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Alexander Zielinski | Reiki Master and MediumFrom an early age I was told by my grandmother that I was a healer; that I had a wonderful gift. She explained that I was more sensitive to situations and able to bring in a calmness and healing with my presence. While hearing this as a child was interesting I felt I had better things to do – play outside, ride my bike, play with toys, television, etc. The same sentiment was felt when my mother opened my sisters and I to the beliefs outside mainstream ‘organized’ religion. While it was interesting to know that there were fairies, subtle energy fields, gods, goddesses, spirit in all living things, higher plains of consciousness, pagan rituals, chakras, free belief systems, and that I was able to contact my spirit guides, I never did much with what my mother let us experience or with what I read in the dozens of books we’d have from the library each month.

Having attended a Catholic grade school with regular services two or three times a week and my mother intermittently being excited about the lord and taking us to the Unitarian church, spiritualist church, and any number of christian churches I slowly felt more compelled to read and understand the metaphysical subjects I was being shown. I felt conflict between what I was hearing in a church and what I was being shown in books, lectures, and the wisdom of my family members.

During this awakening I became more interested in the ability to heal others. Leading up to and through my teens I never had much formal or structured education or training in healing and what I was reading was telling me that you ‘just do it’ and didn’t provide much guidance to get started. Because of the occasional deep christian faith certain family members displayed I was reluctant to share my interest though it might have been helpful in my search for knowledge. Instead, I simply practiced on my own, meaning, I never actually sat down with the intent to heal anyone but when I was present in a situation I felt as though I was providing relief through focused intent and directing my energy. I ‘practiced’ in the sense that when there was emotional or physical trauma I would lend a shoulder or a hand and concentrate on sending ‘positive energy, love, and happiness’ to the other person.

Slowly I was finding more and more resources, reading and learning more about healing. I was learning how common it was among the world’s religions and I was find that there were others doing it. I was learning about and applying techniques for Quantum Touch, opening and balancing the chakras, and much more. Each technique I was learning I was taking from it what I felt was right for me and combining into what I began using for friends and family on a regular basis in private healing sessions.

During this self education I was never aware of Reiki by name. Though I believed I had a practical understanding of healing I wanted something to create a stronger foundation, some structure.

In my first Reiki class I was amazed to learn that what I had been doing on my own, without an instructor giving input, was exactly what the Reiki Master was teaching! I believe this was the universe’s nod to me that I was on the right path and this was the confidence boost I needed to develop further.

Though each healing session is primarily Reiki energy, and allowing it to flow where it needs, I do incorporate Quantum Touch, chakra balancing, color therapy, the healing properties of crystals and stones and others. I have completed Reiki I and II, and a Reiki Master program and work daily to incorporate the principles into every aspect of my life.

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