Polio outbreak

What is the reason for the Polio outbreak that has been reported by the news? Is the news story accurate? Is it a legitimate concern?

There is much concern in your world for disease of any kind. There is always a desire by many to help, but there is also a desire by many to use any incident such as this to amplify the fear and use it to drive other actions as a means of controlling populations and driving money from one pocket to the next. In any epidemic there is fear but most of this is brought on by outside sources, meaning that you do not personally have fear, you are told to be afraid, often indirectly, but many are just as open to any emotion. They wait to feel any specific emotion or concern until they are told to feel that emotion. This does not mean that your associates or the television are saying, “it is time for you to feel XYZ about this event.” It is the repetitive nature of that which you introduce into your mind which allows your own feelings to become these outside feelings. You are experiencing them as your own because you have allowed your mind to be concentrated in these areas and you have become filled with this view so that it is now also yours. In this way there are many emotions, worries, fears, and other aspects that are amplified because a single source shares the message and more minds are snared by it, rather than considering the impact it may or many not have on their own life and the reality that it may, in no way, bear any weight in their personal life. It is important to consider all possibilities and no matter your source it is one view point or many view points, but there is always a differing viewpoint. The important matter is not for you to take any view point and establish it as your own. Only your perception will hold value for you. Only what you see and believe for yourself as accurate will carry true meaning for you.

In regards to Polio, yes, it is spreading but not at an alarming rate and not at a rate at which can be prevented. It is important to know that those who experience this will have had prior knowledge that this event would take place. It is a matter of experience and development that many will have gruesome experiences with this outbreak. It will be shared by many that an increased need for vaccinations of any kind are required, there will be many who suggest that it become law that many vaccines be received on a specific time line. There will be outcry over this, initially due to the cost associated with it. In many areas there is no system to implement widespread medical care, nor vaccines. Many will be concerned because there are governments which have no interest in sharing the cost or covering entirely the cost of healthcare but now wish to make it law that you receive medications as a prevention at your expense, later they will attempt to cover this cost, first it will be voluntary. Many will need to fight this because it can be a problem later for many.

Most vaccines do not harm the body in the sens that it tears down your physical nature. It is the harm that there is anything entering the system at all that is not created with the intent to uplift or uphold the human being. This is very much a contrary statement, opposite to the nature of what a vaccine is and what it is given for, but understand that simply because you want to be healthy does not mean that others want you to be healthy. Simply because you are a good person does not mean that others are good people. There is much more at stake than simply the freedom to refuse. There are greater lessons at work, you should consider very carefully what it is you would like to do and for what reason you would like to refuse. Do not simply do anything in your life because others are doing it, arrive at your own conclusions.

Your fears are not going to subside until you power on your mind and use it to distinguish between the various levels of deception, not on a conspiracy everyday, but even in the manner in which you inhale the air and if it is necessary for you to continue to inhale the substances that you do. So many understand that it is not merely a matter of growing a tree, but it is necessary for them to understand that it matters very much what type of tree gets planted.

The vaccines in question, any vaccine. These are not requirements for sustaining life of any kind on this planet. There is no vaccine necessary. Many attempt to intervene in life and many will still fall ill and succumb to many diseases no matter what preventive measures are taken. It is not a matter of protecting the physical by physical means. If it is to happen it will come to pass. If you wish to protect yourself, use your nutrition to protect your physical, not quick actions which carry no weight. Use the strength of your mind to protect your body. Release that which is not for you and engage fully in that which brings to the surface your true being. Do not live in fear. We repeat these messages often because they are the root of many questions and answers and social arrangements in your world. We are after the same knowledge that you seek on a daily basis. We wish to help you grow, growing does not mean living the life of another, taking on the emotions of another. The tree may use the nutrients of previous trees in much the same way that you may consider the generations before you, but like the tree, what you create will be unique only to you.

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