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From 4/21/11

What causes “floaters” in the eyes?

Often times this is not something in the eye but something on the exterior, the fluid which lubricates the eye and reduces friction between the lid and the eyeball. This fluid can become thick and can become muddled with debris. This area can be cleansed with pure saline wash, no extra or outside chemicals. True tears or the natural wetness you experience is the only acceptable solution. This area can be flushed and cleansed naturally by consuming more pure water. This will become more flushed and cleanse the area when greater amounts of fluids or are consumed as it regulates the entire body. Fluid here will reduce tiredness, it will reduce small swirls or fragments that may seem to float in this fluid. The floaters in this area are caused by small sections of nerve and eye matter separating from the eye or nerves. This is caused by acidic or corrosive diets. Sugar can affect this area. Sweetness through unnatural means should be seen as a toxicity and harmful, though sum small amounts in extreme moderation produce necessary chemicals within the digestive system. It is necessary to reduce that which causes the corrosion in the body and ferments. That which rots the gut also rots the nervous and sensory systems. Be prepared to make changes in this area or your own eyesight will worsen. Water is the great equalizer, the great balancer of the scales. Much harm can be done to a body or much done to imbalance its system, but the addition of water prevents much or reduces the harmful impact. There is a fluid in the eye and when this becomes overly acidic or corrosive it begins to eat away at the flesh it encounters. Healing to this are in the form of reassigning the ‘floating’ matter to its rightful place or dissolving it to a state of pure energy is possible. Your consideration of anything similar to prayer or affirmations on the true context of the problem and how you would like it resolved create much energy and healing in this area. Direct healing can dissolve these but it is hampered if the diet is remaining the same.

What can be done to eliminate “floaters” in the eyes?

Change the diet. Healing of any kind using energy of mind, word spoken, and direct energy by others on one’s behalf. You are learning that all is energy. Energy is emanated by all that you do. Direct your energy to the positive result you wish to see and make the changes to prevent such measures from needing to be taken once more in the future.

What can be done to prevent “floaters” in the eyes?

There are often times no diet orders which need to be followed and the floating debris is caused by contamination of the blood. Though this is diet related in can be accused of carrying something negative for the body when it is working on its behalf to sanitize and clean and purify the body. Problems can also arise from any injury which may cause damage indirectly or directly to this area. Much changes comes in the way of appreciation of sight and that which you refuse to see, because of the energy, can hamper your vision. There is not one simple remedy for most problems, though they are all simple, most will never undertake them because they require a change in thinking. It is your energy or the energy in which you involved yourself that creates much in your body, mind, and environment.

Who is the girl with black braids that X saw in a dream?

This is not a girl that you will encounter but one that you will encounter in another life. You have encountered her in previous lives and you share a strong connection. She is with you now on this plane but not in a direct way. She too wishes to reunite with you and there is a love that you have shared with many but the ties that connect you are much greater than most have experienced. This is something that will allow you to know that true feeling of happiness. This is not absent for you, you are given subtle reminders to allow yourself to know that you are not necessarily required to experience this feeling in this lifetime. She may cross your path, and if she does, there will be a strong bond for you that will shake your foundation and cause a new direction in your life. This is something that we are working to prevent, for there may be much turmoil should she reunite with you in this lifetime. You are both on very different paths, both adjusting and creating good, but there may be much to hamper your efforts should you experience such a relationship at this time. It is seen that she will come to you later in life, but there should be much to moderation this relationship. There is not much control that you have regarding this relationship, this is not something to be considered negative, simply allow ti to take place as it must, you will unfold your won path, but there is  a greater bond than you have experienced with another human being You have learned many lessons up to this point, ensure that you do not invite a return to those gates when the time comes. Recall what you already know.

Please share information on the reason/purpose/consequences for masturbation.

There is energy released in this manner which is the life force of many living on your plane. There is an energy in this fashion that is the root of many creative acts and this gives the beginning energy to many actions, feelings, emotions, and expressive energies. It should be balanced and not lost excessively to allow greater energy balancing within the body. There are other methods to express the energy release that is completed by this act. Look for ways that express a creative or artistic element. You do not have to entertain by any means but to create something physical, a book, a piece of writing, a tangible useful object such as furniture, anything that is created by you and brought into being by you will assuage the reason for this type of past-time. Understand that any act, when it does not control and rule your every waking moment, is helpful, and in most cases an expression of energy not being fully acknowledged, and in most cases, will regulate itself in an energy sense when a fully awakened body is allowed to do so.

Please share information on the reason/purpose for what appears to be ‘evil’ entities scratching or harming a person.

This is an energy that is feeding off of the energy associated with or within an area. Much can be done to stop this activity if the energy associated with an area or the energy created in the area is changed. Negative energy is not stronger it is simply easier to create and more pervasive than energy at a higher vibration. While there is no rank and file structure that means more power for anyone, a higher vibration us the goal of many, but like a pyramid, there are greater numbers on the bottom than there are at the top because many are still on their way to an understanding. There is much that will overcome this if there is thought and energy directed towards the entity causing the problem. Often times the human receiving the physical harm is carrying some energy or emotion or previous experience that the entity resonates with. Normally you will not see a person of a higher vibration even approached by anything thought of as evil because they do not resonate with it. Like attracts like, those with similar beliefs find each other in the physical form and the same is true for those who are not in a human body. Those that find an area or a spirit or human in line with their beliefs will associate with it. The energy used to create the physical harmful act is only present because of the energy being expressed in the area, associated with the area, and most importantly, the energy in the body of the human that the act is being carried out upon. Express, receive, experience love at all times.

Please share information for the reason/purpose/consequences for X’s seemingly never-ending sexual urges.

There are many urges that are natural to human existence and are part of your health books and biology classes. However there are many other reasons why similar urges express themselves. This urge is, at lists basic level, a desire to create something. To bring into being something from your mind and body, no matter if it is the words your write, music you write, a painting, something envisioned or created by you, a group started, anything that you wish to create. Because this energy is not being expressed in these areas it is expressing itself f in the urges you are experiencing. You are focusing on these areas because there are those around you who also wish to express them in this manner so therefore you are finding the path of least resistance to balancing the energy. This feeling you experience at time will continue until you create something of your own or focus on something more productive, something that creates a measureable end result.


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