Addiction and dependency, Sylvia Brown

From 4/22/11

What causes addiction or dependency on a substance or a hobby/action?

Addiction is a process of the mind to cope with the absence of another energy balance that is being expressed or released through the act, actions, or thoughts that the addiction is now fostering or creating. There are many reasons and many forms of addiction but there are many who do not seek to remedy the underlying issue, only the outward expression of the “problem” as evidenced by the addiction. There is a need to have mutual attention on the addiction and the reasons. To indentify the reasons it may simply be a matter of asking yourself what it is your are attempting to avoid or escape from. Other areas may need focus on what energy is motivating them, where does this energy come from. Could the energy being expressed by the addiction have some positive release or more constructive release than what is being seen by the action. The area being neglected and ignored is the area that needs attention and should be sought for improvement as the addicting behavior is subsided. There can be new addictions come to involve the human person if one addicting behavior is stopped but nothing positive or constructive remedies the original cause. Many will find this in their path as a matter of learning to focus on the body and mind rather than external interests that serve only their physical enjoyment. The areas being ignored when an addiction is active are areas that benefit all people that specific person comes in contact with when they are in harmony and working properly. They may not see it this way and it does not need to be the driving factor for it to be ceased since there is still a direct source of gratification for the person who is addicted when they remove the addicting behavior and find their new direction. When there is something absent in ones life they may turn to the hobbies or entertainment sources that are found in their surroundings but may pursue this addiction even further a, attempting to fill a void that no drug or past time can truly fill, this the addiction does not truly help in any way, more it serves to exacerbate the problem by ignoring it , allowing greater issues and areas to arise that need further attention than if those imbalances were present without the addiction. There can be no negative addiction, they all should be seen as a metaphor or signal of health of an area of the body or energy just as signs and symptoms of a cold or other illness are viewed, they are indicators of a problem. Tracing back to the source will allow ones, on their own, even without assistance, to develop a plan to further their own development and eliminate the addiction and replace it without the use of some helpful drug. There should be some sort of drive beyond that of societal pressure or other pressure from friends or family, this is so simply because doing so by these standards will not truly help the person come to see any true meaning in their error. It is possible that by this pressure it will relieve the addiction long enough so that the addicted person can begin thinking clearly and do this assessment work on their own. Though, most addicted persons will find some other tolerable means of addiction if there is not greater action taken to understand the reasons for the addiction. Just as a pain medication may mask the symptom so does the addiction, there is always more work to be done and greater assessment on every level of your being to reach a final outcome that is acceptable, not simply conformity by any external standard of measure.

Is Sylvia Brown providing correct information in her books?

Sylvia Brown is providing correct information though the manner in which she provides it is much through the use of metaphor and painting a picture with her words. This is much confusing for these certain individuals who are not like her, this method is confusing to most, but as with all language she is explaining much of the beliefs of many only using different terms for the same actions. There is much being done to attempt to clear her channel but there is a great deal of her own thought and emotion convoluting her messages. It is time for her to relax and calm her body and release herself from the pressure as she sees it. She may return to providing our message at a time when she is more relaxed and balanced in sprit and physical body. There is  a time when she will be without the ability to provide assistance and this time will come soon should she continue to neglect her own spirit. Popularity feeds the ego and nothing more. You can remember this as you begin your work. Popularity means nothing, it is the actions that speak louder than any other measure of achievement. Sylvia Brown will go her own way in due time but this should not cause one to ignore her work. For many, even the slightest mention of her name provides emotional support and guidance towards a higher path than if she were to never have ever expressed the information given to her by Francine. These messages are not for you at this time.

Has Sylvia Brown provided correct information previously?

Yes, though as with all cases, there is much that is done by her that may convolute the message with her own impressions or biases. There is a time for reflection and there should be a time for relaxing, for stepping away from working with spirit to pursue other physical endeavors. We are always near you, and you will return here one day, you cannot become so completely wrapped up in this work that you ignore the fact that you are in a physical existence. There is much that can be brought forth to advice the lives on the physical plane but no t to the detriment of the messenger. All jobs require moderation and balance. There is often an excessive focus on what a person’s ego views as giving value to their life. All in balance, as there is night there is day. What is she to do if she discontinues these messages, that is her concern. There should be a focus on one’s self, she will see this at a later time, it does not seem as though she will come to it on her won without some degree of intervention. You cannot deliver messages and simply ignore the information as though you are above it simply because you are expressing it in the physical world.

Is Sylvia Brown directly and clearly communicating with her spirit guides?

There are many guides that communicate with her and only a few have a direct and clear connection to her. This is because of a prearrangement or because of the energy beings clear and expressed duty to convey such messages to others. This can be problematic when there is no predetermined connection or ability by the energy being, or when the skill has not been perfected. There is much that is positive in her work and there is no evil in it. There is a time when it is ok to say you do not understand or that you do not know. For many this is the biggest lesson as many feel as though they are now dependent on your messages for every aspect of their life. You can deliver only what you are able and only what you receive. She is a source of inspiration that is propelled many to seek this information and research it further or to develop their own skills. However, she has neglected herself and should begin examining her information for the ways in which it applies to her own living. Much of her work here is simply to deliver the messages and experience the things in her personal life that she has, though there is a time at the end of her life when there is planned time for focus for herself, she should take this time in order to reflect and calm her nervous system and relax the body from being at such a high connection with spirit at all times. Her body was not built to convey these messages and remain in a connected state for as long as it has, many can do this, but she cannot without focus on these areas of health by her. There will be an awakening for her.

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