China passing U.S.A. as dominant economy and world leader

From 5/22/11

In the future, will China economically and/or militarily overtake the U.S.A. to become the dominant nation or force in the world?

This has already happened in many ways. Currently the U.S.A holds many assets and much money, but many of their industries are spread throughout the world so that they may find cheaper sources of labor and cheaper resources to create products rather than use and support their own people. There is much that will not be told because within the U.S.A’s borders they must keep order and control. It would be devastating to many people to learn that they were being out paced by a nation that was not a democracy, through many would be surprised to learn the U.S.A. is not the true democracy they learned about in their studies in grade school. The U.S. has financial backing power and support of other greedy interests but China is able to support itself because all facets of their industry, commercialism, and all other areas needed, these are all contained within the country itself. There is much that can be replaced if there was an absence of outside material to China. They are much better equipped to adapt rather than the U.S. who will wait for some other means to produce the same product or a new alternative. China is much more self-sufficient than what many believe and they are much more able to adapt. There are greater numbers within their borders and through there are fragments of the younger population that are spinning away from long-held beliefs, there is still greater sense of community and greater span of beliefs that are held by many. This would, in a sense, make their military much stronger by sheer number of those who would defend should it ever become attacked. There are many though, as in the U.S.A. that would rather face punishment than to fight another being on this earth. The U.S.A. is simply maintaining its head above water because of the trading and use of its money, lands, etcetera to sway deals across the globe and to give the appearance that it is still a global power. Many countries similar to the U.S.A., who have escaped the tyrannical view of other leaders, do not find it necessary to send troops under the guides of aid in order to maintain control abroad. There are many armies that are reasonable by comparison to the U.S.A. but they do not serve the same war-like purpose. These armies we mention offer greater aid and relief efforts within the country and neighboring nations. They maintain a war-like capacity should they ever feel threatened but there is much about them that remains in comparison to your view of the Red Cross and other relief agencies. Believe little that you hear about other nations unless you have firsthand experience with that culture or way of life. There is much creation to build the mind of the American people that they are on top of every aspect of human life, though this is not so.

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