Today’s Message 11/26/15

A message for today from my spirit guides:
This is a message fit for all who read it. There are a select few of you who have come here to do great things. The rest have decided upon great things after your arrival here. It matters not which group you belong, what doesn’t matter is the start, what matters is the end result. What matters is your journey to the destination. More importantly, the destination is something flexible, ever changing, ebbing and flowing. This does not mean you are never able to attain, what this means is that you never stop growing. 

How should you evaluate these statements? Many may realize that there is something missing after they have achieved what was supposed to be greatness or after they have achieved some great goal. Firstly, it is important to evaluate your goal, critically evaluate its worth in your mind. After taking this journey and reaching your worthy destination, a destination worthy of all your energy and focus, realize that the journey does not stop. It is important to keep moving forward. 

All beings move forward, with or without conscious thought of doing so. You are brought towards new experiences, there is new growth, energy is brought in or purged from your existence. 

This does not change free will, your decisions will always impact your life but there will always be more. It is not that beings are out of control, they are very much in control but there are always lead if opportunities made available to you. Experience them, enjoy them, explore them. Take time to go below the surface in every moment. 

This is Constantine.  

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