Absence of the sun

Taken from automatic writing session conducted on 1/30/11.

What should I know about my working nights and not seeing the sun?

There are many aspects of the sun that your body needs. You are getting very little of them right now. It has adverse impact on body. We are working on a position for you where you can be in the sun and outdoors. You will enjoy it greatly. There are many benefits to being in the sun and outside, many healing quality. Many aspects regulate the body normal function and systems.


What can I do to reverse the absence of the sun while I am working nights?

Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins. You are right to take vitamin D and C. there are many things you must do to combat no sun. keep regular routine, sleep at normal time everyday. keep track of what you eat. Exercise. Embodiment. Fullness. Overarching/overreaching.


Is there a light that I can use in my apartment or at work that will give the same benefit as the sun?

There aren’t many things that you can do to replace it directly. Many lights just make claims. Having many lights on will help regulate cycles. Bright areas are better than dark ones when you must sleep opposite of majority in humanity.


What about the lights at the office, fluorescent lights are not good?

They are not helpful and deteriorate your mood and energy. They often are dim and this can impact your mood or psyche.


What can I do to prepare for the job on days and outside?

Become fit, work on this, you are. Show yourself what you can do. We will help but only so much. You will be happy. It is not unnecessary or too much to ask to want this things for yourself. Fitness for function is necessary, but not too much, don’t overdo it. Be active, make peace with this now. Your dreams are coming true.


Is my ability to heal affected by missing the sun?

Not directly. We are helping you and when you heal yourself you are rebuilding your energy. This will be repaired soon. Patience, in time.


Who brings forth this information at this time?

Constantine and Barker.


Do you have any other messages at this time?

Meditate as you’ve read about, many good things to come. Peace at last. You’re doing a good job. Many things made better. All will last. Experience greatness. All will pass, by choice or force., all will come.


What causes X’s legs to go numb?

Lower pain, lower pain in legs. Belt. Pressure. Needs to be eased. Healing, stretching, walking. Relaxed clothes. Same as you. Need stretching. Need healing, you can do this.


Does X need surgery?

No, not at this time. There is much to be done outside for that. X will have to go through surgery at some point but most likely not for leg or back related. All will be well. Pain is only temporary as you say.

Sensations during development

Taken from an automatic writing session on 1/28/11.

What happens when X and I sit for development? What are the sensations we experience? What is taking place?

There are many areas of the body that of spiritual and energetic centers in them. It is necessary to adjust these for their intended purpose since they are not always tended to properly throughout one’s life. We are opening these centers, often, and allowing you to experience what mankind is naturally able to do but forgets or ignores. We help you through this process. Energy in, energy out. chemicals in, chemicals out. Order and maintenance. We poke and prod but most things the body is experienced in but again are often ignored and thus creates the odd sensations you experience. We rework energy, provide you with energy. Apportion things for you. We help you and are here for you. Your combined sitting is much more powerful than alone because all spirits come for the good of everyone involved. If available we bring forth masters.


What is the sensation that X experiences around his nose?

Just as with other items we bring there are those that can be inhaled. This is that process and may focus on sinus areas and energy centers there.  Light touch, later sensations. Delayed reactions. Gasses.


What is the tingling feeling we feel in our ears?

There may be some areas that are attributed to psychic phenomena on your plane but there are glands or ducts in these areas that must also be maintained for your wellbeing. Health, health matters. Deeper areas of the brain are also accessed this way. We attempt to be non-invasive. Only so many methods and so much that con be done to bring adjustments from one plane to the next. You are at peace with this answer are you not?


Why do I feel the pressure in the center of my head?

You are more sensitive to energy than you might think. As you read, this is also a center for energy and activity. Energy builds here and is distributed throughout the body. You are not broken, nothing wrong. Natural process. Pressure in forhead is natural, we are here. Also sensations can be experienced when we are near you because of our different energy cycles and frequencies.  You are prepared for this.


What is the name of the entity that brings this information forth tonight?


Happiness comes from within

The following is taken from an automatic writing session for a specific person, conducted on 1/26/11.

How can X achieve happiness in her life on this plane?

She should understand that happiness comes from within. Not through unattainable results measured by looking at others in different situations not like her own. She is seen as only herself, not as compared to others. She has the ability to repair it. Go forth from this type of thought and achieve something greater. There is more for yourself. You are stopping, preventing yourself from finding happiness and your true destiny. Make it unfold by your actions. Take time for yourself. Find happiness where you are. Like those near you, you have your own prosperity. Go out into the world.


What should X focus on first?

Herself. The ability to deal with one’s self completely and thoroughly is important. Let no other tell you what you need to do or how to act or keep control. Keep hold. Keep firm grasp. Stop, think, you are in control, not your emotions. Emotions are receptors, ways of gathering information, but some are manmade and not useful or necessary. Don’t be controlled by them. Keep inside what you do’t want others to now, but it also won’t hurt you. Only you can hurt yourself. You are special. You are brave, you must experience it. Change your pattern. I am not afraid for you, you are afraid of nothing.


What is the name of the entity that brings this information forth for X?



Is there any other information that X needs at this time?

Go about your business as if you were your own person. Don’t be controlled but what seems to be physical entrapments of the earth plane. Be yourself. You are brave. Experience, give, and receive love. Happiness will come. Shake off the old. Be brave.

Healing and Reiki

The following comes from automatic writing conducted on 1/26/11.

How can I strengthen and improve my ability to heal and help heal others?

Learn hand placements. Learn to hold them longer and where to place them. You can feel their energy and where problems are, focus on this and develop confidence. You can do this now if you pay attention. Also look at angels, call to them when healing. Ask for anyone, they will come. Do not draw out anything or energy fro others, only give or put in. Ask them, patient, what is wrong but do not focus on it entirely, you know this. You are capable and able.


Where does healing come from?

Healing comes from you and it comes from the source. There is no other where it comes from. It is brought through you to the earth. Your touch makes easier than our direct contact. Your energy and our energy combined. You are good. Comes from positive energy on earth, from earth. You know.


Is hand-on healing more effective than distance healing?

Sometimes, though healing is healing and it is able to travel where it is needed. You are the antenna, the tower that receives it and disperses it on the earth. Where you director it or to who is the only difference. Method of hands on or distance matters none. There is no more to say about that.


What happens during a Reiki attunement?

Energy is brought from this side to yours but it is energy that can be found if a person looks within.


Is it necessary that a person receive a Reiki attunement before they can heal?

It is not necessary, you healed before you had an attunement. It is just a help. Just as one can heal without sitting like you and mike. It can strengthen and help, we provide  but we provide all at anytime.


Does a person heal on their own with their own energy or does it only come from spirit?

It comes from both, our energy combined creates a great process. Just as attunement improves, combining, not healing alone improves, but all come from the source. You did not invent it.


Does a Reiki attunement help a person heal more effectively?

Yes, but only if their intent is so, their desire is more important. They can do anything with some convincing. Papers are not necessary, perhaps a little nudge and instruction are. Anyone can heal and you know this, you can help them. Go help them. I think he gets it.

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