Today’s Message 12/4/15

I will try something new today. The following is today’s message from my guides. In the [brackets] you will find my words. These might be a further explanation or something else I was picking up with the message. I hope this more completely explains the information I receive from my guides. It is only my interpretation, you may feel something different in the message, you should trust your own impressions. 

Today’s message:

There are many things that each being on this earth will convince you are necessary or that you should be involved in. No matter your perspective the only things you should become involved in are those things that make you feel right and just in your actions. 

[Advertising, pop-culture, friends, people of influence, family all have their own view of what you should do or how you should function in society. Do thy say you should dress, eat, work, or spend your free time in a certain way? It isn’t important. What IS important is you and what you believe, what YOU are interested in. Do what you believe, don’t do something simply because you’ve been told, since birth or since yesterday, it should be this way. There are no limits on your existence!]

Every being upon this plane has the ability to create. Daily, each and every day, you should be creating something from your mind, from your soul, from your true self. Do not operate on autopilot. Do not simply put frozen food in the microwave hoping to be deeply satisfied nourished and nourished. 

[This analogy describes the least effort, not that you should cook a large feast for every meal. This is only used here to describe the situation. It is easy, there is no thinking. No part of yourself was used to make this. Create words, create art, build, express yourself in whatever form you love. Cleaning, writing, weaving, communicating, anything. There have been messages I’ve received in the past about sleep problems. Many times it is a person’s lack of expression of some form of energy that prevents sleep. Express what you’ve got! 😎]

Create something spectacular. Invest energy, invest your passion. Create something for yourself today. 

[This could be a meal, a relaxing spot to sit for awhile, it could be physical or non-physical, something you complete today or something that takes a little work each day.]

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