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From 4/21/11

What lesson was X1 supposed to learn with her friend in X, X2?

X should understand that she is in control of her situation and her finances, not this friend who is constantly coming for X’s attention and financial support and other support through emotional outpouring of her energy that she released to X through conversation. This does not serve to lift X to the state that she needs. This should be seen as swimming in a mud puddle instead of clear blue crystal water. Only X can take control of this situation and she does not need our permission or anyone else’s to do it. You can help this woman, but know that once you leave her she will have done nothing or done nothing to learn from her previous actions or your help to prevent these same situations from repeating or coming round on her again. You helping her will only stave off her seeking help from another individual. Once you leave she will continue this cycle until she is brought to the awareness of what impact it is having or not having for her. There is no shame, we are not all meant to be helpful and friendly to each human on this plane, it is simply not possible because of the wide variety of attitudes, interests, and actions, and free-will without observing their consequences.

What is causing X’s scalp to break out in an itchy rash?

There is an absence of chemical or vitamin in the diet that is aggravated by the solution she uses for beautification purposes. Vitamin E and medicine taken internally for cold sores will prevent this until you are capable of bringing a necessary increase of these into your regular diet. Supplements or vitamins taken in pill form are helpful abut should not be relied upon throughout the duration of one’s life, at the point which you become aware of it you should work to increase the vitamin or mineral naturally in your diet instead of relying on a pill to brining into your system. Taken in the form of food it is more easily assimilated and you are aware of what, precisely, you are eating, instead of possible contrivances that have been made or included along with you vitamin when it is in pill form. There is nothing to worry about, you are taking care of your body, you simply need to shift your attention and energy from vitamins to your food intake and incorporate these and your ideas into it.

Should X stop using hair dye?

This is simply for the beautification of her exterior. People will come to you for the message that you bring and the wisdom and knowledge that is carried in your voice There is no need to be concerned with exterior appearance in this area. You provide a professional and loving appearance and your hair and the color of it are not important. You convey confidence and this will increase once you begin acknowledging your ability and using it. You can consider alternatives for your hairstyle other than what you are currently thinking or you may implement these, however X, you know what needs to be done. Simply stop your fussing in this area and let the natural cycle take its course. There is much that you should be working on in terms of what is not seen.

What can you share about X cutting her hair short and getting a wig?

A false representation of yourself, no matter how slight, will be observed by those who seek your guidance no matter if they can precisely explain what they feel is false about your image. They may feel uncomfortable or unsure of your information because you are uncomfortable with your image. There is no need to focus on this area. It will grow naturally as it should. Understand that many view age as having acquired wisdom and knowledge. Though this is not always the case it is true for you. The nature of your being and the wisdom you have acquired will be far greater in terms of importance over the image which a person views the message emanating from. You must be comfortable with yourself, with your spirit, with your physical experience, should you wish to finally tell others in some form of message, how they should change or be guided. This is not a concern for you, this is showing a focus on things that are not important to your progress. If your hair were naturally purple there would be an appreciation for it by those in your presence because it is your natural color. False fronts do little to convey a message of confidence and trusting to those who are in the presence of such an act, this is more true for the types of problems that people will bring to you in your time. However, if you believe that this action is right for you, you can become completely comfortable in it. This area bears no immediate impact on those that you encounter. No matter what you decide there will be a manner in which you can overcome or circumvent any difficulty which might first be perceived, but you should take stock of the energy required for both actions before you spend it on a certain course of action.

Will her new hair growth have more silver in it?

There will be more salt and pepper color to the hair. This will be the natural progression of your hair. This is not of stress, this is not a progression brought on by any negative chemical. This is simply the natural course of your DNA which will continue to produce it. Hair color is not important. You know this. You see it as an important part of your image. Your image is maintained by your overall appearance. Consider those you have trusted in the world of the spirit. Consider their appearance at first glance and consider how many others they may have impacted in their time. Their impression outwardly is conveyed by their own confidence and their maintenance of their body and health, not by make up or other alteration to the exterior of the spirit that will one day fade away once each one crosses over into the world of spirit.

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