Work, personal focus

Information asked about work for ‘X’ on 2/25/11.

When XYZs retire from X’s work, will she still have a job?

There is much that X should be focused on that does not entail her career or worrying and focusing on it. There is no need to worry about this position as it will be available to you until you make a change into a new area. There is nothing to worry though better communication is necessary in order to ensure proper care and maintenance of work relationships and other’s perception of your work and attitude. There is much to be gained from acknowledging those around you in this position. There is nothing there that cannot be a benefit to you if you will please focus your attention on it in that positive manner, which you are quite capable of doing. This position will be available to you for as long as you need so long as all emotions are kept calm and confrontations are not had for confrontation’s sake. Please be mindful of your actions and how they are perceived. This is important to you. It is better to create peace in this work place than to worry or fret about its disappearance in the future. It is not reliable for your future experience and the places you will be doing, physically and spiritually. This is the time for you to work on these things and this is the time for this current employer to fit your needs at the time. There is no worry, continuing to worry will bring these items to action because of your energy directed to them, no matter if it is discussion or hate thoughts towards this position or coworkers, this will all manifest, be mindful of your thoughts and right action towards this position and the good will come from it that is expected and needed.

What should X know about her future employment?

There is a rift at the moment that is driving her motivations. There is an urge to seek new employment regardless of the current work mood and the views of it. There is a need to remain calm and gently go through this lifetime without major moves being made. There is much energy focused on areas that are not relevant at this time. A move will not be productive at this time. Counterintuitive. Be patient. You are going in the right direction if you decide to step off your current path. Cast off old ways, see things in new light. Almost complete. End is coming, change, not death. Spiritual, not material. Work on yourself first. We are with you just as there are guides for those you experience in your life. All are spirits having a human experience.

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