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Matt Ritter
    Matt Ritter's instructional video Bass Drum Techniques for Today's Drummer - Unburying the beater is great for the beginning drummer to the seasoned professional. Matt tackles a very neglected aspect of playing the drum set which is Bass drum techniques. Furthermore in this video he teaches his own bass drum style "Unburying the beater" which is a hybrid of heal down and burying the beater allowing the drum set artist to achieve speed with out sacrificing sound quality.
    Matt gets very in depth describing the physics, physiology and mechanics that's involved with playing the bass drum. He teaches you proper stool placement and height as well as drum set setup, he goes over the pedal its mechanics and describes how to find its sweet spot.
    Matt Ritter's video "Bass Drum Techniques for Today's Drummer - Unburying the Beater" is a 2 hour 16 minute professional quality instructional video and is a must for the beginner to the professional wanting to learn lightning fast single bass drum techniques such as played by John Bonham, Neil Peart, Vinnie Colaiuta and many other great drummers with out Burying the beater and sacrificing sound quality.

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  • Reviewed by Sean Chaney. Sean's experience ranges from instruction and performance on the set to marching percussion. He is the webmaster of Drumserver.com.


DVD "Bass Drum Techniques for Today's Drummer"

Matt Ritter - Bass Drum Techniques for Today's Drummer

    In this DVD Matt's focus is on achieving great speed, accuracy, and sound quality from the bass drum. Many principals outlining the different aspects of the bass drum for different purposes.

From MattRitterMusic.com---

    Finally! The world's first video to thoroughly explain EVERY DETAIL of how to master the art of playing the bass drum!

  • In-depth analysis of common bass drum methods

  • A state-of-the-art bass drum approach designed to meet the demands of today's music

  • Setting up your drums for maximum comfort and efficiency

  • Adjusting your pedal settings

  • How to get a powerful, resonant sound

  • Single Strokes

  • Consecutive Single Strokes

  • Multiple Strokes

  • FAST Multiple Strokes

  • Double Strokes

  • Consecutive Double Strokes
    ("John Bonham triplets")

  • Toe/Ball Double Strokes

  • The Slide

  • Double Strokes Followed By More Notes

  • Practical applications of the various bass drum techniques

  • Grooves

  • Troubleshooting
    (addresses potential difficulties and concerns)

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • And more!!

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