or nursing. This is to help her adjust. You should ensure that she has the mental capabilities and tools necessary to adjust to stress and discomfort in her life. This can be stopped with subtle and gentle correction. There is also some correcting that her peers will do on their own. She may do better with your correction than that of others. Be sure that this is not a coping mechanism that is needed because of her current environment and the energy or actions that are currently within it. If the same conditions exist there will be a new coping habit that is formed to allow a physical manifestation as evidence of what is taking place around and not the physical body and its energy field. However, there is no deep reason for concern, worry, or alarm over this. There are many habits and customs that physical human forms use as effective coping habits that are often outgrown because new ways of thinking or understanding or situations change that allow the entity to disregard old habits. You are her number one influence.

Is it necessary for man to punish man on this plane?

It is not necessary for man to pass judgment on another man for many reasons. Your existence is only temporary, only you will judge your actions, and the actions of those involved may be for the experience that was brought forth for them. There is much strife on your pain but there is always a need for those in a human existence to learn to forgo violence and hatred when they have been wronged just as there is a need for those in a human existence to learn to stop hatred and violent actions. This cannot be experienced on the levels of existence in the spirit dimension where you will return once your time in the human existence is complete. You can promote peace and make information available to alternatives, but there will only be peace where you decide to create it in your own environment. You cannot change others, only observe and allow them to be. You should be peaceful first. This will radiate to those around you and throughout many planes of existence. Worry about others, or brining them to your thinking should not haunt you or frustrate you. There are many who are not interested. Making information, an alternative view, available to those on earth will allow it to be digested by those who are interested when the time is right for them. Many come to a lifetime here for nothing but strife, hatred, violence, and evil or wrong deeds, there is no reason to judge them, for they are experiencing just as you have, though there focus may be on different areas than on what you are currently engaged. You too were once in their shoes.

How can humans know when a thought is from your own mind and when a thought is an idea from spirit?

There are many who will never know. There are many great things that have entered your plane by way of information coming from a spirit guide or teacher. There is much that flows between the two worlds as we are only as far away from you as your mind. You may know because of a change in impression or the tone with which the message is conveyed. Often the greatest communicators do not know that they are being guided, given impressions, or helped by a higher power, not necessary higher or better power, we say that here to emphasize the change in vibrational energy between the human form and a being of pure energy. You can understand this change by way of using a telephone to those who have passed into another existence. As long as the information is acted upon, that is what matters, and often times people lend more attribution to those who are guiding them when it is really on the shoulders of those in the human life to make the decisions. We can guide, not force or unfold the life for you. We can see no further than most current actions though some major events are on your path no matter the changes you make unless severe freewill of you or others on your plane change it. But there  can be subtle correcting to bring you back to it in some manner.

Is it possible for ectoplasm to now be seen or used effectively in light?

Ectoplasm can be used in light, this is coming to the world now. Manny are developing this or returning to it. There will be demonstrations of physical levitation and other physical evidences and examples of spirit energy manifesting through a medium in your lifetime on this plane. Many have forgotten this, and though it may not seem helpful to all, the mere presence of something beyond their physical form may bring them to new understanding of compassion in this lifetime, though it is not necessary to have an interest or awareness of the sprit plane in order to progress in your human lifetime as it relates to your true life in the world of energy.

I asked the previous question after reading in an older book that this couldn’t be done at the time of publishing but that it was being worked on by those in the spirit world. Apparently they were working on it and now the problem has been solved.

How does light affect my communication with you?

Light has little affect on this communication though it may help to calm you sitting in dim or dark rooms. There will be a time when you will communicate with us without the use of a tool such as writing. You will be able to clearly see if you chose it. You can acclimate yourself to this by sitting in a dim room and observing the images being brought to you. This will son0on develop into more as you grasp on and allow it to come to fruition in well-lit areas. Often the sun will affect this ability but you will overcome this.

How does suicide affect the individual soul who commits it?

