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Maraca2: Blue Motion

Maraca2 is a percussion duo using pitched percussion and drums to entertain and educate. Tim Palmer and Jason Huxtable are "two dynamic percussionists creating serious grooves." This dynamic drum and percussion group have generated an enourmous buzz in the percussion community with their recent performance at the Percussive Arts Society's convention in Indianpolis, Indiana. A very challenging percussion arrangement and 'beautiful-to-the-ear' piece by Whilbey called "Blue Motion" has amazed audiences on their recent U.S. tour.

Maraca2's performances are full of powerful, brilliant, and vibrant arrangements. M2's performances are anything but the sometimes stereotypical abstract concert percussion piece. Their repertoire includes arrangements by Chopin, Siegel, Pape, and Westlake. 

The two often perform works previously unheard in the UK and take part in many world premiers. Recently leading the English premier of the ‘Goldrush’ double percussion concerto with the Birmingham Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra conducted by Lionel Friend. Jacob terVeldhuis, the composer, attended the performance which was described as "one of the best ever!"

After their performance at PASIC their cd completely sold out and was unavailable. Now you can purchase their cd and and the score to "Blue Motion" from Tapsace.

Tim Palmer and Jason Huxtable met while studying music at the Birmingham Conservatoire and  are fervently driven to share percussion and educate. The duo is heavily involved in music education and frequently performs in schools, colleges and other institutes of learning in addition to working regularly with the Southern Sinfonia Orchestra as part of their excellent education projects. They recently visited the Royal Northern College of Music to perform and work with composer Stephen Whibley on his new piece “Blue Motion”.

Maraca2 proudly uses sticks and mallets by Innovative Percussion, Marimba One marimbas, and Sabian Cymbals.


Maraca2 performing Stephen Whilbey's "Blue Motion"

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