Receive Reiki

Receive ReikiReiki expressed in Shinjitai Japanese

Hands-on Reiki If you wish, I can conduct a Reiki session in the comfort of your home. Rates are similar to distance rates, please contact me for more information.
Distance Reiki
Reiki is universal, it is everywhere. Reiki has its own intelligence and can flow across time and space to where it is needed most. Because reiki is timeless it can be sent to you in your home no matter if you live in Evansville, Indiana or around the world. I offer to you a distance reiki session at a mutually agreeable time when you are able to sit quietly and receive or during your normal sleeping hours.

During a distant/absent healing session you will receive the same techniques and methods as you would in person and the energy flows with the same intention. I conduct a distance session much as I would a ‘live’ session – focusing the energy specifically or conducting a complete, head-to-toe session.


  • 30 minutes = $35
  • 60 minutes = $45

I look forward to helping you achieve the peace, happiness, and healing that Reiki can provide.

Contact me to arrange an in-person or distance session

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