Physical and mental handicap, tarot cards, the bible

From 4/6/11

Do handicapped individuals progress at a faster spiritual rate? If so, why choose to move at an accelerated rate?

Handicapped people can move at a faster spiritual rate but do not necessarily move at a faster rate simply because they are handicapped. Just as every situation is experienced and the reverse is experienced, this may be another regular learning session for these souls. There is not necessarily more or less for them to know, only in different manners and more understanding because of the difficulties which are encountered because of the physical or mental impairment. More than they progress quickly mankind will progress as they learn the lesson of kindness, love, and patience, as it relates to these individuals. There is much understanding that should be taken from these souls when they are present. No scoffing or dismissal as less capable but the patience and love expressed to all mankind should be shared on to these individuals as they too are souls in a physical existence. There is a higher frequency with them to ensure they re understanding these lessons since the physical sensations they experience may not be the same as able bodied individuals. There is extra guidance to help interpret and after this life, to go over and clearly understand what has taken place. This may be the form taken in a life because of previous actions. There may be an understanding or a patience of them which can only be learned through the focused attention they now have through the absence of some ability that the majority of humans are given. They may not necessarily progress faster, they too can ignore, or miss their lessons or step off the path and must return to accomplish what was given to them as their assignments for that specific life. It is the absence or impairment that often gives them the focus and drive which can be missing from an able bodied person. They may have less opportunity to be adrift from their mission because their focus is on less frivolous things since they are much more depending on others or must be more self-sufficient. Blindness, as an example, has the ability to allow those experiencing it to become greater at experiencing other senses capable in the human body and to understand the subtle nuances in human interaction as well as abilities connected directly to the spirit plane and communicating with it. There is less interference from mindless action and are therefore less distracted on their way to their goals. This can allow them to progress quicker or accomplish these tasks quicker or easier. They are given a focus. These souls can return for this specific purpose, of being disabled, when in previous incarnations they had missed the opportunity to complete some specific task. Not true for all beings. They are great teachers in their right.

Are tarot cards in and of themselves able to give accurate readings, or are they just a prop for psychics to use or some kind of combined thing for a psychic?

Tarot cards are useful for speaking the mind of the medium or psychic that is using them. There should be an instinct at work that brings forth more information once the card is viewed. There are those not working with guides and there are those working with guides. With guides’ manipulation can take place to bring for the proper messages in order to then connect and trigger the medium onto further information. Yes, they can be used to verify information. Though, those who are simply flipping cards and reading their prescribed meanings are not necessarily giving great or in-depth information. These cards can provide accurate information if a connection is made with a higher being or one is working with that soul. There is much that can be brought forth with tarot cards but many do not realize that they can move beyond this method to give direct information from a spirit of light without any interference. Some though will not move passed it as they are too fearful of inaccuracy or are unaware that they have this ability. There are many who will give correct information but it is important to have thorough knowledge of the deck of choice and ensure that this deck is attuned to your vibration. These are not card games and should be a serious focus and endeavor for those who are willing to study it intently. They were brought about as a means to trigger the mind with general expressions that are more aptly applied to the situation or question at hand, though those who have a direct connection to spirit will know that there is more information and guidance available upon seeing that card as they are often imbued with further information, whether they realize it or not, they may be giving it as what they feel is personal counsel but is often an idea, thought, or sentence that was given to them by a power much greater than themselves. As with all communication and guidance it is important to work in this field and focus your attention to it. Greater information will come to those using theme that will allow them to move on. There should be a set schedule of study and practice to allow further development. There is no reason to think less of this manner of communication so long as you are aware of how practiced the card reader is and their focus and attention. Accurate information is not always had from a person in this lifetime who merely reads these instruments a few weekends per month. Greater intuition is at play for those who are using them though they should ensure that they are reading the situation from a different vantage point and not the energy of the questioner who is simply thinking of that situation. A great change will come that will unlock greater potential and make those aware that they too can have communication with spirit. Many do already but do not realize that these are not their own thoughts. Seriousness is not the point, experienced is the purpose in order to fully engage in the higher information.

What was the main purpose for the bible, was it meant to be symbolic or taken literally?

The bible is a collection of stories that may be considered fables or moral stories. Some were based on actual events while others were simply handed down word of mouth as lessons for those who needed the symbolism. There are many sections that were originally written by those with spirit communication and even sections that were given to this planet by other beings from other planets and other beings of light. There has been much work to control this book and use if for selfish purposes and realizing this will remove the controlling hold it has over an individual or a group of people who are following this book as though it were an inflexible document and all binding. There was much done to it to change it from its original format which was intended to be a symbolic guidebook and positive reference for the people of the time. There are many who included Jesus because they knew of his power though the threat was added of his return to further ensure that a proper behavior was had from subordinates. There are many true stories in the bible of healing, prapery (this is probably a terrible misspelling of some other word by me), positive affirmations, healing, and other phenomena. This book allows those who need greater instruction to know that there is a peace far greater than what they presently know. Though this book is used as such it was not intended to divide and should be used to unite. Reading it as you would any other book is the way for those who are seeking guidance, it is unimportant to sprout a new ritual for reading and following it. There is much that is unimportant in the bible but the basic tenants of life and kindness to, from, and between mankind are wrapped onto the pages. Each shall have their own view of the world but the bible may be a basic building block just as many other stories serve the purposes of learning basic concepts such as kindness, love, forgiveness. There is no wrathful god to cower down to as this was also added by those who sought control. Many, when writing various stories that later became this collection, also created more elaborate stories to create an interesting story, from their point of view, while others were simply attempting to show the gravity of the situation. This book was to give purpose and direction to those who were wandering aimlessly. It is still useful if those sections which are glaringly untrue to you are ignored. Many on certain levels will feel a specific phrase vibrate or resonate with them, these sections are true for them. Inclusion and love is what should be taken from the bible, not many reasons for exclusion and persecution, this was never the original purpose or intention.

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