This section of the entire website is a method to archive and store, and make searchable, the messages and information that I receive from my spirit guides. This information is often gained by me asking questions and other information is simply given without some form of question posed. Some questions are from other friends and family and others are questions that I had.

If you are looking for information concerning a specific topic you can type it into the search box. Do not be misled by the titles that may appear in the search. Often times questions on one topic lead to other areas that are connected in some way. Though the question may not be important to you the answer they give could be helpful in some way.

If I interjected something into the message it will be indicated, otherwise all responses come from one or many of my guides.

Initially I did nothing more than correct my own grammatical errors and typing mistakes. This is why the information is shown as one giant paragraph and often lengthy sentences. Lately it is easier to discern where a paragraph starts and stops for the benefit of the reader who may find it easier to digest and follow when broken up into pieces.

If you would like to read more there is a great deal of this information is contained in the books available either as the literal message or books were created based on this information and other metaphysical teachings.


About Me

I am a Clairvoyant Medium and Reiki Master. I communicate with my spirit guides. Most often the information I receive comes from a being named Constantine, and a group of beings called Elophyny. These beings answer questions that are then shared in the posts on this website. This information is also available in several books that have been compiled by Michael Burke and others and can be viewed here.

The information found on this website and in the books address many metaphysical topics, developing mediumship, and many other questions such as life, death, war, current events, religion, and the purpose of many situations we experience in a human lifetime. Many topics concern bringing peace into your life and peace into the world. Several questions also address the connectedness of all things living and non-living and the essence of all things in existence –Energy.

These books and messages are free (paid, digital, and print also available) for all to read, study, and share with the goal of empowering mankind to actively choose their own destiny and live to their full potential.

If you have questions or would like to discuss any of the information that is found within these pages let’s connect!

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