A missing college student

From 4/22/11

Information about a “missing person” reported here: link

Missing person was back at home on 4/25/11: link

The following is what I received when I learned the student was missing. Normally I ask each question separately and then begin typing after each one. Once I completed a short meditation I was told, “just start typing.” It seems as if each question was answered but they were answered all at once.

Is Michael Wiechmann, the missing 18-year-old student, safe?

Is Michael Wiechmann, the missing 18-year-old student, in need of any assistance mentally, physically, or in any other manner?

Is Michael Wiechmann, the missing 18-year-old student, acting under his own volition?

Will Michael Wiechmann, the missing 18-year-old student, make contact with his family while he is still in his human existence?

Can you share information with Michael Wiechmann’s family that may help/console/reassure them at this time?

Michael is safe, he is exploring his ability to survive without the confines and constraints that the structure of school, family, and society have impressed upon him. He is a creative and free spirit and will make his own path. This was not an impulsive decision. It was well thought out and planned by is own means. This is into something that should be worried or feared. Please view this as a right or passage into manhood as many cultures have similar experiences. This man was feeling oppressed by his surroundings. In his previous life and in many before it he was an outdoorsman, he will be fine in his current surroundings. There will come a time when he will make contact with family. He is not lost from you, there will be a time for contact but that time will come after much trial and tribulation on his own in the environment that he is created for himself and has also placed himself. No harm will come to him by the hand of another. There is no break from mental faculties or other need to worry. He is capable and competent. He is safe. There will be a period of no communication. There will be a time associated with the number of seven and of three that he will contact you by. This is not of vital importance to you or for you to know but there is a child learning and growing before your eyes into a young man and he should be trusted as such. There is no need for fear. He is prepared. There is protection with him. He is not alone in spirit. The protection of his angels is with him. Your positive thoughts will create a positive experience for him. Envision in your own minds the path and safety you wish for him to experience and the self-reliance he will come to understand. Your thoughts are energy, send them out into the world, send them to him and he will be assisted and aided in his journey by these. Do not worry for him, do not focus on that which you worry or fear or that which you believe will come to him by terms of harm. This will create more impact and motivation for these things to occur. He is enjoying his freedom. There is a green lush forest. He is secluded. There is a meadow and a stream. There is no reason to worry for him. He is capable. He will return to you but not with the goals or ambitions you hold for him. He will not cater to your sensibilities only to placate you and satisfy your values that you expect him to also hold. He is an independent individual and should be trust as such. He is an older soul and most around him and is capable of more than you have had evidence of or wished to admit in the past. He will be fine without you for a short time. When he calls for help it will be heard but you should aid him by an open and non-judging hand. Do not cast your impressions onto his decision as though it was the wrong path or decision. There are no negative outcomes, there are no wrong paths to experience, each is only that, an experience, something to learn, something to enjoy, something to experience the range of emotion and consequences within the human existence. Shun him and he will not return to you in the future. His progress is tracked and marked not only by his skill and ability and how he adapts to these situations but by how he is able to come to an understanding with you. He will experience greater distance from you should you attack his motivations. Rather than expose where only you believe his flaws to be you should relish in the experience with him and let him recount his adventures. Peace and love is all that he needs. Your guidance has proved well, now is the time to let go and let the natural cycle of coming to adulthood and maturation take place.

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