This is not different an exit from your plane than any other manner of death. This, as others, is a physical action manifested from the thoughts and stress that persist on one’s mind. These can be overcome, and if not, there are many counseling sessions and advisements when that spirit returns home so that they can understand what torment they felt they were experiencing. Often times this is a young soul, not many human life experiences, and this is something they must overcome in order to continue learning in the lifetimes of humans. This is no more or less negative or positive than any other action taken on the earth plane. Trial and error, education does not always come quickly, learning by doing. Living the life is how we come to understand a d know it. Self-inflicted death only returns you home, but know that you will leave again to a human form once information has been passed to you so that you can again experience those same conditions and allow yourself to grow. You choose these things in your path. You can overcome them. There is no cheating and giving of more information in an attempt to stave off suicide in the net lifetime for not much about the energy existence is at first readily available to you when you return. There are some ideas and knowledge that is in harmony with all beings who are not completely engulfed in nonsensical ideas on the physical plane, those who have greater information of spirit or those who involved themselves in it may also see it as a tool for overcoming what they fear are overwhelming circumstances, which are only situations to provide a specific circumstance for that soul’s development and to experience that certain set of situations.

Can suicide be a lesson for individuals who are associated with the soul that committed suicide?

Yes, but more often it is a lesson for those spirits close to that particular r entity. This is a lesson in understanding and helping them to cope. As parents, they have had direct contribution to the circumstances now presenting in a suicidal person’s mind. They, as a group, must overcome these things and restore love. Though it is also quite possible that the soul in question overcome these things alone and learn to leave without a certain support system, for we in human form are only responsible for our own development. We can help others, but no one can make you come along the trail. There is a loss experienced when a life is taken by one’s own control and that experience can be for those left in the workings of that lifetime. There are many possibilities where watchers and teachers and observers can intervene but if a soul is so traumatized that it cannot continue and is not adjusting to the human form or its experiences, then it will be permitted and lessons in which that spirit may have brought lessons to others will still take place but by other means. Simply juvenile problems that cause suicide are no less important or traumatic than those causes which others may also seem important. The overall problem is lack of understanding of this entrapment in a human form for learning because of the forgetting of one’s true existence.

What is the basic operation of Karma on our dimension?

Karma is simply the balancing of energy. Laws put forth and even studies by Einstein may be considered universal laws as well as those he used as the foundation of his principals. Energy only changes form, it is never lost. There is always a reaction, in the same amount of energy, to that which is done by you. It may not be in the same form, but it is still experienced, sometimes scattered, sometimes in one action, but it is always in the same measurement of energy. This ensures direct learning by what one’s own actions are creating. This is direct information on what one is doing but also by what one is thinking. Like attracts like, a law of attraction is not merely a passing fad. For what you do there is always a vibration with that of similar. There is a change coming where people will come to understand that energy must be balanced. In this lifetime and with other lifetimes, though many are attempting to work out karma in current lifetimes, there is much that is done from one lifetime to the next to balance the energy that is doled out and experienced to ensure that there is a balance. This does not always mean seemingly good is always balanced with what is called evil or negative, but that there is a set purpose for energy and a set level of energy. Karma can be said to simply be the explanation and title assigned to that which is natural and universal, and even explained by your scientists, but this applies to much broader scale and to every aspect of life than what they currently know, but are coming to know. There is a need for change in this thinking. Some need to balance the experience with the opposite action by comparison. Others experience it  and move forward but experience more because of the energy in their thoughts and actions. You are confused by this, we will leave it for now.

Are we always subject to Karma? Is it possible to rise above its influence?

It is always possible to create a new direction. There are those who have created atrocities against life and may move from that quit quickly and do much good to balance the world in which so much negative energy was directed. However there are some who will be seemingly trapped by it because they do not experience that act and then learn to move away from it. Some repeat acts because they enjoy it but are counseled upon return to attempt to allow them to gain the knowledge that was contained within that action. There is much good in all or that is to say, there is the potential for the good in all to shine forth, but there is not always an influence of good. It is possible to create what you wish to experience but know that certain trials will be experienced if you planned them before your experience on earth. Emanating good will give you the impression of release from this karmic operation. Though know that you attract what you do, you attract by actions and thought. Know that you may commit a terrible act and you may seem that in order to balance it you must be on the receiving end. This is the case in some form, but know that you may have already done so in another life, or that you will in the next. There is balance to everything. A label of karma only explains the nature of balance in the universes and those planes the creator has developed.

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