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Evansville metal drums: Drew Decker
Drummer Drew Decker
Evansville Drummer Drew Decker

Motivated by his father and cousin who also play the drums, Drew Decker, has been playing since age eleven. Influenced greatly by bands Metallica, Pantera, and Slayer, Decker, now 24, is the drummer for metal band ‘Feral Sons’ – think ‘Slayer meets Biohazard’ or old school metal with hardcore. The members of Feral Sons have been collaborating for the last few years but in the past Drew has also drummed for Contained, Dirt Harbor, and Hold Your Ground.

What sort of kit and equipment do you play?

I have 2 different kits, one for home and one for playing out.  At home is my recently purchased Ddrum AMX Dominion series drum set with Axis pedals. The Ddrum kit sounds extraordinary and was very affordable for a maple kit. It has yet to disappoint! I usually take out my Tama Superstar Custom kit with Pearl Demon Drive pedals I usually convert the two single pedals into a double pedal, it makes it easier just taking out one bass drum.  I love my Axis longboards and my Pearl Demon Drive pedals.  They're amazing.  I like them because they are both longboard pedals and direct drive pedals.  Very smooth, quick and powerful.  They are the best pedals I've played on.I play  Sabian cymbals simply because I think they sound better than any other cymbals. I've played Tama drums for almost my entire drumming career because they sound amazing, are very durable, and have never let me down. I also use Gibraltar hardware, Evans drumheads, and I play only Vater drumsticks.  I only use Vater sticks.  I use the 5B.  I've used every brand of drumstick and Vater holds up longer than any other stick I've played. I also use a classy I use a Tama drum throne no buckets and no backrests, I don't care much for them and I’m also not that lazy!  The one I use is the wide rider with the cloth top. 

Evansville Drummer Drew Decker
Evansville Drummer Drew Decker

Best five seconds of fame? (prior to now of course!) 

Feral Sons were interviewed for the University of Southern Indiana’s radio station. During breaks and the interview the played a few of our songs on the air.

Best moment playing live?

The craziest thing that's probably every happened at a show was when we covered a Metallica song. Everybody went nuts! They were running around and hanging from the ceiling of the venue!  It was amazing!

Where in Evansville can you check out a good metal band?

Usually punk rock night every Sunday at Lanhuck's is a decent place to catch some good metal bands.

What advice would you give anyone thinking about starting the drums?

I would tell anyone to go for it!  Stick with it, be patient, and practice, practice, practice! 

Got a cd?

Feral Sons has a five song demo cd you can pick up for $3 at any of our shows.

Where can we see you next?

January 2, 2010 I’ll be with Hold Your Ground along with four other bands doing reunion shows at Resurgence Church.

Got a website?

Myspace for Feral Sons: www.myspace.com/feralsons


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