What gives physical its shape? Can it be destroyed or taken apart?

If all things are energy, what keeps the energy in place? Why does it keep it’s shape? Can this bond be broken? Can it be broken in the same way in all matter? Can you use the ability of your mind to break the bond or must it always be done by physical means?

There are many aspects of physical matter which are not understood by science on your plane at this time. It is important to understand that there is a basic structure for many things but to create the unique tree or landscape, or living being, there is the unique characteristics of environment and that which feels its space. These things lead to every blade of grass being unique, every apple tree looking different, and every being existing as a completely unique and different individual from the last. It is important to understand that there are no matters which cannot be undone, and in most cases, very simply. All matter is energy but it takes additional energy to break it. It is not merely the existence of energy which allows it to bind, and of course, this too takes additional energy. It is important to understand that your mind also constructs much of your reality, not simply the perception of it, but the rate and in what way specific items will appear. You an create something physical with your hands but you can also bring into being matter in a particular shape or form using only your mind. It is necessary that you understand that it is more easy to attempt and achieve this in your true body because this is an every day occurrence when you are not living in the physical world. Where you think and where to direct your mind is where you will go. What you wish to create will be created. Where you wish to travel you will travel.

The importance of many things is the mind in relation to matter. It is not simply the ability to change or create matter into new forms, but understanding that the mind can do these things in an instant and it is therefore extremely important that you do not tread lightly in this area. These are not simply hobby games that you are entertaining yourself with, it is a matter of your will but the direction and motivation of that will onto previously constructed energy.

All things, in the very pure and basic essence, are held together or created from what you will call DNA. You can understand that each thing, a rock, a plant, each has input from the outside world but each also has a basic plan and structure for create. Much like your computer programs for writing reports and essays. The program serves as the blue print and each document is made unique by the input of the user. Each tree is unique because of the input of the environment and other factors and conditions.

It is important to know that there are many things that can release the energy from its form and there are few which will be shared, at this time it is a dangerous subject due to the nature of many men and women on your planet who seek vengeance on their neighbor, neighboring countries, or races of people for irrelevant means. While their motivations are not truly irrelevant, the ability to impact many more who are not necessarily needing the experience is compounded when other means of changing matter and energy are released.

There are non-material, ways to do this. We say material to focus your mind on the fact that it is your mind, you do not need to break a bored with your hands, you can do so with the effort and energy of your mind. You are expecting all energy to evaporate to its smallest portion. This, yes, is possible. To tap the essence of the object or being at its core and decentralize its workings and reduce it to nothing but pure energy, however, if you are supposed to be here in 14 years time for some other event how can we release this information to you if it would allow another being to release your non-physical body back into the world and eliminate completely your body? You will not find the answers in all the places you seek, nor will you always search and find the answer at all. It is important to understand that things are held together in place by an efficient structure which can be undone.

These things, the undoing of matter, this has all been done before. Not simply using fire to destroy material or create new. There have been complete undoings of matter to create a new human form and other “destructions” which created new. It is important to know that there were methods for tapping an object and removing it’s physical structure, and in a period of time the object would lose its structure completely and all energy that was once the object would dissimilate. You can understand these things and you can understand why it cannot happen now. There will be a time when a few can demonstrate this skill but it will not be widely available as a skill for many.

You can tap the root of each object, at it’s very core, and with the creation ability within you, remove from existence in the very same way you bring into being everything which is in existence. It is not the scientific answer you were seeking but it is the scientific answer that we will share with you at this time. We know that many would not destroy for “fun,” but you must understand that there are many who kill for fun. While their killing may have been the plan it is not rampant because of other balances on your plane, this is true for the destabilization of energy in the form of physical objects.

You will see much greater and more intense fetes performed on your plane. You are in a rush for these things but there must be a duality of energy created. We do not create dark without light. When light was created it was also necessary to create dark. Patience.

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